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Last update date: January 11, 2020

The Sri Lanka Taxi Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) is subject to the terms of use of the Sri Lanka Taxi Service ( https://srilankataxiservice.com/ ) as described below, “Terms”. By using the Sri Lanka Taxi Service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions, so please read these Terms and Conditions before using the services of the Sri Lanka Taxi Service. Please note that these terms are subject to change as necessary, so please refer to the latest content when using this service.


Article 1 Purpose of the Terms

These terms apply to service users of the Sri Lanka Taxi Service, a Sri Lanka tourist driver reservation site operated by WinS D Group Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). Users of this service shall use this service after agreeing to the terms in advance. These terms are subject to change without notice.


Article 2 Tour reservation confirmation, arrangement travel contract conclusion, transportation contract conclusion

When we receive your tour reservation application through this service, we will send you an email “Reception of reservation application and future procedures”. When the “Reservation application received and future procedures” email arrives at the customer, an arrangement travel contract between the customer and the Company is established (electronic acceptance notification), and at the same time transportation between the customer and the tour operator The contract is completed.


Article 3 Payment of tour price

Customers are requested to make a bank transfer or credit card payment to our designated account one week before the tour starts, according to the reservation details. Our designated accounts are available from Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Japan and DBS Bank of Singapore. In the case of an application in the near term, please make the payment procedure as soon as possible. If no payment is made by the day before the tour and no payment can be made, the tour will be automatically canceled on the day and will be handled according to the cancellation policy set forth in Article 4 below.



Article 4 tour cancellation, refund (cancellation policy)

In your personal reasons, cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation, if you contact the day before Sri Lanka time tour cancellation fee is free , the tour day cancellation or no-show tour price up to 100% is is a cancellation fee Since we have received, if you cancel the tour, please be sure to contact us in advance. In the event that the tour cannot be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances such as a disaster, the cancellation fee will be reduced or exempted in consideration of the circumstances.



Article 5 Contents and quality of services provided by drivers

The company and the tour operator (hereinafter referred to as the “ driver ”) are in a business outsourcing relationship, and the driver is not an employee of the company, but the carrier of the tour itself is a contract between the customer and the driver (Sri Lanka) Then, it is common for drivers to undertake work from multiple companies.) Of course, we always select high quality drivers and introduce them to our customers, but we do not take any responsibility for the content and quality of the services provided by the tour operator, For troubles, disputes or complaints arising between you and the tour operator, and for any damage (including death or disability) that you incur, we shall enter into arbitration and make the utmost effort to resolve it. We do not take any responsibility beyond the tour application fee.


Article 6 Carriage contract / cancellation policy with driver

If you wish to cancel the transportation contract with the driver, you can cancel the tour only if you report within 24 hours on the first day of use. If you wish to cancel the tour, the tour price will be deducted for one day and the balance will be refunded. For the calculation method for one day, the tour price will be divided by the number of tour days and calculated on a per-day basis. We cannot provide alternative transportation methods.


Article 7 Tour cancellation, refund at our company’s discretion

Due to unavoidable circumstances such as terrorism, disasters, vehicle problems, human problems, etc., we will give a full refund for the cancellation of the tour reservation when the tour is judged to be canceled.


Article 8 Change / Cancellation of Service

We may change, suspend or discontinue our services without notifying you in advance. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage to the customer resulting from the change or interruption of the service content. The Company may stop providing the service by giving the customer one month notice.


Article 9 Obligation to Join Overseas Travel Insurance

In order to use our services, we are obliged to purchase overseas travel insurance (including credit card accompanying insurance) on our own in case of an accident. In Sri Lanka, vehicle insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, but the amount of security is 500,000 rupees (about 300,000 yen) even if you die, and it is a very small security. Even if there is little insurance. Considering the labor and costs involved in applying for insurance in Sri Lanka by foreigners, including the complicated procedures and the need to hire an international lawyer, vehicle insurance in Sri Lanka does not actually function for travelers. In Sri Lanka, there is no insurance for the customer other than the same insurance attached to the vehicle as well as the Company. In order to use the service, you are obliged to purchase your own travel insurance. There is no penalty for the customer for breach of overseas travel insurance obligations, but the customer must bear all the accident damage due to no insurance. There are also credit card insurances that are almost inexpensive, so if you have any problems with insurance, please contact us.

Article 10 Liability and Limitation of Liability

We will try our best to protect the rights of customers for troubles and damages that occur between you and the driver, but we do not take any responsibility. The Driver is a contractor independent of the Company, and any actions, negligence, negligence, acting on behalf of the Driver, any damages caused by the Driver, damages resulting from injury, death, damage to property or lost terrorism, and any other damages by the Driver We do not take any responsibility for such things. In addition, there is no obligation to respond to changes in tour contents, cancellations, delays, additional costs, etc. due to government authorities or court warrants. We will not incur any damages other than actual and direct normal damages to you in connection with the provision of this service, even if we have intentional or negligence.


Article 11 Changes to these Terms

We may change the contents of these Terms as necessary. In the event that the Terms are changed, the changes on this screen shall end the change and shall not be notified to the Member each time.


Article 12 Consensus jurisdiction

All disputes arising out of these Terms shall be governed exclusively by the Colombo Court in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.


Article 13 Agreement

In the event of any question not stipulated in these Terms or any doubts regarding these Terms, the parties concerned shall discuss in good faith and endeavor to resolve them harmoniously.


These are the Sri Lanak Taxi Service Terms of Service.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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