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Major corporate customers


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149. Participated in the production of a new CM by Kubota, a major construction machinery manufacturer (use of major corporations)

Mario, a Japanese driver, was in charge of the local audition and acting guidance as an interpreter.

Click here for CM . This is a very impressive story commercial. Please take a look.



116. The Sri Lanka Taxi Service was used by Yomiuri Shimbun for coverage in Sri Lanka (use of major corporations)

To cover the very painful terrorist incident that occurred on April 21, three charter crews from the Yomiuri Shimbun, who entered the country from the day of the incident, were used for 10 days.

-2019/5/6 Yomiuri Shimbun Asia Branch (Jakarta, Thailand)

88. Sri Lanka Taxi Service Participated in Kyushu National Museum Project

This time , Kyushu National Museum, a Japanese national organization, appreciated the reputation and achievements of Sri Lanka Taxi Service, and was involved in a research project in Sri Lanka .

The detailed contents are introduced in this article .


-2019/2/19 Kyushu National Museum (Japan)


2019 Customer Voice (Pickup)

163. [ Premium Driver ] It is the best honeymoon! ! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

The couple used Sri Lanka Taxi Service on their honeymoon for 6 nights and 7 days. My wife was not good at English, so I was assigned to Japanese driver Nola, a Japanese driver .

Now that the trip is over, I realized that I was able to make my trip without using the Sri Lanka Taxi Service so fun and fulfilling !

I had Yongi support me before departure, and suggested a travel schedule, so I was able to smoothly decide the sightseeing route .

I was very relieved to have a detailed Q & A session on detailed information and local culture that could not be found on travel magazines or the Internet .

Unlike package tours, communicating with Yongi in advance allowed me to decide on an original plan, and it was encouraging to have this much support before traveling .

In most cases, traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time and fully enjoying the trip will require a large trip . The presence of a driver familiar with the culture was essential .

Nola was very gentle and caring, and the distance was very comfortable . Although it was a hard road, he did not have any disgusting faces, talked about the local culture and when I lived in Japan, and I had a very good time . We did not decide on a detailed plan in the field, but thanks to Nola’s coordination, we were able to experience places and experiences that we could not know by ourselves .
On days when I didn’t eat breakfast, she told me about recommended restaurants, introduced a low-cost exchange office, and coordinated the day’s schedule flexibly .

We arrived at night, but before we went to the hotel we guided us to a famous Lion Beer shop. In Sigiriya, I wanted a safari experience. I was planning to go to Minneriya National Park, but it was after heavy rain, so
I changed the location to Echo Park because no elephants would have come out . On the way from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, Sapphire is famous in Sri Lanka, so I took her to a jeweler to see the history of ore excavation and how to make jewelry. We did not buy, but there was
no push selling at all. After that, they also showed us where we made furniture and decorations using wood. The clerk carefully explained how to make furniture and how to make dye. This was unexpectedly interesting . Never be known place themselves in was
burned to death, because Mr. Nola is they are going to the clerk that of us, explanation and was smooth. The hotel has booked the places you want to stay and will send you there. In Nuwara Eliya,
I had a hotel with the long-awaited heritage tea factory, which had a tea factory renovated . However, unexpectedly, the road to the hotel was a very bad mountain road, and I was very annoyed to Nola. Even so, I was very grateful to have delivered it properly. I thought it would be impossible to go with our own power. However, driver
accommodation areas of over-san, or stay in our of the hotel of the hotel’s facilities for drivers to stay, because like taking a nearby hotel, because in some cases facilities of the driver or was remote areas is not very good, in advance I thought that it would be better for both to consult the hotel you stay at
. In addition, it is recommended that you drink a sickness stop because the mountain road is easy to get drunk.

However, Nola’s driver technique guarantees that you can ride in a car with peace of mind .

I stayed near the beach in Galle for two days, but when I told him that I wanted to do surfing, he arranged to surf immediately. On the last day, I wasn’t thinking about anything, but took me back to Hikkaduwa beach on the way back to see the beach with coral reefs. They also took us to various places, such as boat safari and sea turtle breeding grounds, for us to enjoy. 

Thanks to Nola’s guidance for my 6 nights and 7 days trip , I was able to spend a dark day that I could not imagine by myself and enjoy the charm of Sri Lanka though it was a hard schedule I was able to do it . So you kneaded the plan on a case-by-case basis know in advance
that convey hope borrow, I think it will be different he wanted journey is a package tour (you want to buy, want to spend slowly in hotel, want to walk around … etc). For those that want to think while consulting and try to go, the knowledge and experienced local driver name in very dependable
presence of Ru was.

I loved Sri Lanka on this trip because of the kindness, compassion and comfort of the people of Sri Lanka. The place and the people are very attractive and a wonderful country. I wanted to come again! And thanks to Nola for making a cozy trip . By all means also pickpocket
when I came to Lanka would like to ask the driver to Mr. Nola. Thank you very much!


2019/12/21 SM (Japan)


159. [ Premium driver ] I felt that a very high level of service and drivers were provided (voices of pickup customers !!)

This time, I spent 8 nights and 9 days visiting all of Sri Lanka’s World Heritage sites using the Sri Lanka Taxi Service!

When trying to travel, package type tours are expensive, schedules and courses are determined in detail and there is no flexibility , so Sri Lanka Taxi will tailor the schedule according to your wishes I know the existence of Service .

I didn’t even know what Sri Lanka was like, and even if I look back now, the flexible system that allows me to freely change the plan without any additional charges even on the spot was very attractive unlike other companies .


We asked about Sri Lanka at a stage where there was no information other than the fact that there are many World Heritage sites, but we were able to carefully suggest an itinerary .

Mr. Yongi’s response to the inquiry was sincere and very positive .

I was worried that I could visit eight World Heritage sites in eight nights and nine days based on the proposed plan, but I am grateful that I was able to travel very efficiently !

The premium driver, Asanka, provided the total support for my trip.

Asanka is an English driver, but it was very easy to understand in English , so I did not have any difficulties with TOEIC500 .


Sri Lankan than those of native English-speaking so to learn English to learn easy to understand Oita It is, Japanese English because it has been found that good at devising an easy-to-understand we have is transmitted’re me.



Asanka not only knew exactly how to get on the road as a driver, but also came with me as a guide .


Honestly, Asanka’s knowledge far exceeded that of Japanese guidebooks, and I was able to understand and enjoy heritage at a deep level.


Furthermore, it was noteworthy that the hospitality was demonstrated in various respects, and the travel was comfortable .


When I mistakenly forgot to use sandals for massage at the Ayurveda store on the previous day, I went to pick it up, and also made a reservation on behalf of a tea factory and SPA that I can only make reservations from the local Was.


Even when I changed the accommodation two days later during the trip, I had the flexibility to change the plan flexibly.

To be honest, at first I was only expecting my role as a driver, so having a total coordination was a big positive surprise for me.


On the surface, part of the price, etc. does not appear providing a charter of high quality at a level has been, also when visiting in Sri Lanka want to use Sri Lanka Taxi Service you think!


Thank you very much for supporting a fun Sri Lanka trip!

My trip to Sri Lanka for 8 nights and 9 days with Asanka has been published on my travel blog with a live feeling, so please refer to it!

[Sri Lanka travelogue] A single trip of 8 nights and 9 days around all 8 World Heritage sites by taxi charter!

2019/11/24 MS (Japan)



156. [ Premium Driver ] It was the best service without complaints! ! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

To consider the current charter driver can speak Japanese and Bunch If you believe that good Ikana and convenience
I happened to find this Sri Lanka Taxi Service.
It is the first to give Yongi tourism Pula world heritage center of my as desired at no charge will be determined from the down to the hotel to stay at that time

It was really helpful .

In addition, the exchange also and reply also quick in polite Japanese price of the e-mail also a conscientious prompt decision because it was Tsu was decided to ask here.

The driver of the Mr. Nola, dating in the hard schedule until late at night from the early morning of 4 days really appreciate-out just we have.

He took me to recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants besides the plan I was thinking of, and all of them were the best hospitality of VIP treatment such as charter and appreciation in the front row .

This is also Nola’s is there is a friendship to each tourist destination, correspondence of what is there virtue I think that it was.
On the way, I was able to talk about Sri Lanka’s culture and history, Nolan’s background, etc. in fluent Japanese .

My first impression of Sri Lanka was that I was concerned about security, but everyone around me was a good person and very kind .

Also, there are many people who can speak Japanese at each sightseeing spot, so even those who are not confident in English can easily learn about culture and history, so I felt that it was a country that was easy to travel .
Also, I always want to use Sri Lanka Taxi Service when going to Sri Lanka .
It was the best service my friends would like to introduce when traveling to Sri Lanka .
I’m really thankful to you!
11/18/2019 SS (Malaysia)


155. Thanks to a very courteous response and a kind driver, the trip was fulfilling. (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

While searching local information to meet a friend who works in Sri Lanka, I found this site.

Despite the application three days before departure, I was very polite and the response to the e-mail was quick and I was able to have a sense of security at that point .

I have so far, among which has been the travel plans in various countries, Sri Lanka Taxi Service is the most polite correspondence is.

Although I was checking the information on the net, but I did not have local information such as distance feeling, time, traffic congestion, planning was troublesome and I was troubled because I could not make a plan midway, but tell myself what I want to do There is no preparation time to make suggestions as soon as possible and other proposals are taken into consideration, and new proposals are not taken into account.・ Language does not remain. ・Anxiety before departure that I had from traveling alone has disappeared, and my expectations for excitement have surpassed. was the will, Yong thanks to the i’s support I think that it is. Thank you very much.

Driver Kavindu was a nice guy in a nutshell .

Me is not excellent physical condition from the first day in a long-distance movement always cared anyway kindness or me pledged to buy a tablet or your water mint system that was able to to, not unpleasant face even location not be transmitted successfully you want to go I was able to spend a wonderful time without having to worry about language barriers and to guide me through what I wanted to hear carefully .

Journey of the result four days is substantial and, thanks also Mr. Kavindu of the Sri Lanka impression was unknown has changed a lot for me.

I think Sri Lanka is the best place to retreat with nature and people .

Sri Lanka goodness more people to know serving as Japan to return to the splendor of this country firm reported not by will or the be 🙂

Thank you very much for 4 days.

-201911/6 EH (Japan)




146. [ Premium Driver ] I was able to enjoy happily with a quick response! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

I traveled alone because I had no time off with friends and family during my work break .

Although the are accustomed to traveling alone, terrorism also become cautious than usual with respect to safety to there recently, was not worried about what to do but I want to go in Sri Lanka, as soon as I see the HP of Sri Lanka Taxi Service I made a reservation .

I decided to go to Sri Lanka because I just wanted to touch nature and culture.

I had no knowledge regarding all told in Sri Lanka but , the pre- I want to touch the nature and animals in the “Sri Lanka at the time of about. I just said and immediately proposed the round course did a.

The response was really quick and very helpful .

Under the influence of typhoon full day airplane delay to not fly I had a but , respond immediately to us at that time was saved so was able to.

I had the driver, Suren, accompany me for six days. I was able to spend every day with peace of mind because the same driver would go with me .
I I do not at all speak English, but the community They will slowly talk with the words easy to understand really did not feel any inconvenience in Nikeshon .

It was a transit in Thailand, but due to the effect of the typhoon, it became lost baggage and there were various uneasy things, but Suren talked to the airport, and instead of me, I really helped a lot by talking with others .

I was initially surprised to hear the age, but the driver really dependable they be firm for the young and did!

What I thought on this trip is that Sri Lankans are very similar to the Japanese sense. Everyone was kind and very gentle .

The security we were worried about before we went was a truly fulfilling vacation, with no danger and no time to worry .

I became a favorite country in Sri Lanka! Whenever I go to Sri Lanka , I would like to take a taxi charter at Sri Lanka Taxi Servie .


-2019/9/24 Mr. RW (Japan)


140. [ Premium Driver ] Thanks to Mario, it was a great trip. (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

I was a little worried because it was right after the terrorism, so I decided to use the Sri Lanka Taxi Service, which can provide support in Japanese.

In fact, Yongi-san and Sena-san were very quick and courteous, and I was able to get a great sense of security .

Even in Sri Lanka, the driver’s response to Mario is really wonderful,

* Can speak Japanese.

* Has a guide license and has deep knowledge of religion, culture, and sightseeing spots.

* Above all, it is bright and gentle. That was a wasteful super driver for us.

Here are a few things that I found particularly wonderful …

○ Gives top priority to “we enjoy the moment”

○ At the Ayurveda facility recommended by Mario (which was also very pleasant here!), When we were choosing a course while worrying about the time of the subsequent safari, Mario said, Don’t worry about it, do what you want now! “

 When we did that, we changed our lunch reservations while we were undergoing treatment , booked a cheese sand (also delicious) that could be eaten during the safari, or a little late to the destination He told me that he was still able to see the elephant, and he spontaneously adjusted everything so that everything went smoothly .

○ Features of various places and familiar with famous products ○

When you run on country roads, especially in Sri Lanka, you often see food stalls that look like vegetable stores. Mario knows the specialties of the place, so he introduced me various things while getting off on the way, such as “Cashew nuts are delicious here .” I was able to eat various things such as boiled peanuts (about 100 yen at the heap), green mango, mangosteen, king coconut. Personally, green mango and mangosteen were especially delicious .

○ Can be judged by Japanese standards ○

Mario has been in Japan for a long time . So, when I wanted to go to the bathroom …, I made a judgment based on Japanese standards, such as “I think this is a little dirty, so let’s go after driving a little more.” He / she supports so that we can spend comfortable time . He had some Japanese character (at least I think so. Laughs), and sometimes he was reluctant to stay with him, and he was always comfortable.

Sri Lanka itself is also very wonderful,

* Basically safe (scams and push-sells are definitely less than in famous tourist destinations in other countries.

* People are friendly and sincere

* Many beautiful places such as nature, religious facilities, and towns

* Prices are still low (especially hotels and services, eating out is a little expensive)

There are plenty of recommended points, and I think I will probably go again …

Anyway, it was a really fun trip! !

Thank you very much! !


-2019/8/25 YF (Japan)



135. Everything was perfect and the best trip at a great price! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

I am currently stationed in Singapore and have been with Sri Lanka Taxi Service with my five friends.

Using the previous Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s I was allowed to use is recommended from a friend you, but very happy recommended as it was.

The following four points about Sri Lanka Taxi Service that we felt were good.

Response speed and wide range of proposals

It was three nights four days and a short journey, when had you first be consultation on the Sena-like person in charge immediately propose a plan We, despite the first time in Sri Lanka, efficient plan from the beginning the I was able to assemble.

Also, of course, we had a wide range of consultations, such as recommended sightseeing spots , as well as procedures, and I was surprised at the speed of response .

Quality of driver

Sameera’s our driver, fluent English, punctual, accurate advice, ad hoc correspondence, really rare and wonderful quality in the driver of Southeast Asia that of was who.

There were many changes from the first plan due to each friend’s wishes , but each time Sameera gave accurate advice and the restaurant was no plan, but I always took him to a recommended place I went.

Car quality

Arranging a Japanese car van was a great help because Sri Lanka requires a long trip of 4-5 hours . Driving technology’s driver it was high there is also, less vibration, also sit easy car seat because it was a long time movement also comfortable not bother journey became.

・ Low price

For the time being, we estimated about 5 companies for comparison, but the price was about 10,000-20,000 yen cheaper than other companies, and there were severe differences between companies.

At first I was worried that it was too cheaper than other companies and there might be some problems, but it was also recommended by a friend, so if you let me use it, as described above, there is no problem with the highest quality did.

(When I came back and asked for the reason for the cheapness, I found that they didn’t advertise at all, so they made it cheaper. I loved Sri Lanka and the quality of the service. It was an answer.

Since Sri Lanka was just after the terrorism, tourists seemed to have a small impression , as everyone else said.

On the other hand, the airport and all the hotels where we stayed were on alert , and on the contrary, we were able to enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind .

Breaches is almost impossible absolutely safe irresponsible, but hog Sri Lanka precisely because it is now time think that it would be able to because you have, please try by all means visit on this occasion. Sri Lanka Taxi Service is one of the recommended tourist taxi charters !


-2019/8/15 YH (Singapore)



WEB version customer’s voice


165. [ Premium Driver ] A very meaningful and fun trip.

This time, we traveled alone from Sigiriya to Galle on a 7-day, 8-day itinerary tour of architect Jeffrey Bawa.

In particular, the fact that familiar with Geoffrey Bawa, Haravinth de I teamed up the schedule in the setup’s screwdriver, about the only one I was able to look around a lot of the building than he can .

Easily from overseas setup a place where hard to the reservation and or who have, de not only the fact that the screwdriver’s, to a place called Tsuakon, caring respond that as much as possible we should be.

It was a very meaningful and enjoyable trip .
Also, when you go to Sri Lanka, I would like to ask .
Thank you very much.

-2019 / 12 / 29Mr. Baba (Japan)


164. I was able to spend my first trip alone.

I travel abroad occasionally, but this time I suddenly took a break, so I decided to try my first solo trip .

We usually arrange our own trips, but we also have to be mindful of bus times and bargaining for taxis when traveling .

It is this mortal by one person, I would like to for a relaxing journey, beginning the tour of hope, but we considered the tour is already fully booked we say did and. So I decided to arrange it myself, but I found that Sri Lanka was difficult to move to rural areas. In particular, it was difficult to move to Heritance Kandalama Hotel, the main part of this trip, so I decided to ask Sri Lanka Taxi Serivce.

Day 1 17:50 Arrive at airport Transfer to Dambulla
           I wanted to move Given the itinerary within this day to Dambulla , but Taku the movement of three and a half hours in a woman traveling alone on the day in the field at night for the first time in the country did not have the courage to Sea negotiations. I asked Sri Lanka Taxi Service in advance to move safely and save time.
Day 2 Dambulla Caves Temple
            Sigiriya Rock
           Sigiriya Rock was truly a World Heritage Site and the scale was amazing . You can spend as much time as you want on sightseeing, and they read and responded immediately to WhatsApp exchanges, such as changing the meeting place and time .
Day 3 Enjoy the Heritance Kandalama Hotel
            Evening Athreya Ayurvedic Hotel And Spa
            Dushan’s line to recommend the Ayurvedic of the drivers came, but it was me also telephone booking. I did Ayurveda in Colombo on the last day, but there was also a local atmosphere and the price was about half the price with almost the same contents .
Day 4 Move to Colombo
            City tour
           It usually takes about four and a half hours from Kandalama to Colombo , but it took six hours due to heavy traffic on that day. I think I was very tired, but after arriving in Colombo, I had me take me around the city including temples and shopping, and I finished my trip with the driver by picking up and dropping off at the hotel.
 I went during the rainy season of December , when heavy rain fell and stopped many times a day . It would have been more wet if it weren’t a charter taxi, and it was quite comfortable as I could move freely without leaving my suitcase . To spend a relaxing trip thanks to Mr. Sri Lanka Taxi Service was able .

-2019/12/23 IN ‘s (Japan)




162. Thanks to you, it’s a trip to love Sri Lanka! ! !

We were the first Sri Lanka for 5 nights and 6 days. Find out about public exchange by examining severe in themselves in the use of communication agencies with the idea, using a charter taxi I decided to.

Among others what companies Did decided to here, more than anything Yongi’s answer is quick and polite, and the utilized towards the comments was good because you.

Since the time until the departure was only not be determined a rough schedule without, Japan know that word has been determined to drivers who do not speak, there is no confidence in English was a bit anxious for.

Maliththa of drivers to see you at the airport to Mr. initially de It was Kidoki, it was no longer immediately anxious to calm response . At that time, we responded to this request, such as adding or changing destinations, and of course , stopping at a supermarket to buy drinks and souvenirs .

Morning pickup was not delayed . Thank you for understanding our immature English and responding to various requests !
The road conditions in Sri Lanka were more than I had imagined , but I think it was thanks to Sri Lanka Taxi Service that I was able to spend some time in sightseeing .

There was a problem on the first day, but we worked hard and we were able to enjoy Sri Lanka .
I think it is a really wonderful country .

I’d love to! Also to everyone Oh Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka Taxi Service I would like to recommend is.

If you have another chance, thank you!

-2019/12/20 ST ‘s (Japan)



161. I was able to travel with the best taxi driver , polite, fun and tough !

We are a member of an architectural design office in Tokyo, but we visited Sri Lanka on a four-day, five-day employee trip.

It was a rather hard itinerary to use two air taxis (Cessna) on the way, as I wanted to look around the interesting buildings in Sri Lanka, including Jeffrey Bawa.


However, the driver Rohan will consider the traffic situation and local information on the day, suggest a route so that you can travel more smoothly, and Rohan’s recommended shop on the way that is not in the itinerary It was 5 days for us to get to know the tourist spots .


And, above all, Rohan’s driving skills.

Sri Lanka was able to spend in the car with a technique that did not take care of the hard traffic situation with confidence ,

He told me every time there were rare buildings and animals with great insight .


This time, I used SriLankaTaxiService for employee trip,

Next time, I would like to ask for my private trip .


It was a really good trip , thank you!

-2019/12/17 SO ‘s (Japan)



160. [ Premium Driver ] Thanks to Mario, I had a dreamlike time.

This time, I found several charter taxi companies online while traveling in Sri Lanka.
The reason I decided on Sri Lanka Taxi Service was the low price and the high degree of freedom in planning .
I asked Mr. Yongi, the representative , various questions by email, but he responded very carefully .
And I really took care of Mario, a premium driver who asked for a guide this time .
We traveled with three people, but each one,
・ Where do you want to go?
・ What do you want to do?
He listened firmly and thought about the best plan among them .
When we talk a little bit shy,
“Let’s do what we want to do because we’ve come,
He called out.
At that time, I thought I chose a really good person .
What I felt during the trip was that Mario could be very attentive and natural .
Thanks to all three, we were able to complete the purpose of our trip in Sri Lanka !
The six days in a flash were dreamlike days .
Everything is a valuable experience for us .
The highlight of this trip was taken to Mario’s house just before returning to Japan (laughs).
Finally, Mario, thank you very much this time!
It was very fun thanks to Mario ^ ^
I’ll be promoting a lot in Japan ~
Sri Lanka is the best! ! !

-2019/11/29 Naoki Fujikawa Yasuhiro Nakai Kohei Hayakawa 

158. [ Premium Driver ] The company was always in the position of the user

It was a short two-day, three-day trip, but I was very thankful to the premium driver Mario .

Day 1: Negombo – Dambulla Cave Temple – Polonnaruwa ruins
Day 2: Sigiriya rock-spice garden ~ candy Anda Nsu Appreciation
Day 3: Temple of the Tooth-market walk-tea factory – Colombo city of Kandy for the first time in Sri Lanka to keep holding the high road so was further specialty products want to buy the cashew nuts and spices, of course, local delicious and want to eat from , but was request full, taking into account the our physical plane, where the first better to tourism, such as target good because it give me the exact advice, I was able to complete all with a margin the itinerary that was said to be impossible in other companies estimate . Do n’t just travel there, guide your choice at archeological sites, ask the locals where to recommend a Canadian dance theater , and Mario takes care of the salary to make us more enjoyable. by me . There were days when the departure time was early, but without a disgusting face (conversely, when I said tomorrow it’s good to be slow, it’s also a good point to say “It’s a happy news” ) early than usual promise time state rather than the car is put out to me in the, the drill when there is time to spare or me taking the link break, we may not say anything is there of interestHe took me to a place like that (a wholesale market or a tea factory) .

In particular, on the way to Polonnaruwa, the taste and hospitality of the local restaurant that I was guided at lunch was Pikaichi. The heavy objects Ya bulky souvenirs such as Sri Lanka beer, ho on the final day was able to buy in the supermarket just before the get forwarded to Tell there is no need to carry your luggage, in benefit of the charter car came. Thanks to requesting Mario who can speak Japanese, I was able to convey detailed nuances, and I was excited about my hobbies and other things, so I was very satisfied . Did it with no back foot traffic of about still earlier under the influence of terrorism , it is not to become a scary thoughts and unpleasant feeling even once, from beginning to end Sri Lanka’s journey to be wrapped in kindness of people it was. One month after returning home, the Sri Lankan fever has not cooled down and I hope to see the children ‘s clear eyes again. While Yongi and Sena were exposed to Internet fraud, I was initially worried about how much I could trust this service found on the web , but the concerns disappeared as I repeated email exchanges . Always in your answer that caring in a small turn is sharp, in the case of cancellation by the typhoon , such as correspondence, is only your attention to the position of the user to very grateful competitors those without did.Sri Lanka Taxi Service be using the this trip in enjoy one of the reasons that came There is no doubt it is. I’m really thankful to you.

11/19/2019 YM (Japan)

157. A very good trip! I still want to use it.

The three-day tour is over! Thank you for all the help you have given me.

In particular, Marissa, who was in charge of me without appointment , came to pick me up by the appointed time every day . I went to everything I wanted to go to Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Medigligiriya, and besides that, it was unplanned, such as a tea center and a botanical garden on a sidewalk on the way, proposed by Marissa .

The tour of Polonnaruwa and Medirigiriya on the second day was one of the destinations I was looking forward to.

Polonnaruwa is I-to-the guide while get guided by the Kutuku, waiting for Mr. Marissa is very patiently was saved me. For Medirigilia, Marissa also served as a guide.

Day 2 of the Upon change of accommodation me to call the advice and hotels , even was glad was able to stay cheaper than net book thanks in you.

Thanks to Marissa, I have many good memories ! Among them, happy bought was of is, is that I met also twice in wild elephants during the drive. Road large wild elephants walking the shoulder, when I came to the last time Sri Lanka is the same area so did not see any, I think it was this time lucky.

Also, I was
warned (afterwards) that negotiating the price when hiring a tuk-tuk guide in Polonnaruwa would be useless if I did not do it myself (laugh)

I think he has been very acquainted with my very own pace.

It was a very good trip . I would like to use it if I have a chance to come to Sri Lanka . Thank you very much.

-2019/11/18 JO ‘s (Japan)



154. [ Premium Driver ] I was able to enjoy Sri Lanka with peace of mind because I could communicate in Japanese.

This time, we visited Sri Lanka for the purpose of Indian Diwali vacation.

I used a Sri Lanka Taxi Service , thinking of a taxi that can communicate in Japanese because it would take a long time to travel away from the sightseeing spot .

The driver, Nola, has lived in Japan, and is well versed in Sri Lankan guides, and has made various arrangements in consideration of time other than our purpose .

When I went to Sigiriya Rock in the morning, I had a jeep safari arranged in a hurry and enjoyed nature .

This time, Sri Lanka was rainy every day during the rainy season, but fortunately it was okay when we were sightseeing and it was hard to rain while traveling by car.

Nola was able to reach her destination on schedule with brilliant driving techniques, even after long hours of driving.

This time I was only sightseeing in central Sri Lanka, but I could not visit the Southern Galle on schedule. On the next visit, I wanted to ask for Sri Lanka Taxi and Nola again.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you for this time.

-2019/11/02 HY (Japan)



153. [ Premium driver ] It was a fulfilling trip beyond imagination.

Great driver Nola’s, there is a carefree journey of four days rattan.

I ‘ve been interested in Sri Lanka for six days now, so I can finally go.

At first I looked up from the extent I wanted to eat local curry , see Sigiriya Rock , but as much as I checked the capital Colombo, the ancient city Chianti, the old town and fortress of Galle, the Nuwara area, the Houghton Plains National Park, etc. to understand that it is attractive country, the train had planned initially, bus, is very schedule is not as troubled watched from the place was set up in the tuk-tuk we get to the light taxi charter use.

Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s but the other was also investigated quick reply from Mr. Sena, and Kudasari relieved to make an attentive travel plans to the place you want to go here and I think the contract can wish I was allowed to.

Sometimes it is the rainy season, the morning of the first day of worry is full of water up to about the knee in place in front of the hotel road is deep but had been, Nola Mr. Kudasari great we come to pick with a smile correct impression journey from Has begun.

Of the was Maware the tourist destination of course hope it is, Mr. Nola is firmly understand the Japanese if I have, nothing reviews me answer also to request that want to eat the local curry beauty him to taste and Io shop What I received, arrangement of a cooking class in the city of Galle, and taking me to a clothes shop where local people buy with urgent hope.

And that had it also around what Period hobby antique shop ( Nola’s was surprised to was like antique! Sri Lanka United Kingdom, it was the Dutch territory There is also antique shops often is!) , Such as beyond the imagination It was a fulfilling trip .


Nola, Sena, Yongi I really took care of you .

There are so many more places to look at …

Thank you very much.

-2019/10/29 YF (Japan)



152. I was relieved to respond very quickly and politely to minor problems.

Thank you very much for this time.
The quickness of the response in advance and the ease of understanding became the decisive factors .
When meeting at the airport did not go well, the whole company could respond promptly , whatever the airport staff was worried about, calling me, etc. from the beginning I can touch the kindness of the people of Sri Lanka from the beginning We thought we could do it and it wasn’t a big deal , but at that time, we responded very quickly and carefully, and there was no worry.

I went with no plan, so I want to go here and here. It was a bit of a feeling, but I was very grateful to hear 100% of our intentions and advise us on a better route among them .

I was able to take a really relaxing trip, leaving everything to eat and the Ayurveda .

Indecision, because he will keep a very good sense of distance fun with peace of mind really freely was able Mukoto.

I highly recommend it to anyone .

In Colombo, they buy umbrellas in heavy rain, and they drive around in a car so that they don’t get tired of rain.

Thank you very much until the last minute.
It was very fun .

-2019/10/25 F couple (Japan)


151. Without using the Sri Lanka Taxi Service, it would not have been such a wonderful trip.

This time, your wonderful service and I was allowed to use the , Thank you.

Initially, really decided to leave Sri Lanka travel to lack of information (although, I love Let’s go to eat the Sri Lanka curry and South Indian Curry! Reasons much was (laughs)

I was very impressed with Lanka’s personality, and I had a good time including traveling for several days .

That Lanka Mr.’ll talk about the Japanese is really highest and best in, thanks to Mr. Lanka guide, Toka is the security of Sri Lanka, the recent situation, known only to the people of the local rare information, such as not, local I was able to translate in Sinhala for people, and also responded to detailed questions.

Lanka’s talk also very interesting , with three people, including travel companions, Wahaha is! And the time of laughter was very fun.

The middle, as YONGI customers were saying, sudden thunderstorms KOR many times was, Lanka’s among such, as if not even everything, gave me operation. (Is it was impressed with the Goina)

Of course, there were many road and driving situations that were not possible in Japan, and there were times when it was really bad, but everything was a good memory, including that.

Still, I got used to it, and despite the fact that Ranka worked hard, I fell asleep behind.
sorry! Ranka!

In this journey, goals and Shigiriarokku, enjoy want the Colombo city was, none could not guide the driver’s is Irasshara that Mr. Lanka Once, not knowing processes such as sights and why this happens, just go to the location Te, where there were only thoughts that I was circumference that is riding on prima facie guide book I think.

Here and there, tell us Lanka’s guide is very grateful was bought is.

If, if to Sri Lanka revenge, it is sure to always use your company real is.

This time, when I thought the movement of by train or bus in the lack of knowledge, nothing can such was bought was a place.
Above all, I think Sri Lanka is really inconvenient without a car.

It was a really nice trip .

In your company to your estimates and fine questions, your correspondence had from before the order established had been great .
I decided to ask your company for a very kind response, but I sincerely think that it was really good for you.

Help desk strong ally! Japanese is fluent Ishara’s La to please time changes to the Lanka’s
or just to convey a message, your company is providing a really great service or are felt to.

Mr. Yongi, Ranka! I’m really thankful to you.

Also, if your friends want to visit Sri Lanka during Sri Lanka revenge, we will ask your company .
Thank you.

-2019/10/19 EH (Japan)


150. [ Premium Driver ] I was able to spend my time traveling alone, and it was a wonderful trip.

I used a charter taxi for 4 days this time.

Every time I travel abroad alone, I set up an approximate schedule and arrived at the site, thinking about transportation, but the first time in Sri Lanka, the terrorist incident a few months ago, the number of days was limited to 5 days in advance charter taxi from, such as it was looking for a travel company I would like to reserve the over.

Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s website contains reviews of various people, introductions of drivers, easy-to-understand information in Japanese and so on .

Even though it was 2 weeks before use, we responded promptly and we were able to respond quickly and carefully to e-mail responses and schedule proposals, which was very helpful .

In addition, thanks to driver Asa’s safety and security, I was able to fully enjoy my trip to Sri Lanka .

At first I was surprised at the traffic situation in Sri Lanka, but Asa’s exquisite driving technique was amazing! In addition, I was grateful that you could carefully explain the history and famous places, and also answer the questions from here carefully .

When I went to the goal, I took me to recommended spots and guided me to various sightseeing spots on the way , so it was a very fulfilling trip for 4 days .

Sri Lanka had a strong image of tea, Ayurveda and World Heritage Sites, but there were plenty of nature, wild animals and warmth of people. Wonderful country more than it had been my imagination it is in to realize the fact that it has been.

This trip was on a short schedule of 5 days, but it was a wonderful trip thanks to Sri Lanka Taxi Service and Asa .

I really appreciate it. I would also like to use Sri Lanka Taxi Service when traveling to Sri Lanka .

I’m really thankful to you!

-2019/10/5 NA (Japan)

148. [ Premium Driver ] Bright, courteous and accurate in time, no complaints! The staff’s response is also ◎! !

I used it for the first time traveling alone in Sri Lanka.

Was the use of the 4 days, faster e-mail response from the time of booking

Correspondence is perfect . I had a good feeling before traveling.

There is also an emergency contact in Japanese, so you can feel safe .
Driver Mario is bright, polite and accurate on time .

He was really good in charge .

Stay experience in Japan also as was long, Japanese standards (hygiene, etc.) is aware of the guide so that only spend comfortable as possible according to the sense of Japanese Shiteku will.

Because we stayed alone, we talked about various stories while drinking beer at night.
I like doing this job.
I want to help a little to improve Sri Lanka.
After all, the number of tourists has dropped sharply since the recent terrorist attacks.
So he wants as many people as possible to come to Sri Lanka.
For that purpose, I would like the people who came here to spend a pleasant time and to tell the goodness of Sri Lanka after returning home.
The feeling that I actually went, the security is pretty good .
Nothing is different from other Asian countries.
I will definitely visit again. Next time bring your wife.
This time we had a tea at Mario’s house, but I would like curry this time. Lol

Thank you very much!

-2019/9/26 KY (Japan)


147. [ Premium Driver ] I love Sri Lanka thanks to the amazingly high level of staff and drivers.

In order to fulfill my long-awaited trip to Sri Lanka, I had no time to leave and had no information at all.

If there is no room even if you hit another TAXI service, at the time of estimation

I was lucky to get to the Sri Lanka Taxi Service where I was wondering what to do with no answer .

Quick and clear accounting after contact

In addition, there was no information on where to go, so we had to take that into consideration and make suggestions , and we proceeded quickly.

Also responded immediately to a little bit of question send it Kudasari, to myself was going all alone leave no time etc. was very survived not the time .

In a situation where there is little information and time in a woman traveling alone , thanks to the support that was clearly and kindly approached, I think that we all took off with peace of mind.

And the driver, Asanka, is so knowledgeable that he started in the history of Sri Lanka, he is also very familiar with butta and Buddhism in history and spiritual matters, or has a deep knowledge of everything about tea. I was surprised at you.

I never did not think me I’m able to to guide in, I was surprised and very grateful. But his story under Is without looking at the guide book in each destination visited by virtue while listening to Ruohanashi can turn a local , I was able to look around while still a fresh feel local. I taught in various places.

Who came in advance before be sure every day of the arrival time Ri, also I spent no matter how time in one place, without quite time you waiting not at all unpleasant facial expression even though got one , greeted always calm I was really grateful to have you, and we were very cozy.

Talk give tone even facial expressions also very gentle always calm, and great people Nante if there is a deep well-informed and would be, I thought.

Never extra thing without saying, it was clearly talking about the only neatly important thing to die very peace of mind for five days was.

Is natural, but English is very fluent in, yourself and be a lot more conversation if Hanasere more English, the About Me and the wish to have heard more about the various Sri Lanka I felt sorry ( Please be anything question though had you saying, I was sorry!)

However, I was trying to understand my poor English so hard that I couldn’t convey it, and I understood that it was such a thing, and I’m really thankful for that kindness .

Driving the car was safe and I was always in peace .

Attractions often Sri Lanka travel still favor to go around in a short period of time the Sri Lanka of travel that I have to have a private driver was Tsu, but, thanks to the still also was able to focus solely on look around and feel safe Sri Lanka Taxi Service is.

I ‘m really grateful to Sena for the continuous support from Japan and Asa for the driver who helped me a lot .

Sri Lanka travel became my lifetime of memories thanks to everyone is.

I immediately recommend my friends Sri Lanka, a beautiful country. Similarly, when a friend go to you will be certainly ask for your company is, in that case also thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your kind and caring trip for 5 days of comfortable and satisfying trip .

-2019/9/25  YT (Japan)


145. [ Premium Driver ] The encounter with Haravinth has made my journey more intense and irreplaceable.

My first trip to Sri Lanka.

Tea lovers, like ruins, nature love …
walk eat the local food, we prefer the ruins tour and nature touching journey for the people, not disappoint even cut any of them, everything is somehow “nicely” come a wonder It was a wonderful country.

Tour of World Heritage Sites eight locations in seven locations in the Sri Lanka, plateau railway and earth etc. Yurubeda, almost because there was a need to be around the Sri Lanka , thinking the movement means and time loss of between areas, always car rental and full public transport I use it, but this time I chose a taxi charter .

As a result, it was a very correct answer .

Mr. Haravinth attended as a driver on this trip. Nice guy who loves cricket and fruit juice.

Year of distant about parent-child also English do not speak to the good we kindness while shy snuggle rather , world heritage tour is that of you of have …

I want to see the sunrise! Speaking of this, the attendance from 5 o’clock in the morning , transfer to some frontier hotels on bad roads unknown to local drivers , highland railway reservation, SPA reservation, etc. … if Kurere spend fun and OK! “and until the end Pula professionalism high journey gave me to accompany while arrange nice the down 6 days .

What is particularly impressive is that I met the wild statue at a close distance on a general road and was very excited , and also climbed together on the “Mini Adams Peak” from the “Nine Arch Bridge” with sweat . (Human and two at the superb view point of Mini Adams Speaking, taking pictures while giving pose instructions were very smiling laughs)

In addition, the first experience of a king coconut juice stall tells us about the economic situation in Sri Lanka and the harshness of local residents’ households.

What can we do? There is even considered let was time, such a hard life even under not feel pathetic feeling from people, we pair to tourist welcoming in a uniformly warm gaze be

“Know enough” that the Do’m a thing very important, alive overflowing in Japan to things for us is that, it was never “commonplace” to realize that it is not in as they were Tadashisa the collar . Thanks.

The last day is already short of the distance to him.

Is lost him, it was not so rich Sri Lanka travel with, and Mijimi.

When he left, he was handed a “Wood Apple”, which he had just bought at a stall .

When you see somewhere in the country for the first time, you will remember him .

Mr. Haravinth, Thank you for everything!

-2019/9/21 Mr. and Mrs. N (Japan)


144. I was able to travel with confidence and it was a very satisfying trip.

I took care of my husband and wife for 4 days in Sri Lanka.

We received very careful and prompt answers every time we checked and contacted us in advance, which made me want to ask with confidence without hesitation .

Kavindu’s drivers always ask to base on time came to pick and I Kudasari ( Here was also there I’m sorry that delayed), planned as desired, it was Please take me to the destination .

Thanks to you, that you want to relax in the hotel Bawa one of the major purpose of the trip is also back we can grant Chile .

Also, thanks to being able to leave the hotel early, it was good that Sigiriya Rock climbed in a time when there were few people.

Because it was us who did not so much stuffed the schedule, what was thankful it will also like suggestions of a nearby other spot of, because there was also that we have to to work back to the hotel, that you very much I was sorry that I could not get the proposal.

Facilities of Ayurveda Kavindu Mr. kindly took set is, was good to high very satisfaction is.

Although it was only four months after the terrorist outbreak , Sri Lanka wanted to go there for a long time, and since the terrorism is likely to be more vigilant, he decided to travel.

In fact, without any worries, I was able to get to know the seriousness, kindness and beautiful nature of the people of Sri Lanka, and it was a wonderful trip .

Also want to come to go to Sri Lanka You talking on the couple, that time can you be sure also to Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s I think that it is .

I’m really thankful to you!

-2019/9/17  Mr. H living in Tokyo (Japan)

143. [ Premium Driver ] Enjoy a trip to Sri Lanka packed with charm!

In June , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reduced the danger information level for Sri Lanka to 1 , so that he wished to travel to Sri Lanka and Seychelles in late August . Travel period is two weeks. Explore Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Galle in a week. After that, spend a leisurely time in Seychelles, stop by Colombo again and return home.

At first, I was considering using a domestic flight, but I learned that taxi is a common practice in Sri Lanka to travel around sightseeing spots quickly and efficiently .

I told Sri Lanka Taxi Service about the itinerary of the trip and asked about the validity of the plan and the cost of the charter, and Sena immediately replied. I chose the company because I was able to respond quickly and provide support in the event of local problems .

Sena and Yongi provided local information until departure, which was very helpful.

Mario , who told me that safety driving should be prioritized in advance, and is good at driving and can speak Japanese with a friendly personality, came as the responsible driver .

In addition to providing information on sightseeing spots, he was given information on the history and culture of Sri Lanka and the way people lived . Also, through his acquaintance , Mario was able to arrange a ticket for the tea train she had longed for, and was able to enjoy the beautiful view from the train window.

I am very grateful to Mario for her great experience . Furthermore, thanks to the local Japanese help desk, Ishara, I was able to enjoy the trip with confidence .

During the trip, Mr. Ishara was willing to respond to changes in sightseeing routes and schedule adjustments, and supported the trip .

He was a reliable local coordinator, and was also surprised by his fluent Japanese. Also, the Whats app app was very convenient and useful locally.

In Sri Lanka, security measures have been restored at airports and hotels, and security has been restored. For this reason, we do not feel anxious while traveling, and we can fully enjoy a country full of exotic charm and history such as rich nature, Bawa architecture, traditional temples, ancient cities, world heritage. I’m done.

Finally, I would like to thank the Sri Lanka Taxi Service again. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable trip .


-2019/9/12  Mr. & Mrs. Otsuka (Japan)

142. I enjoyed it thanks to the kind driver.

Longing for Sri Lanka.
I had a very fulfilling 4 days . When I think now, have to charter a taxi, this to effectively use the time could not and I think that. Of drivers Nora’s is, very gently, I was using a lot of care was fired . He talked a lot.
I was very good at Japanese because I was living in Japan . The plan to climb to the Sea Giria lock, we had proposed trying the next day was the stomach, was a great answer.
Because the weather suddenly collapsed. The next day, the weather was fine. It was the best day. Jeep safari reservations and elephant ride reservations were also made at a nice time so that the schedule would work. I was very careful with the timing of the restroom . Nora was a good person and had many friends where she went and where she went .
Everyone was very gentle and happy to talk to me. I have a wonderful drive technique, so I was able to ride with confidence .
What is a little scary is the traffic situation unique to Sri Lanka. I thought my trip wouldn’t go well without Nora for 5 daysis.
I am very grateful to you.
Next, I want to go to the sea. Thank you very much! -2019/9/6 YA (Japan)

141. I enjoyed it thanks to the kind driver.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, I asked for a tourist car for 6 days .

From Japan also it will tell me kindly various when the request or question estimates tumbled, it was Tanomoshika’ is.

In advance on the Internet, and are investigating the Sri Lanka of information dry , but the operation of the bar was also a blog like you are writing a rough, in charge this time Dushan’s with us to is a very operation is a polite your good I was surprised .

We couldn’t speak much English, but I was really grateful that Dush an managed to communicate .

To ask the course with a long travel because the waiting, but I think that was also the time of tired I’m sure, as always show me the Kkori and smile, corresponding hard even to unexpected trouble he will in appearance, really good and can ask the friendly driver who was Tsu I thought that.

I couldn’t find much information on Sri Lanka even when I looked up in Japan, so I was worried about where to go to the archeological sites, but I would like to select a famous archeological site and go around and enjoy sightseeing There it was .

By using Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s tourist car , I was able to travel efficiently, safely and enjoyably, which was really good.


-2019/9/1 ES (Japan)


139. Recommended for “safety” and “saving time and physical strength”.

Elderly couple planning “South India + Sri Lanka” summer vacation for 9 nights and 11 days.

Requested a 6-day, 5-night tour with yongi’s quick email communication .

“Tour of the Nuwara area tea factory, 8/14 Perakera participation, World Heritage tour, BAWA architecture tour …” I wanted to travel hard and save time and physical strength. (In August, the sun is strong, there is squall, and physical strength is consumed.)

Although the driver change was planned at the outset , I was satisfied with Senarath, who was silent and honest as a result .

Special thanks are given below.

• When the hotel arrived at night was not open (effect of terrorism?), I could continue to make phone calls patiently and be able to stay at that hotel.

• After an intense long squall, the Anuradhapura stupa and the lime tree went around together (Photo: Anuradhapura lime tree and Sena)

• Introducing a tea shop that was able to mail souvenirs directly to Japan

The ones that were especially active during the trip were : • Non-slip socks (required everywhere)

• WhatApp app (for emergency driver contact)

• maps app (location can be confirmed without network environment)

• Priority Pass (arriving at the airport 4 hours before arrival for safe use of the lounge) and, of course, Sri Lanka Taxi Service .

-2019/8/21 M.O + HO Petite elderly couple (Japan)

138. We had you respond immediately to sudden changes and enjoyed with confidence.

This time, due to the typhoon, we were unable to move from the transit point, and our arrival in Sri Lanka was delayed by four days.

Despite the sudden change, they responded happily and quickly .

In addition, we were able to contact the local hotel from the transit point and were also in trouble .
Special thanks to sena and driver Mahesh for responding .
Due to the impact of the typhoon, my 7 days stay in Sri Lanka was changed to 4 days … but the schedule became tight, but
thanks to the driver Mahesh, I was able to visit efficiently and be satisfied It’s a journey .
The schedule changed, and I was greeted to pick me up at 5:00 in the morning, but Mahesh greeted me with a smile and listened to our plan on how to get around efficiently . Your plan has been adjusted .
In addition, Mr. Mahesh is, a person who easy to talk to a friendly, English is also easy to very interviews, such as the history of the tourist attractions each place, very easy-to-understand kindly tell me.
In the guide book, I was able to get to know the parts that I couldn’t get to, so I could enjoy it more .

When we were sleepy we were caring and quiet, and we were very good at driving , so we sometimes fell asleep in the back seat.

I am really grateful for responding to our urgent requests, such as seeing the sea in the photos in the guide book, buying cute souvenirs, going to supermarkets, etc.

I was able to travel with confidence
Also, when traveling to Sri Lanka , I would really like to ask Sri Lanka Taxi Service and I would recommend it to my friends.

It is a very good condensed trip
! ! ! Thank you! ! !


-2019/8/20 SO (Japan)


137. Easy travel made easy!

The day after the arrival date, the driver picked me up at the hotel, and then we arranged a travel plan and the journey began. It was good that the driver actively offered me a travel plan and I could go to a course that I hadn’t thought of at first.

The tourist taxi was a private trip, just like a tour, just taking a car and taking me to a sightseeing spot and the next hotel . When the driver was waiting at a sightseeing spot, I was in contact with LINE. It was good to be able to sightsee slowly without being restricted by time .

It was easy to stop by on the way, so there was mobility that was not available on public transportation by train. Also, how many times you slept while riding, thank you.

The driver’s car was a relatively new and good-quality Toyota 4-door sedan and the exterior and interior were clean. Many roads in Sri Lanka have one lane each way, and if there is a car running slowly in front of me, I often get overtaken and I felt sick. It is good to bring a sickness medicine.

Many people in Sri Lanka, including drivers, also have good personalities. There was no persistent solicitation and I did not encounter any irritating situations. Many people in Sri Lanka are honest.

I thought it was a country where Japanese people would like. According to the driver, after the terrorism, the customer seemed to stop, and I felt sorry as the second group of customers. I hope and return to Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

136. [ Premium driver ] Staff and drivers are definitely the highest quality service

We have already decided to ask Sri Lanka Taxi Service for more than six months.

Rates are conscientious not only that, from the beginning of the e-mail from people of Yongi’s and staff Awa question reply immediately to ask you to, content can also be peace of mind very clearly because I was something.

He gave us a clear opinion on the impossible schedule, gave us accurate advice on the weather and travel distance, and was very helpful in planning.

There was such a terrorism and I was worried about what to do with the trip itself, but I was able to decide to go to Sri Lanka again because I was told by e-mail about the local situation in detail, in it is referred to actual comments of those who have been using the service was because I have.

Our driver was Nola, who is very good at Japanese .
Nola’s is and closer is us and age, there is also that lived in Japan in the past, coffee together in cafes and restaurants as well as conversations during the movement of the car drink over, and or meal I enjoyed the trip for 5 days .

Also to Nola’s had in each case the advice of the schedule in the local was fired. He also wanted to lower money at ATMs, look at markets, go shopping at supermarkets, and so on. He responded to this urgent request many times .

Not only his driving skills as a driver, but also his rich knowledge of animals and nature , his personality of his family and friends , and he was a very nice person , so he was able to spend with peace of mind.

From Sri Lanka Taxi Service , I think that I was able to receive the service while feeling “safe” in various ways before going on a trip or actually going to the site .

I think it was very important for us to go to Sri Lanka for the first time and charter a taxi for the first time .

I also want to ask Sri Lanka Taxi Service whenever I go to Sri Lanka, and I would definitely recommend it to our family and friends.

I am really grateful that I have made a lot of fun and important good memories .

-2019/8/16 AN (Japan)



-2019/8/20 TO (Japan)

134. I am very satisfied with the service and driver who can be very relieved! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

This trip was unusual for me.
I had booked an airplane and a hotel for quite some time, but there was a terrorism and my family and friends suggested that I cancel now , and I was worried. Still, about 10 days before departure, I was looking forward to my trip, so I decided to go and decided to contact Sri Lanka Taxi Service.

We had a quick reply, and we had a consultation on the schedule, so we were able to proceed smoothly and quickly .

I ‘m glad I made the decision to go after the trip .
It was only three nights and four days of the trip very fulfilling satisfaction full of fun not trip we were able to.

It took time to purchase a SIM card when I arrived at the airport on the first day, making my scheduled schedule difficult. But can be substantial tourism has become in two days, Shalinda Mr. driver Tekuda to the well time adjustment tumbled, including visited that did not go on the first day, can go to all the places that had been hope I’m done.

Moreover, which it was not in the plans Sigiriya Village safari and we recommend the tour we can also join Dasari.
This tour is a valuable experience to know the local culture of Sri Lanka in was very fun.

English is not good I worry about you can successfully talk with Mr. Driver has had, Kudasari understand my broken English is also good, also was able to stress not talk during the movement .

I the best Jin and I also’m happy Once you become a happy mood to travel was please to comb.

Sri Lanka Taxi Service , traveling in Sri Lanka , responded quickly and I think that the service is very reliable.

Shalinda’s driver also contact us by safe driving also smooth at all times Kudasari think the journey that I can be satisfied, it is possible that it was my traveling alone can not be English to travel at all worry about without directly below.
It is a recommended driver.
Thanks to you for having the best Sri Lankan holiday . Thank you very much! !


-2019/8/15 KM (Japan)


133. [ Premium Driver ] It was a wonderful honeymoon and a wonderful memory!

I took care of my honeymoon for 5 days.

We contacted 5 companies including local taxi companies, got a quote and exchanged several times, and decided on Sri Lanka Taxi Service who had quick and careful response .

Because we were able to communicate with the driver in advance using the app, we knew immediately when we arrived at the airport.

We had a five-day trip with driver Suren . I was greeted with a smile despite the early morning .

SIM card purchase, EXCHANGE carefully attended.

On August 4th and 5th, we experienced and toured the Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya Rock, Jeep Safari, Ayurveda, etc.

It was really helpful to have a place to go and time allocation
. I was able to use my time to do sightseeing! On August 6 and 7, I visited Kandy and Colombo.

When I went to the supermarket to buy souvenirs, I arrived inside and had them explain the products, so it was very easy to shop . We had dinner together last night in Sri Lanka.

On the 8th, we had to leave after midnight at 3.30.

Nevertheless, I was greeted with a smile.
I was able to talk a lot about each other’s countries and private stories along the way for five days .
Thanks to Suren for a fun trip! Thank you very much!


-2019/8/14 Mr. and Mrs. I (Japan)


132.Travel with 120% satisfaction thanks to driver for the first time in Sri Lanka !

This time, I went to Sri Lanka for the first time in 3 days and 4 days!

This time, 120% satisfactory journey thanks to the use of the taxi charter of the site became!

First of all, the response of the staff was flexible and wonderful ! The flight to the airport was canceled unexpectedly, and we accepted it smoothly despite changing the schedule on the way .

Also, it was very helpful to have an itinerary plan proposal and consultation before the trip ! This proceeding with the plan of Sri Lanka travel with confidence thanks to the people of the staff was able and .

Then, Mr. driver thamira of correspondence was so amazing is .

We all traveled in a state of inability to speak English, lack of research on Sri Lanka, and anxiety shortly after the terrorist attacks.

However, they welcomed me with a lovely smile when I first met the driver, and my anxiety was resolved at once! Not only a nice smile and kindness, Mr. Driver is extraordinary for us that have not decided the plan and meal location was please to propose a plan to the machine Ohen .

The place where the driver took me was more satisfying and the best memory than when I went to the place I wanted to go by myself . This trip wouldn’t have been a great trip without a driver .

I when to recommend Sri Lanka travel to friends, be sure to Sri Lanka Taxi Service, now I want to recommend and the driver of the thamira’s nest.


-2019/8/13 YI (Japan)


131. [ Premium Driver ] I was worried about my first time in Sri Lanka, but it was a great stay!

He currently lives in Malaysia and spent four days in Sri Lanka on a work holiday.

The driver, Suren, who took care of me this time was very kind, caring and judgmental !

I was traveling for the first time in Sri Lanka and I was worried a lot and I myself traveled almost without deciding the route, but if I told you that I wanted to see Sunset Sunrise, I took you to a nice place, Ayurveda It was very encouraging to have a reservation and climb the steep rock climbing of Pitungaran Rock together .

Along the way, I was able to tell me a lot about the circumstances and life of Suren and Sri Lanka, and besides traveling, it was a fun time to spend with Suren !

In addition, the staff members responded very quickly when applying in advance and were able to decide the itinerary smoothly, which was quite helpful.

Both the Sri Lanka Taxi Service and the driver, Suren, are very trustworthy people. Even if you have no knowledge, you can quickly and flexibly create the desired sightseeing spots, turnaround, etc., and spend a comfortable time while traveling. It was a great stay.

The cospa is also good, so if you want to go around many tourist spots efficiently or if you want to spend a comfortable time in Sri Lanka, I think you should definitely use it .


-2019/8/4 MM (Malaysia)



130. [ Premium Driver ] I have a memorable journey with Mr. Suren who is smart and gentleman!

This time, asked the pick-up to the visit of the Buddhist temples and historical heritage of central Sri Lanka was.

The trip was decided three days before departure (four days before the transfer start date), but quick reply and smooth application helped.

There is free wifi at Colombo Airport, and I was able to meet efficiently with the driver, Suren, using whatsapp immediately after disembarkation .

Suren was smart and gentleman . He was judgmental and the answers to his questions were always accurate .

The surf apparel RVCA shirt was worn and the taste was good and there was a sense of cleanliness .

We had a lot of conversation in the car, talking about family, friends and love, work and the future, talking about each other’s culture and environment , explaining languages ​​and slang. Even after we arrived at our destination and picked up , it’s a good reminder to have dinner with friends at Suren’s friend’s restaurant .

The most impressive thing about Suren was that he, from Catholicism, sometimes crossed while driving, and worshiped hand in hand within Buddhist temples. It was a wonderful figure of someone who had a religion and respected other religions.

Note: Dialog SIM card at Colombo Airport is 650LKR (400 yen) for [4GB, 4G, no call data only]. It was available for purchase with VISA or MasterCard. The expiration date is unknown.


-2019/7/31 DT (Japan)


129. [ Premium Driver ] I was blessed with very good drivers and I was able to spend stress free!

I’m currently working in Thailand, but I’m planning on a trip to Sri Lanka, thinking about what I want to do during my remaining job period.

The direct flight from Narita is 10 hours and the time from Thailand is 3.5 hours, so I always wanted to visit while in Thailand.

The driver who helped me this time was Mario . I was worried about Sri Lanka, a country that I am not familiar with, but
I was blessed with very good drivers and I was able to spend stress-free .

First of all, as you can see on the website, I have been in Japan for six years since I was 20 years old , so I am very fluent in Japanese .

I made several phone calls during the trip, and even with a phone call that I couldn’t communicate with, I could talk in Japanese smoothly .

From a bit of shopping at a local shop to check-in at a hotel, there was no verbal anxiety during Sri Lanka .

The second good thing is driving skills .

Roads in Sri Lanka have only one lane on each side and are not well maintained. Meanwhile, it is was not even once things like get drunk in operation during also travel daughter of 8-year-old was .

In addition, when a little sudden braking was required, there was always a word such as “Please be careful “, and I was attentive and helped . The maximum speed in Sri Lanka is 70km / h.

It is slowly in the long split the movement distance of the car but, Mario’s is key to 70Km trying to shorten as much as possible travel time for us to flop.
The worries that support sightseeing came out all over, and it was very pleasant .

Finally, what I like most about Mario is that he also provided a guide .

At each sightseeing spot or archeological site, the local guide always calls for invitation.
I was reluctant to receive a guide from an unknown person and I did not intend to hire a guide, but in Polunnarwa, Buddha Tooth Temple, a large and confusing sightseeing spot, Mario got off the car and turned around together Gave me
I was very grateful to be able to turn around smoothly without missing any highlights . In Sri Lanka, I couldn’t go there easily, so it was nice that I didn’t overlook and regret.
My family loves Mario very much and I would like Mario to show me the goals I couldn’t go to this time .

-2019/7/26 YK (Thailand)


128. [ Premium Driver ] Taxi charter essential for short trips!

Even though I was a backpacker when I was young, I still basically travel on my own, but it is physically impossible to go around all the places I want to go in 7 days .

In fact, it is not impossible, but there is no guarantee that sufficient tourist time can be secured. I found this site while thinking about what to do.

The impossible is possible with a taxi charter you never thought of .

Write down all the places you want to go, and send a surprisingly fast reply. At this point I thought I could be trusted .

Click here for the proposed itinerary.

Day 1: Airport → Anuradhapura

Day 2: Anuradhapura → Mihintale → Dambulla

Day 3: Dambulla → Sigiriya → Minneriya → Dambulla

Day 4: Dambulla → Polonnaruwa → Dambulla

Day 5: Dambulla → Candy

Day 6: Candy → Nuwara Eliya → Candy

Day 7: Candy → Pinnawara → Goal

Day 8: Goal → Colombo → Airport


Suren, a 21-year-old young driver, worked hard.
I was worried that the sunset would be farther than I expected when I stopped by Aukana Buddha, but I was able to enter safely.

This trip made me realize that the number of foreign tourists has dropped dramatically.
When a terrorism occurs, people tend to be scared, but in fact, they are safer and more alert than before the terrorism .
It’s the same as going on a trip to Japan right now when the subway Salin case strikes.

Although it was a short period, I was able to enjoy Sri Lanka .

Thank you very much. I want to revenge for a tea train that I couldn’t get on a strike on the day before I bought a ticket.

-2019/7/17 Traveler JH (Japan)


127. [ Premium Driver ] The journey has become much richer with quick response and intelligent and elegant hospitality!

A couple in their forties traveling around the world in a short period of about three months.

One week before arrival, I decided to go to Sri Lanka, but my destination and transportation were almost no idea.

While searching, I found out about Sri Lanka Taxi Service. I sent a circumstance and a question from the “Contact” page of the site.

I received a very quick reply (surprised!) From Mr. Yongi, and she was taught me various things and had suggestions on how to go around .

After all, I decided to ask for a driver charter for the first four days of my trip.

Yesterday, the charter period we asked driver Asanka was over.

The conclusion of using Taxi Service is that it is much more secure than traveling and negotiating various means of transportation individually, the transportation is quicker and more reliable, and the schedule can be changed flexibly .

I thought that $ 100 a day was reasonable .

I think it’s very safe to ask only a part, not the whole, like us .
During those four days, thanks to Asanka, I was able to move efficiently.

On the first day, I was very relieved to be picked up at the airport. After arriving, I did not panic. Immediately from the airport, transfer to Sigiriya and check in to the hotel in front of Sigiriya Rock.
Asanka gave me a safari proposal, but I did not go sightseeing and relaxed. Since that day I got up at 5:00 in Bangkok and moved to Sri Lanka. The explanation of the history of Asanka along the way was really interesting and I could talk a lot . it was fun. In addition, the curry shop for lunch I was guided was also delicious.

The next morning, I climbed Sigiriya Rock from 7 am. They picked me up at the hotel, moved to the entrance, guided me to the ticket office, and explained the rough route. Entrance was quite distance from the hotel and it was nice to move by car. The exit after the descent was also guiding us easily, so we were able to move smoothly.

After that, I was picked up at 11:00 when I showered at the hotel and checked out. Move to Heritans Scandalama. I asked Asanka where she could go sightseeing while on the move, and took a rock temple tour.

The next day, the third day, we stayed at the hotel, completely out of our hope. I didn’t even ask to move by car. Since it is a charter, it will be a request for the whole schedule, but I was grateful that it was not necessary to ask for the entire schedule. On the last day, we picked up at 11:00 and had lunch there. The sightseeing was pear, and we moved a little over 5 hours to the southern goal. It was a fairly large journey, an efficient journey on narrow roads and highways. On the way, we had a curry and a supermarket and money exchange. We were sent to the Jet Wing Light House Hotel, where it was dissolved. I did not do any sightseeing after that.

We make full use of the charter! It wasn’t like
that, but I think it was worth it to have such a slow-paced trip made more efficient and comfortable .

I enjoyed talking with Asanka in the car . He left it alone and he answered me if I asked a question, so I felt the distance was very elegant . We will travel by train to Colombo. The know-how in this area was also taught by Asanka.

This time, despite the urgent request, we had Sri Lanka Taxi Service teach me a lot of things, including the route, and responded. I feel that this kind of consulting is also a merit to ask .
Thank you very much!

-2019/7/4 S couple (Japan)


126. [ Premium Driver ] Cospa is the best! Efficient and meaningful stay! !

Two Sri Lankan women traveling for the first time.

Tourism and while worrying about the transportation means , I did not want to stuffed schedule an appointment, car Ji consider Yata had been.

After some research, I was drawn to Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s conscientious and cheerful pricing .

I tempo to the inquiry Kudasari correspond rather, feel can give me with peace of mind
, we decided to Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s.

Personally, it was good to be able to make a reservation for four days and to share the travel plan at the time of joining the locals .
The first day, the drivers at the airport when the meet with Suren’s is out to set a paper that I wrote my name so greeted, joined Smooth was.

Day 1: Airport-Bentota
Day 2: Bentota-Ambalangoda-Tangalle Day
3: Tangalle-Galle-Tangalle Day
4: Tangalle-Galle-Colombo

The purpose of the trip was Bawa architecture, so when I told him about staying at a Bawa hotel or dropping in, I told him about a biased plan in southern Bawa, and smiled and accepted.
Sawaya of caring impression or was more of.
I do not know if it is the aftermath of terrorism alert, but I was stopped on the way and looked inside the car, I was forced to check my ID, and sometimes I was on high alert, but the local scenery in the south and Suren’s He was kind and his worries melted away.

Conversation was also helped by a little Japanese and gentle English, and I am grateful for communicating with us who are not connected.

Punctual always time, we worked hard trying to live up to the request of even the appearance that, we have been handed down so hard is .

Thanks to that, I was able to spend leisurely.

Let alone Bawa architecture was great , but I, wild monkeys and Li and out the face to the nest room, coexistence with dynamic subtropical plants heart remains in.

It also delicious cuisine, healed, such as Ayurveda in full also elements Ru, also want to visit always I think.

I am grateful that I could not feel the effects of terrorism, probably because of the off-season, and I hope that Sri Lankans will continue to stay peaceful. Thank you very much.

-2019/7/1 Cana (Japan)


125. [ Premium Driver ] Thanks to Suren who works hard with a flexible response, we have a fun trip!

It was a trip to Sri Lanka for 4 nights and 6 days.

On the first day, I spent one night at a hotel at the foot of Sigiriya, one night at Kandy, and two nights at Uwanatua near Galle.

It was a long journey, but thanks to Suren who guided me on the journey, I was able to spend a comfortable and enjoyable time .

The driver, Mr. Suren, picked me up at Colombo Airport and gave us guidance right before leaving Colombo Airport on the last day.

He told us in advance what we would like to go to, such as the Sigiriya Rock, the tea factory, the orphanage of the statue, the city of Galle, the beach of Huanatua.

However, if you come across a place you want to stop on the way, or if it is assumed that the waiting time will be long because the time zone does not match, we will introduce another shop or sightseeing place, change the route, etc. He / she looked for shop according to request and had you cope flexibly anyway .

The most memorable trips were Sigiriya Rock and Safari Tours . Sigiriya Rock climbed a large towering rock cut into the earth.

The view from the plateau on the top is very rewarding rock. And for the safari tour, the driver arranged a safari jeep and a guide.

The sight of perhaps dozens of elephants coming by the lake for water was stunning. Above all, the people of Sri Lanka felt that we had a friendly national touch and a friendly nationality. I was able to enjoy a very dense journey thanks to the driver, Suren, who guided me .

Also, I would definitely like to go to Sri Lanka if I have the opportunity.

-2019/6/24 YK (Japan)


124. [ Premium Driver ] I was lucky to be able to enjoy Rattle Sri Lanka comfortably because the security was rather tight!

My first trip to Sri Lanka was taken care of by Sri Lanka Taxi Service.

Despite reducing the airplane and hotel at all without the knowledge of Sri Lanka , there is also a fear of terrorism, by chance ho when it was considering the want and the moving means to stop the stay of the urban areas to the e-mail found Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s on in Mupeji Thank you.

I then exchanged a few emails with Mr. Yongi, reworked our schedule to a reasonable schedule, and relocated the hotel accordingly.
As a result, it was possible to prevent unreasonable movement, and to have a greedy and relaxed good trip .

Although until the departure was also worried and I himself anxiety some of the family, cheap but rather are already firmly that those who go to your travel is security after the terrorist attacks all not it! I was also reading the comment saying, so I was convinced that it was.

Then, after the first arrival in Sri Lanka, it was felt that as saying you keep in strict security measures the number of tourists who seem more less One was. I arrived at the arrival lobby shortly before the meeting time with the driver, so once I went out of the terminal, there were many guides from various companies and foreigners looking for taxis in the future .

When I was outside for a while , I tried to go to the chair in the terminal waiting area again because of the excessive heat, but I was stopped by the guard at the entrance, and I knew that I could not return once I got out, so I decided to tighten the security. I realized .
Then safely and soon to the driver Haravinth’s been able to meet, the conversion of the following day of the scheduled meetings and the local currency after a self-introduction to each other was able to dispense the money smoothly. Before departure, I heard from Yongi about an application that can contact the driver using wifi only communication means, so I was able to interact without stress .

All the hotels in Sri Lanka checked the car for explosives in front of the gate and checked their IDs all day and night, so I was able to stay with peace of mind.


The caring driver, Haravinth, was a very gentle and delicate person who was very delicate, punctual, confirmed our wishes , and carefully explained in the tourist areas .
Tourist attractions each place is excellent, respectively, just the place you want to visit again once did, I think this next to even come may not be comfortable about this time be.

First of all, sightseeing spots and hotels are all rattled, so you don’t have to wait or wait for anyone. It is exactly Sri Lanka
. At the hotel, the number of employees was several times the number of guests and everyone really did better .

After a disappointing incident, thanks to Yongi of Sri Lanka Taxi Service and Haravivinth of the driver, I was able to make a special trip .

I would like to thank you and pray for the revival of the tourism business as soon as possible. Thank you very much.


-2019/6/9 KA (Japan)


123. [ Premium Driver ] Security was strict and safe! Sri Lanka may be a great deal with a monopoly!

My wife and I took care of Sri Lanka Taxi Service and traveled to Sri Lanka for 5 nights and 6 days .

Fun from two friends have heard splendor of Sri Lanka to each was Minishi. However, I did not know anything about Sri Lanka, so I emailed Sri Lanka Taxi Service, which I found when I was considering transportation. As a result, we proposed a plan and hotel that fit our schedule and proceeded accordingly.

However, that is the terrorist incident. It is fine even if I have to cancel” that got the immediately contact and have aroused the feelings you want to go further . When I asked a Malaysian who is currently living in Japan and Malaysia, he said, ” Isn’t it safe? Yeah. “

As a result, what I felt when arriving in Sri Lanka was strict vigilance and an extremely small number of tourists . Inspection system everywhere by police and military . Even after arriving at the hotel, a strict check of the vehicle body before entering the site . After you arrive in front of the lobby, open your suitcase and check your luggage. You will not be able to enter the hotel until it is over. Of course, after that, there is no inconvenience as welcome drinks are prepared . “This is I’m safe!” I have out in words and .

Asanka’s driver who was indebted to a very polite person, punctuality, confirmation of our hope, such as a polite description of a tourist destination, it should be well taken care of .

Tourist attractions each place is excellent, respectively , did just the place you want to visit again again, I think this next to even come may not be comfortable about this time be. First of all, sightseeing spots and hotels are all rattled , so you don’t have to wait or wait for anyone. It is exactly Sri Lanka . At the hotel, the number of employees would be several times the number of guests. However, the employee man who spoke at a hotel was very sorry that he had been away from work for two weeks from tomorrow . At another hotel, I was interviewed after check-out and asked me to post a video on my website, “I want you to tell the camera that your trip to Sri Lanka is safe .”

I happened to visit Sri Lanka during this time, but I felt strongly that the national economy and people’s lives were “secure as seen from the world .” Next year, the Olympic Games will be held in Japan, but no one can say that a similar event will not occur in Japan before that . The desire to help those affected by the “natural disaster” was felt to be directed to this major “man-made disaster” in Sri Lanka .

After a disappointing incident, thanks to Yo of Sri Lanka Taxi Service and driver Asanka, I was able to make a special trip . I would like to thank you and pray for the revival of the tourism business as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

-2019/5/28 HM (Malaysia)


122. [ Premium driver ] I was worried about the terrorism, but thanks to the driver, it was a safe and comfortable trip!

We have been traveling Sri Lanka from May 11th to May 18th.
Because you have a friend in Sri Lanka, reunion with friends, and scan for the purpose of tourism visited Sri Lanka. We used Srilanka Taxi Service for 4 days from May 14th. Pre-trip just before Kudasari approximately also supports, Hisage a travel plan that incorporates here of demand draft gave me. The driver is Haravinth. Time will protect tightly also, here steep-flops asked to accept without also frowned run change, also me induced safely underneath . We are English did not speak, easy to understand slowly told us to choose the words have. Since the movement distance is long, in the car, we were able to spend fun and teach each other the words of each other’s country. Terojika because it was travel after, there were many things anxiety also, Haravin was able to spend a good time with confidence thanks to Mr. th. I was able to spend a very meaningful time on the people and culture of Sri Lanka . Srilanka Taxi Service’s, Haravinth san, thank throne there were.

-2019/5/23 YK (Japan)



121. Friendly driver Thamira with a nice smile !

Although it is difficult to take consecutive holidays because of my occupation, this year’s GW was a large consecutive holiday , so I decided to travel to Sri Lanka I wanted to go from before.

First I thought that I should try to use public transportation, but efficiently is given to travel around ask the tourist car 1 think whether number, were various research information.

Although I thought the kana good in the local procurement for the airport, I think I think I’d rather you book because it was flight arriving late at night, also including local company inquiry what companies or tried to. Among them, Sri Lanka Taxi Service ‘s response was quick and relieved, so I decided to ask.

Meanwhile , a terrorist attack occurred in Sri Lanka just before the trip. I was very worried about whether to go or cancel, but first I saw the SNS information of the people who went to Sri Lanka and found that sightseeing spots etc. had strong local security, so I decided to go drastically.

I traveled with my friends for 7 nights and 9 days, traveling around Negombo → Sigiriya → Candy → Ella → Goal → Colombo. The driver is Thamira ! ! It was a gentle and dependable driver . The hotel breakfast took a long time and I had to wait from the first day of the pick- up, but he greeted me with a smile. Not only did he drive, he guided us in various ways like a guide and he was really saved.

When we climbed Sigiriya Rock, we prepared water, and when we talked a little bit hungry , they treated local snacks ( prepared bread) and he was a very gentle driver !

Among them happy was to is, I say and I want to eat Sri Lanka of water buffalo yogurt that card, in the middle of the movement is to me closer to the shops in the surprise addition to I me remember that plus we were talking about Te, there is a lot to me to realize, we are very grateful. Thanks to Thamira it was a fun trip.✨

I was worried before going, but it was nice to travel. Nature was full and I was refreshed.

I think many people are worried about the situation in Sri Lanka after the terrorism, but there were checkpoints in various places, and security checks were properly conducted at sightseeing spots and hotels, so I was able to travel with confidence .

The sightseeing spots were everywhere, and the locals seemed to be sorry. I am praying to return to Sri Lanka where many tourists visit as before .

-2019/5/20 EM (Japan)

120. I was a smart driver who was attentive and safe in driving.

Arrival from the next day of Negombo, up to Colombo the day before departure 7 nights 8 you a day was wish. Easter Friday consider the impact of, just before leaving Japan, the last of Colombo 2 the night 1 in the night , but was changed, steep reserved 1 Itadakimashita also supports day extension. In fact, in the local to the driver’s 1 Ken of day extension, such are transmitted , but I was not, I will correspond willing on a case-by-case basis, was very helpful.

Of drivers Dilan ‘s is a safe operation, such as a visit destination of history and Sri Lanka’s culture and economy We explanation, rather than simply over a tourist destination, we were able to look around while deepening the understanding .

The first day of what, such as herb garden and jewelry museum, remains to be recommended, but we stopped a little Turistic place, convey our desire to spend basically a leisurely vacation and, as long as from here not to seek advice He gave me a good feeling (while I was attentive during that time) and was able to travel comfortably . On the evening of the farewell to a hotel in Colombo, I found Dil an ‘s profile on the site and was a bit surprised at the written background. Always friendly, they were not breaking the Sogo when to talk of still small children Dilan from san, financial Toka VIP because the image, such as was not young , but I recall it, was refined also in the natural posture of deportment I think there was a feeling . If I checked my profile earlier, I was sorry that I wanted to hear about my previous work.

For the local tourism industry, but it may still be some time tough times, regained early composure even one day, also call the day when many people can experience the wonders of Sri Lanka return hope and.

-2019/5/16 KI (Japan)


119. GW married trip! ! The car charter was a great answer.

A trip to Sri Lanka, which I had been thinking about since the end of last year, and I got tickets early. I also exchanged emails with the driver and Yo a number of times ( thank you), and this was also reserved early. However, terrorism happened sadly in Sri Lanka. When I heard the story of various people, I left Japan on April 27 with a schedule of 5 nights and 7 days (via flight) saying, “I am returning to my usual life in the local area.”
It is scheduled for 5 days
4/28 Airport-Galle
4/29 Goal-Sigiriya (Dambulla) ( early morning whale watching in Mirissa)
4/30 Sigiriya (Jeep Safari)
5/1 Sigiriya-Candy
5/2 Candy-Mount Lavinia
Plan ahead only for the area and hotel you want to go to, almost no plan. I was able to travel on the best course while consulting with my driver Gayan . It was a communication in English only, but it was a fun trip for three people . The place that Gayan suggested was clearly saying “want to go / want not to go”, and he went around efficiently.
I’m really happy to charter the car .
Gayan is very sincere and willing to check in advance and call the hotel to arrive . When our favorite food is understood that it is “Samosa”, the snack every day, samosas are delicious took me to the place (laughs) There is also a chance to meet the Gayan’s your family, your cuisine of wife It was a feast. I really felt warm
Other people were also written, but there were checkpoints everywhere , passport checks, baggage inspection, car bodies were checked by machine, but it is not disgusting, it is said that this is the only check I was able to travel with a sense of security .
I was worried after the terrorism, but was able to make a memorable trip. It was very fun.
Gayan is a professional dad and a family-friendly dad. I will recommend it to everyone.
Sri Lanka is a tourist country where tourists have decreased. It’s a really wonderful country, so I just hope from Japan that the tourists will return soon and the work of the drivers will not be lost .
I’m sure we’ll go again next year. In that case, thank you again.


-2019/5/7 Mr. and Mrs. I (Japan)

118. [ Premium Driver ] I was able to travel with peace of mind because a nice driver was with me

This time, for 5 days , I was taken care of by Sri Lanka Taxi Service . Before going, I was thinking about using public transport, but it was really nice to take care of Sri Lanka Taxi Service , as it was still affected a few days after the terrorist incident .

Thanks to the driver Mario always being with me, I was able to act with confidence . In addition, the Yo’s stroke will be asked to answer quickly to the inquiry from the consultation, who taught diligently to local information of the previous line to travel thankswere able Kukoto.

I think that in local there is likely to be even change process, but went without accommodation booking accommodation arrangements also Mario’s is keep up with was. Mario-san was very good at Japanese, and of course driving was taken care of in various situations . He has always thought and made suggestions to make our trip better . As a result, as expected, the trip content was more than planned . Although there was a scene where the military and police checks took a long time, there was no particular effect on tourism and there was almost no hindrance to travel. If things don’t worsen , I think you can travel without problems by acting with the driver . I think and I want to visit all means to attractive Sri Lanka to a lot of people be.


-2019/5/7 K (Japan)

117. A trip with a quick response and peace of mind. There are some points to be improved.

One week after the terrorism, I used this taxi company on a 7 night and 9 day trip using GW during anxiety . Yo’s Responsible of in Nsu of early anxiety situations, I was able to travel with peace of mind I am satisfied so. Although a self-responsibility, now security system is severe is need also people of bustling certain country of Asia neighbors in reverse to no Shara Tsu, also correspondence of tourists is less minute hotel I think whether the timing of the fine-grained a little-known spot to.

Driver Marissa was close to age, calm, responsible and easy to talk to . I was glad that I was able to spend a pleasant silence in the car because I was not talking . Just or hardly occasionally accent the strong English listening, to see from me to Yo’s by headquarters and the transfer and cooperation it has not taken that there was a few times during the trip (or Mendokusaka’, when you leave the corresponding in or refrain from later because dissatisfaction is likely to remain small even in the teeth we recommend that you check himself Once you have a question .Yo Mr. Xun us to answer to the speed.)

In addition, we Gee in a different fee when you go to the tourist destination not to go the other Japanese travelers may not I have to arrange for such-flops also occur ( and pick-up the mountain road eventually Marissa is steep in their own car It was also written in other reviews here, but if you submit another itinerary, it would be helpful if you could tell me “all in advance” if there is a separate fee . It is recommended that those who go in the future also check in advance so that they will not be bothered later .

I wrote a lot, but thanks to Yo-san and Marissa, it was a very fulfilling vacation and I appreciate it. Also, when I go to Sri Lanka, I would like to charter here and recommend it to my friends. Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is happiness and health of that and the company of everyone to reconstruction fast I wish the Yasushi.


-2019/5/7 Y’s family (Japan)

115. It was good to take the plunge. It is better to have a charter for safety

I took a trip to Sri Lanka with my family for one week using 10 consecutive holidays. There was a terrorist incident just before and if I canceled from this company I had made a reservation, I was reluctant to contact me free of charge, but since I was looking forward with my family for half a year, I went out of my way.

During the itinerary, we asked for a driver here for 5 days.
Day 1 Negombo → Anuradhapura
Day 2 Sigiriya Rock → Polonnaruwa
Day 3 Dambulla → Candy
Day 4 Kandy → Nuwara area
Day 5 Nuwara area → Colombo
I had you drive this course.
The driver, Dushan, is quiet and calm. Driving is very careful and safe. There is no overtaking or sudden braking. The steep mountain road in the Nuwara area was able to be boarded with confidence. In addition, or us to worry about the car air conditioner of temperature, or me try to defend a neat time, individual toilet is going to tell me clearly and the like will not be recommended for women will be. A person who can care meticulously . I cannot speak Japanese, but I can communicate in English.
In unexpected places as well, such as the steep lunch of requests corresponding crema to be. For the tourist introduce a restaurant that can be peace of mind with a clean us with was. When we introduce a restaurant, we will tell you the approximate price and we will check with you if you don’t like it. Fortunately, every restaurant was a place to be satisfied.
While traveling, there were checkpoints everywhere, and there were many times military and police baggage inspections and passport checks ,
I was able to travel as planned without any problems. Duchamp was very helpful. Thank you very much. If you want to relax and spend time in your car, we recommend you to travel with Duchamp . However, I was worried that she was sadly saying , ” This may be my last job ,” because there was no reservation for this after the incident . No one knows if it is 100% secure. But Sri Lankans hope that tourists will come back as soon as possible .


-2019/5/6 Family A (Japan)

114. I was lost in the incident, but thanks to the driver, I was able to spend my time with confidence!

About a week after the terrorist outbreak, I was traveling two women , so I was in a situation where I was at a loss as to whether to go, so I made a reservation two days before departure . The reply after contacting the e-mail to the reservation receptionist at the timing when we could not meet well with the driver at the airport after payment was late and I was anxious, but the taxi charter itself was very good ◎

For travel content, avoiding the Colombo and Negombo, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, Bentota, but had decided that the plan over and goal, is the Nera of the driver taking into account the day of the weather and traffic congestion, such as more information does the consultation I decided while doing. Charter was a good answer , because going to destinations in Sri Lanka, where public transportation is not well developed , would be a major barrier to travel .

At the time of booking, not empty towards the Japanese accepted for drivers, but it was either all right by yourself our clumsy English anxiety, Nera Mr. Yu thanks to me to correspond properly, communicate is now tomb Was. It was good to be able to relax and travel while joking from the middle . Thank you very much!

-2019/5/5 Y (Japan)

113. Absolute charter is recommended for traveling with children!

I used this service for 4 days while traveling with my 2-year-old daughter .
Reliable driver thanks to available a taxi in the original’s , pleasant memories could be a lot of hope to.
I felt again when I went, but I think taxi travel is a good way to travel to Sri Lanka, especially with children .
There were few air-conditioned areas in our area, and the car was almost the only comfortable place with air conditioning . (I felt that many buses and trains did not have air conditioning.)
In addition, when a child becomes sick, it is safe to have a car. In particular, since this responds flexibly to sudden schedule changes, I was able to ask with confidence.
And from the stage of deciding the itinerary, yo supported me, and I was able to plan a trip in Sri Lanka for the first time with confidence . Thanks for suggesting some events that kids can enjoy , my daughter enjoyed a lot!
I was very kind to the driver Cabindu. Even if there was a happening that the highland train was not packed enough , Kabindu would watch on the platform until we got on the train, so even if you can not get on suddenly, you can switch to car movement immediately I’m done.
He was very cheerful, talked a lot, and was able to spend a long travel time without suffering. When I was worried about the fruits sold on the roadside, I stopped my car and went shopping. ( And they gave me a present!) After that I ate at the hotel, but it was very delicious!
Apart from the places I was able to go this time, I was told a lot of wonderful places in Sri Lanka, so I will definitely go again!
I’m really thankful to you.


-2019/5/4 K parent and child (Japan)

112. [ Premium Driver ] 4 nights and 6 days trip to Sri Lanka, fun honeymoon!

I went to Sri Lanka in 6 days 4 nights. Dambulla Caves, Shigi rear lock, tea factory tours in Plateau train, Nuo prime, such as orphanage of elephants now’s honeymoon.
Impression of Sri Lanka has good security when compared to other Asian countries, was Yu’ flowing time has interest in, food is curry fruits also vegetables also delicious did not properly, get tired. We spent a luxurious time staying at a hotel in Jeffrey Bawa or a classical hotel from the British era, receiving a Ayurvedic massage .

Sri Lanka of public transport is underdeveloped, your driving manners of was Araka’ in, it was really good to ask in here Taxi Service Srilanka’s. But their much safer than to move in only, time nor can save physical strength, now above all a fun trip.

The Yo’s in charge from the pre-departure schedule by e-mail (Japanese) you are allowed to consult a Lumpur, the peace of mind to always polite and quick reply there was . The driver, Suren , listened to our unspoken English and was flexible in responding to sudden schedule changes . Long-cherished plateau train ( one way 4 hours) even or help me the tickets at the station, destination station or or me come to pick at, hospitality with sincerity was asked to the. I’m really thankful to you.

-2019/4/22 H couple (Japan)

111. I was able to travel safely and comfortably in Sri Lanka with children!

First trip to Sri Lanka with children.
After investigating the taxi charter, I found Sri Lanka Taxi Service with good reviews.
Anyway, I was surprised at the quick response of Yo . Fast response, reasonable thing in comparison with other companies, good review is I asked here in.
It was a short trip of three days, but Yu’ in inheritance Kanda Rama Hotel spend chestnuts, two of the purpose of looking at the Sigiriya rock in the achievement came.
Maliththa’s driver you used to take me to a local restaurant introduces the shops recommended through us with. We responded quickly to jeep safari arrangements and urgent requests, so we were very dependent.
Without delay in the promised time to come Kudasari what inconvenience rather than comfortable making the the trip could. Now and Yala National Park, considered and want to go to the goal because we For example, I would like to ask all means next time Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s.
Yo, Maliththa, thank you. There Thank Gato!

-2019/4/18 AS (Japan)

110. [ Premium Driver ] I use taxis all over the world, but it was a fulfilling trip with the highest level driver in the world

The fact that for the first time in Sri Lanka, where the how but the I did not know what can I traveling around, First very polite or from Yo’s in the consultation stage in advance of mail received a One quick response, was very helpful in the schedule-making to , it was also felt to be able to leave with peace of mind.

The flight to Sri Lanka arrived late at night due to the flight used, but it was a very smooth start as driver Haravinth came to the airport to pick me up. Until the evening after the next day from the morning every day, honestly, but rather it was a hard schedule, always 100% the hope here on top of the safe driving arrangements to cover me, and was really saved.

While watching as much as possible a lot of Bawa architecture, not to the luxury order of seeing firm also major attractions of Sri Lanka , but I had just, fulfilling journey of more than had been imagined in the previous year. Since the private car of the temporal malleable is of a course, where the may revolve in what order, and may also stop by a place like this, be sure to arrange up to the part that does not come up only their own had. I really appreciate it. Also, it was quite long and long trips every day , but it was good that it was comfortable with a large one-box car.

We and the couple visit quite a lot of places around the world and often use taxis and guides , but I think Haravivinth was the most advanced driver . At first, I was surprised to very your young, to because the study enthusiastic knowledge is rich, very calm, but sense of responsibility is strong was particularly impressed. I spoke clear and easy-to-understand English, so I didn’t have any trouble communicating at all , but in fact, she seems to be able to speak simple Japanese. I would like to ask again if I have the opportunity, and I recommend it with confidence. By the way, Sigiriya Rock (the best!) And the southern beaches were particularly good. Next time I want to enjoy it more slowly (laugh)

-2019/4/15 NA (Japan)


109. [ Premium Driver ] We will continue to support warm and gentle drivers! Thank you for a wonderful trip!

My first trip to Sri Lanka. Final destination, far Torinkoma from the airport Lee, a lot of pilings where you want to go further! In addition In addition, travel companions are 8 of 7-year-old father ! !
Before air ticket purchase, from the mother “consider the age, is better to quit already or is said that I’ll say,” want to place the means also have decided to go not determined, it was a trip that I thought whether to become.
But the to from the inquiry to find this site, consultation can be exchanged and desires, such as carefully and quickly , after the wait for the departure was the only one.
It was also peace of mind to the driver’s somehow read reviews, etc., can be put together also dates as desired, it is to welcome the departure anxiety rather than we have.
In fact, the driver who was hurriedly scheduled before departure became the change , because I heard it is possible that a new driver without any problems we can also get in touch with over-san.
Suren still 21 years old! How to fill the difference between this year is slightly worried about it was, but me always care about my father, to ride safely in the far distance we were able .
In Kandy, I had reserved an inn on a very deep mountain path, so I drove in the dark with great thought. He had to go down again to find another inn, which was a hard dayis. Thank you very much. Now also gained a variety of experience, I referred to as a veteran driver UNA, please take a nice driver’s.
My father loves Suren!

-2019/4/13 AN (Japan)

108. Touching the kindness of the driver, a wonderful memory became a treasure of a lifetime.

It was my first time in Sri Lanka, but I chose Sri Lanka Taxi Service and was right .
Until the day signal in response to the prompt and courteous response of Yo’s company that you can rely felt that it is.
Thanks to that, it was a 4 night 5 day trip, but I was able to spend fun without getting in trouble. Thank you very much.
In Colombo, drivers Rohan and Aruna greeted me with a smile . After enjoying high tea that day, it was a four-hour trip to the Heritanskandamara Hotel, but I was sent safely without showing a tired face.
The next day, we went to Sigiriya. In front of the overwhelming size of the Sigiriya Rock, the “ 8-year-old and 4-year-old children who were eager to climb” climbed to the top.
When the climb to the summit, there is a pair of the nature of Sri Lanka as far as the eye can see the ruins that floats in the air scenery ratio it is wonderful was.
The next day, I went to Kandy, a World Heritage Site, to see Buddha Tooth Temple .
Thanks to Mr. Aruna, who is fluent in English, and gave a detailed explanation of the Buddha Tooth Temple together, the background of the history was well understood.
In addition, he asked me when I was confused if I couldn’t find the store that sells Sinhala character goods .
In addition, Rohan and Aruna suggested that naughty children would be delighted and suggested a place to ride the elephant. With the Sigiriya Rock in the background , the children were excited about the occasional running elephants . After getting off the elephant, I wanted to thank the elephant with a banana or something, but Rohan bought a big watermelon and waited for me.
The kids were delighted to feed the elephants with watermelon.
I was very happy with Rohan’s casual kindness .
After that, I joined Jeep Safari.
Jeeps swaying along an unpaved rattling road in Minneria National Park found monkeys, buffaloes and peacocks. There was a group of elephants in the big lake. The kids were excited to see the wild elephant for the first time . Rohan and Aruna who were riding together ( it was the first time ) also seemed to be very happy. We were delighted to share our joy.
It was a day where you could see wild animals up close on the vast grounds and experience the splendor of Sri Lanka’s wilderness. On the last day, the morning we headed to Colombo Airport, we prepared souvenirs for each of the children and me. Rohan’s and Aruna’s your concern was very happy with you.
I still take care of it when I return to Japan.
It was a trip to Sri Lanka that touched on the richness of nature and the kindness of people.
I think that memory will be a treasure of a lifetime .
Thank you very much.

-2019/4/11 MS (Thailand)

107. [ Premium Driver ] It is a comfortable mother-to-child travel that can be used safely with small children!

This trip to Sri Lanka was a fun trip, although I was initially worried about traveling with mothers and children with two children . Driver Nola was easy to talk about the destination in Japanese OK . He did not hesitate to pack up his schedule and fulfilled his wish to relax at the hotel . In addition, I was familiar with the road conditions and knew when and where traffic would be congested, so I was able to go to my destination with peace of mind while getting advice . With Sri Lanka’s rooftops and the culture, it is one of the reasons that became a favorite Sri Lanka were together with your Nola’s one now. Thank you for a fun and comfortable trip.

-2019/4/8 HT (India)


106. [ Premium Driver ] We responded to sudden applications carefully, making it a fulfilling solo trip!

He suddenly decided to travel to Sri Lanka and requested a taxi charter just before he responded quickly.
In the field, my hope was given top priority, and it was a solo trip with few days, but it was a really fulfilling trip by traveling around the country efficiently .
Although there are many places in Sri Lanka where there is a lot of traffic, the drive was safe, reliable and very dependable, and the driver also helped me translate with the local people, which was really helpful .
Thank you for a wonderful time!

-2019/4/5 CM (Japan)

105. [ Premium Driver ] Enjoying a fun and efficient tour of Bawa, it became the best girls’ trip!

In Sri Lanka for the first time, I arrived at this Sri Lanka Taxi Service when I was not sure about the traffic situation and was investigating various things.

This time I wanted to hotel tour of Geoffrey Bawa, Wadduwa from Shigiria direction, because it was the schedule of the great migration to the goal, to take advantage of this service, can be moved in a very smooth, best travel without stress of moving Is done!

In addition to up to determine the charter inquiry or by e-mail, also book a charter to Kudasari very smoothly proposed it in is that we have. It was very helpful to be able to move by van because there was a lot of luggage! And the Haravinth of the driver was a young and handsome smile was the best driver in the women’s journey in.

He communicated in poor English, set up a schedule that he had not planned in a hurry , booked Ayurveda for a half-day experience that he could not make a reservation in Japan , required reservations and made a reservation because he could not make a reservation from Japan Runuga of Geoffrey Bawa Nga of garden tours reservation was also asked really thankful to you!

There is only appreciation for having a long-term journey on a loud girl’s journey patiently !

When I go to Sri Lanka, I definitely want to understand.

-2014/4/2 AK (Japan)


104. [ premium drivers peace of mind thanks to the] taxi charter, safety, efficiently Sri we can indulge in a Lanka travel!

I went on a four-night, six-day trip this time without wishing for Sri Lanka, which I always wanted to go to.
Although we traveled what Kakoku in Asia until now, Sri Lanka overwhelmed Taku because to the amount of information was not even able to grasp quite satisfactory less traffic conditions and asked the Sea charter.

A taxi company what companies or compare Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s is the best reply as early price is also very Leeds than other companies like peace of mind in Nabeul chose I think that I can ask you.

Result It was really good to choose Sri Lanka Taxi Service !

The driver, Suren, was a 21-year-old young driver, but he was really gentle and gentleman, and his driving technique was amazing !
Sri Lanka had a lot of traffic and a lot of rough driving, and I was worried about taxi rides from the airport to the hotel , but I never felt afraid with a car from Suren .
This time we have a long period of time move from the direction of others because they were staying in full-time Colombo , but I was not sorry would by the dynamic, Sue without unpleasant face one also respond immediately steep ask like you want close to the par to and it really Oh it was Rigataka’.
This time it was a short run because there were few days and there were places to sightsee , so I would like to visit Sri Lanka again slowly! Thanks to Yo for the quick response and to Suren for fulfilling our wishes .

-2019/3/29 SY (Japan)


103. Surprising service at a surprising price! ! The best trip! !

For the first time in Sri Lanka, a World Heritage Site and a resort, I was slowly aiming for these two.

In Sri Lanka, I knew that it was common to charter a car, so I approached several companies, but  decided on the Sri Lanka taxi service, which was the quickest and most polite response .

Word-of-mouth communication was one of the things that was highly rated . It was really a great answer and it was a very enjoyable trip .

After delicate mail The arrival of Yo’s up to the starting also to Kavindu’s driver ‘s had to really kind came . You’re a young handsome brother, but have you noticed the details and cheated your age? I thought so.

Corresponding with a smile even to change steep dates or me, also it took us look at Google to the location where you want us to go or, was really saved . Also, when I had a little time, she made various suggestions, which was helpful for my trip. Highlight the was the Shigiriarokku also Kavindu of this trip thanks to you of advice is to spend a really great time out came . Sense of distance is also exquisite, does not mean never over-familiar, also just good for us that nor aloof not was not a sense of distance.

Now the we wanted to go to the candy and Yala National Park next in you also want to ask Come to Sri Lanka Taxi Service times is. I’m really thankful to you.


-2019/3/26 YY (Japan)

102. [ Premium Driver ] Encountering a driver has become the best memory of my trip!

For the first time in Sri Lanka trip, but it was a short period of 2 nights and four days, you can be comfortable to spend thanks to Mario’s driver was.
First, on the second day of our stay, we joined Mario and headed to Pinnawala’s Elephant Orphanage. Along the way to the church, mosque, because the temples there were many things and Ken about the religion of Sri Lanka that had you talk about, such as the design of the product for, or made me think about the differences between Japan, remains the same image of their religion Was. Elephants in the orphanage of elephants can look at the place you are bathing Kudasari and guided to the spot, very happy usually be able to see up close the elephant not be seen easily I was scolded. Then we headed to Sigiriya, whether Shigiriyarokku at the museum has been made for many, also from I am explains how things went was created snipes climbed to the rear lock. Immediately after climbing, we had you pick up and drop off at the hotel, and after a short break, we had dinner together at a local rice shop . Mario is a very friendly person and talked a lot about his days in Japan, his family, his hobbies, so we can learn about Sri Lanka from Mario’s story. Was.
On the third day of my stay, I experienced traditional life around Sigiriya and headed to Colombo for shopping. The road to Colombo was long, and it was very crowded on this day, so I often got into traffic, but without a disgusting face, Mario should have been tired most , okay? Are you tired? I was concerned. After shopping, there was still time until the midnight flight, so I drove around Colombo and had a milk tea at Mario’s home . I did not expect to be able to disturb you in Sri Lanka of the house invited to I was very happy with our milk tea is really delicious it was Tsu.
Finally, we were sent to the airport and we left Sri Lanka.
I enjoyed visiting sightseeing spots, but it was very good that I could eat rice with local people at a local rice shop and learn about Sri Lanka from conversation with Mario . .
If you were asked what was the best thing about this trip, I think you met Mario .
I also wanted to see him again and travel together .
Thank you to send Mario’s as a driver you were Mashi goods.
I would also like to ask Mario when traveling to Sri Lanka .
Thank you very much.

-2019/3/23 MS (Japan)


101. [ Premium Driver ] The drive technology and the guide power are so high that you can enjoy your trip!

I found the Sri Lanka Taxi Service on the net that seems to cover all the places I want to go because it is the first time in Sri Lanka and applied. Despite the late-night inquiry, Yo’s response was astonishing . In itinerary around the airport → Sigiriya → candy → Erra → Colombo in 4 days, because it was the journey that without the taxi did not realize, was really good I am now allowed to use here I believe. On the 4th day, I visited Ella only to see the Nine Arche Bridge and it was a very hard itinerary with a total driving time of more than 9 hours, but I was never bored with Asanka’s transcendent driving technique . I’m really tired. Mr. Asanka, a driver, also worked in Singapore, and was very encouraging because he explained various things in easy-to-understand English. Honestly, I entered Sri Lanka without doing much research, but I relied on Asanka to have me introduce sightseeing spots along the way and take me to a good restaurant when I was hungry. It was just a trip.


-2019/3/19 AU (Singapore)

100. Great graduation trip!

I went to Sri Lanka for 4 nights and 5 days as a graduation trip. Thanks to Yo for the estimation and schedule adjustment, and Romesh for four days of driving, the trip was wonderful. It was really nice to choose Sri Lanka Taxi Service .

The most worrisome thing about travel planning was transportation. At first I thought about public transportation such as buses and trains, but I chose a taxi because I wanted to visit many tourist spots efficiently. Among the many taxi services, Sri Lanka Taxi Service had many reviews, the price was reasonable and the satisfaction seemed high, so I thought it looked good. Ultimately, it was Yo’s quick and honest email response. Even if I couldn’t understand anything, I told her immediately and felt trustworthy, so I had no worries until the day .

Or become indebted to Romesh like drivers from arriving to the local was. Romesh was quiet, but he was honest and polite , and he was very gentle . It wasn’t unfamiliar, or rather unfriendly, and it was a good distance for us.

The trip went around the tourist spot of Colombo → Sigiriya → Kandy → Galle in 4 days . During the period, hot days exceeding 30 ° C continued, but I was able to spend very comfortably in the air-conditioned car while traveling . Also not end with it when you get to the destination, very helpful or me to be such as ticket purchases and safari arrangements were .

The Romesh like our trip was a proposal such that the better we have to Cousin . I did not decide anything in advance about the meal at the local, but in line with our request introduce delicious restaurants Kudasarima and was. In addition, they suggested sightseeing spots and activities between destinations, and I was able to experience more than I had planned .

Thanks to the Yo-like and Romesh like the best of Sri Lanka travel such in was year. I would definitely like to use it if I have a chance to go again. Thank you very much!


-2019/3/16 SN (Japan)

99. A refreshing nice guy! Nice to meet a great driver!

It was my first time in Sri Lanka, but I had a very fun trip to Sri Lanka! !
Thanks to the driver Nera-san!
It was English throughout, but there were no problems . I was so close that I became friends like a friend.
It was really kind and dependable.
Sigiriya Rock also climbed with me.
For us who like photography, we got fit and a lot of photographers! My brother was the best . The next time I want to go, my brother will nominate! !
Nice driver & photographer ♡
Thank you very much!
We also thank yo who responded promptly to inquiries in advance .
Thank you very much!


-2019/3/16 M.T ​​(Japan)

98. [ Premium Driver ] An excellent new driver, Suren, who has completed driver training and debuts!

I was able to enjoy a very rewarding trip.
Suren was a very dependable partner who , despite the unreasonable schedule late at night and early in the morning , drove happily and provided an interpreter when English was not available.
Driving skills were excellent , and traffic jams proceeded smoothly.
We had them respond flexibly to urgent requests such as “I want to eat Sri Lankan cuisine” or “ I want to go to a supermarket .
He / she was able to use Google map properly and was very helpful to the hotel.
I think she is an excellent young man with a lovely smile .


-2019/3/15 HE (Japan)


97. Thanks to the hard driver, sightseeing has been enhanced!

This is the second time in Sri Lanka! It was my first time to go sightseeing, so I was wondering whether to take a tour, but decided to use a sightseeing taxi that I could plan freely .
From the inquiry, consultation of the plan, very Kokorozuyo by Yo is me to respond to polite even when in trouble during the trip was bought is.
Our plan is, Marissa of there is also a movement is also a long day in the greedy plan driver is a very , I think that it would be the Tsu. In addition, our English Moir it is not possible to communicate well low but was ¥ or me to examine and try to understand hard, me or … replaced with the simple words became a fun thanks to four days.
Sri Lanka is a journey that seems to be a good country!
There are still places I want to go to, so I want to come back again . In that case, I would like to use a sightseeing taxi by all means ☆
Recommended place!
After all Sigiriya rock
I didn’t plan, but the cruise on the sea ​​turtle conservation center, mangrove, which I decided to go with Marissa’s proposal, was also good.
It’s painful to see turtles that have lost their hands and feet because of humans, but listening to the stories of those who protect and raise them has been a good study .
On a mangrove cruise, I was able to meet animals and birds I hadn’t seen before, and I was overwhelmed by the unusually large river in Japan.
The hotel, inheritance Kanda Lama of Bawa architecture, both but stayed at Jetwing Lighthouse nature and one spectacular views in the building, which was embodied! The service was also great .
Next time, I would like to go to Polonnaruwa, dolphin watching, safari tour etc. which I could not go this time
Thank you very much.


-2019/3/11 MO (Japan)



96. The best trip with a safe and gentle professional driver!

In hurriedly fixed Sri Lanka travel, in almost no knowledge, and wishes the estimate of the dates that was Zakkuri, so I will make a quick politely estimates, will answer also to a variety of questions, I was very thankful is.
And the local driver (Senarath) was very kind and had a good sense of distance, so I felt comfortable and comfortable in Sri Lanka.
I was able to enjoy it .
The restaurant, the activities and the price were not too expensive. I was able to introduce a good place, go to a place that I could not find myself, and I was able to taste the real Sri Lanka.
One of the most impressive is the village activity introduced by Senarath. And vehicle pulling a cow, rowing and boat, and the tuk-tuk, can at once experience the three of moving means, Akti of content that can be eat a traditional meal of Sri Lanka is Ibiti.
However, you can not only eat meals but also experience how it is actually made at the same time, such as using coconut shaved by yourself for cooking and eating with Sri Lankan style hands in participatory activities It was a very valuable experience .
And the staff here were very kind and warm.
Thanks to Senarath for this experience.
In a surprisingly dangerous driving situation in Sri Lanka, Senarath’s driving was very safe, good and a real professional driver .
I am very grateful to have met Senarath and traveled to Sri Lanka together .
It was really nice to have a tourist car prepared by Sri Lanka Taxi Service .
Thank you very much.


-2019/3/10 CA (Japan)


95. [ Premium Driver ] A wonderful honeymoon! I was saved in Japanese!

I spent about a week on my honeymoon around Sri Lanka and used Sri Lanka Taxi Service.
In this trip we spend slowly at the famous hotels in places Bawa building because there was our plan will, is a style that to ask the tourist as long as time permits or slightly different , but I think, a little late starting time etc. to be in order, very flexible to support us we had.
I also participated in a jeep safari in Yala National Park due to my wife’s strong hope, but when I was having difficulty arranging the tour at the beginning, the driver Nola arranged immediately and was very helpful .
After that, on the suggestion of an animal lover, Nola suggested that she take me to a river safari tour where I could see the wild crocodile , and actually encountered a big crocodile, and I and my wife were excited!
The driver, Nola, was very gentleman and very good at Japanese , so my wife, who was not good at English, was able to communicate and really enjoy the honeymoon .
Also I would like to ask Mr. Nola when you go to Sri Lanka to!


-2019/3/7 TK couple (Japan)



94. [ Premium Driver ] Graduation trip Man trip has been enhanced!

During the one week trip to Sri Lanka as a graduation trip, I was very helpful.
The places we wanted to visit were far from Sigiriya Nuwara Eliya Yala Galle and
we used taxi charters to ensure safe and efficient transportation.
We decided to use SRI LANKA TAXI SERVICE because the word-of-mouth and online quotes were very polite .
I stayed with Haravinth for 6 days.
In between visits routes that had planned their own, some Hisage just good activities
will be asked to draft, extensive travel than was assumed now.
Thanks to Yo for responding and Haravinth for enriching the trip


-2019/3/6 HI (Japan)

93. [ Premium Driver ] Knowledgeable driver! This satisfaction level is reasonable!

Upon going to the first of Sri Lanka travel this time, or I am out a few around estimate the Japanese travel company, when it was seeking and think or how to use the local public transportation friend introduce Sri Lanka Taxi Service from the I got it. Yo’s response was quick, and as soon as I told her the number of days and the candidate for the place I wanted to go, she made a plan . Until then, I had been worried for a long time, but decided to use the service quickly and carefully with confidence .

In charge of driver calm and intelligent Sri Lanka Lee Asanka Mr. Kemen . He explained various things from history to trivial knowledge that is not included in the guidebook, making the trip twice more enjoyable. In particular Polonnaruwa, from Anuradhapura in detail in the St. and the history of Buddhism until the candy, his easy-to-understand explanation that background is deeply appreciate that the thanks to we have. In the safari told us also about the ecology of the elephant, its was really surprised by the abundance of knowledge . It helped me with ticket purchases and safari arrangements and we just followed Asanka , so it was really easy and I was able to spend with peace of mind . But took me to many restaurants in many places, a shop that spits out a delicious Sri Lankan cuisine while for tourists switch me to Yoisu, as Sri Lanka debut we can dine with peace of mind Was . I didn’t do much research , so I had to worry about where to go several times, but with the right advice I wasn’t wasting time. There was a moment when driving was a bit wild, but it was a highly reliable driver who seemed to be charming .

In the height of this satisfaction, price is reasonable than to use the travel company by all means from now pickpocket in I want to recommend to those who go to Lanka. Also, if I have the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka, I would like to use it myself.


-2019/2/26 Y (Singapore)


92. The price is reasonable and the worry is fine.

During the 9-day stay, I was taken care of for 5 days.

Although only two companies asked for a quote, it was considerably more reasonable than other companies , and it was not guaranteed, but it was finally a fulfilling trip to arrange a Japanese driver .

Yo was also very helpful as Yo-san confirmed the prior sightseeing consultation and responded promptly .

However, will you come to pick me up on the first day? There was little anxiety, but driver Manju arrived at the hotel before the time and was relieved to welcome him with a smile.

On the first day, I got picked up at a hotel in Negombo, visited the elephant orphanage, Tambulla Temple, delivered it to a hotel in Sigiriya, and it was scheduled to end that day, but because I arrived at Tambulla earlier than I thought, We requested to go to Anuradhapura if possible, but we were happy to acknowledge the sudden addition.

Anuradhapura was a little far away and not very interesting, but the sacred atmosphere that I couldn’t understand in the guidebook was very nice and I was glad to take you there. At the bodhi tree, I was glad to have a bundle of white thread wrapped around her wrist at the recommendation of Manju.

The next day, after sightseeing, I took him to the Ayurveda facility, which I looked up on the net and was concerned about. The treatment is late, so I thought it would be a pity to have a friend with Manju, but I was grateful with a smile as I was waiting.

At the Polonnaruwa archaeological site, the heat was deprived of heat more than I expected and I was likely to suffer from heat stroke, but when I returned to my car, I was able to cool down, so I managed to get over it. Some people went around the archeological sites by bicycle, but we had to be a car with a cooler.

At the restaurant that I was guided, Jaga Food in Polonnaruwa and Indian curry on the lakeside in Nuwara area were particularly delicious. I was tired because of the heat and the schedule of moving a lot, but thanks to Manju’s personality and safe driving, I was able to sleep in a car while traveling and it was very helpful.

Manju, thank you very much for your long driving and sightseeing support.


-2019/2/26 MS (Japan)





91. Learn Sri Lanka curry with your driver!

Although it was a short trip of 4 nights in Sri Lanka for the first time, thanks to the driver’s rally I was able to enjoy it happily.

English 2 women was also anxiety does not often speak, but me going out to a little English, it was reassuring to be able to travel together.

During the move or ask how to make the Sinhala and Sri Lanka curry was.

The photo is a dal curry made by a friend in Japan with a rally recipe.

Thanks to you, it was very delicious.

Next time I want to do my best to buy a SIM card first and get more communication .

Thank you again if you have the opportunity.



-2019/2/25 A & M (Japan)


90. Choose the correct answer! Great trip!
This was the first time in Sri Lanka. I thought about traveling by train or bus, but I was looking for a taxi driver company to travel efficiently because there were several places I wanted to visit in a 5-day stay with my friend .

That’s when I found Sri Lanka Taxi Service. I was surprised at the very quick reply when we first contacted us. We received an e-mail with a very detailed explanation of the service contents and fees, and we always responded quickly to subsequent exchanges. The price was also compared with other companies, but it was the most reasonable, and I decided to ask if I could trust it from reviews of websites etc.

It is Sameera of the driver who has arrived in Sri Lanka in charge does. It was a quiet and cool first impression, but when I talked about Sri Lankan culture, economics and the situation of love in Sri Lanka, I was very friendly and very friendly! Also, since we did not originally plan the schedule in detail, Sameera-san made various suggestions and went around the desired place without waste .

In addition, every restaurant you take is exquisite! ( Our number one hit was a cafe-style restaurant with a view of Sigiriya . We went for lunch and dinner on the same day because it was so delicious!) Cars to fruit shops that you wouldn’t know unless you were a local Stopped by me and took me to a local place to drink king coconut juice . The time was always waiting before the promised time and I was never late .

If you have a chance to go to Sigiriya, good luck recommended Chaoyang from the pin de run Gala lock to get up early to you. It is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words.

Sri Lankan people with warm smiles, beautiful mountains and beaches, delicious rice! I will definitely return to the charming Sri Lanka! Thank you very much Yo and Sameera.

that’s all.
I would like to go to Sri Lanka again, so please let me use it again.
Thank you very much!


-2019/2/24 MM (Japan)


89. 60th Anniversary Friendship Girls’ Trip! It was the best memory.

The long-awaited trip to Sri Lanka, fortunately, was realized in early February this year in the form of a sixtieth birthday trip with four friends in high school. We thought about going on a package tour, but ultimately decided to plan our own itinerary. Because Ayurveda, Safari, World Heritage, Morning and evening seaside stroll, shopping, each of the four people had their own different purpose, so take a time to make sure that all of them are very satisfied with the package tour Because I didn’t think I could do it. When it came to my 60th birthday, my likes and dislikes came clearly, and my experience was good or bad, so I decided more smoothly than I expected. It was transportation that bothered my head next to my accommodation. My travel member’s son used to take a train when he visited Sri Lanka before, and he declared that he would never do it for his mothers. So she was a taxi member of the trip and found Taxi Service Srilanka. Immediately after inquiring by e-mail, I got a reply right away, and I was pleased to be able to use it because I was able to clearly explain the price setting and service contents. If you have any further questions, you will be replied immediately, so I feel like you have built a sense of security and trust before you travel. It was Hanmira Samboy, a very clear and a bit shy, who came to meet me at the airport. He lives in the US and asks questions about American politics and explains the political situation in Sri Lanka. As we learned later, he was of the same age as our children. In the back seat, I was able to endure many hours of driving every day with four frowning aunts (laughs). The first day of enjoying Anuradhapura and Safari was thanks to his quick After witnessing several baby elephants desperately following her mother, she was impressed, and the sight of the setting sun seen in silence is still burning in her eyelids. After this, the highlights are Sigiriya Climbing, Spice Garden, Candy Town and Buddha Tooth Temple, Tea Factory and Tea Plantation, Walking around Galle Town, Staying in Ayurveda Retreat, and finally Shopping and Mini in Colombo I was able to do almost everything I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with the lunch of a crab at the Street of Club and Samila’s advice . He went east if he wanted to buy cashew nuts and west if he wanted to buy local souvenirs at supermarkets . Also, I was greedy and wanted to go to see dolphins and whales in Minneria, but I could not go because of time, but the river safari he took me instead was better than I imagined was it. I was surprised that the jellyfish that the boat driver picked up and showed me was like green jelly. I dropped in at Cinnamon Island, where I learned how to make cinnamon sticks. The 60th birthday commemorative trip to Sri Lanka was a truly memorable and deep journey. It was the Sri Lanka Taxi Service that made the trip so rich . Thank you Samila and Taxi Service Sri Lanka! !


-2019/2/23 T (USA)


87. It was good to ask a reliable company.

This time, for six days, I was taken care of by Sri Lanka Taxi Service.

While considering a charter taxi, we got an estimate from several companies, but decided on Sri Lanka Taxi Service with Yo’s overwhelming speed of reply and reasonable price.

The driver, Samila, was an excellent driver who was able to move to our desired location efficiently with a small number of voices, a reasonable distance without intrusive places . He responded flexibly to sudden schedule changes and time changes . I was able to travel efficiently and had plenty of time, so I was able to experience Ayurveda slowly. Also, for Yo, when I lost contact with Samila on the way (it was a simple Sammy’s mobile trouble) , I felt that she was able to respond promptly and honestly and was a very trustworthy person . Thank you Yo and Samila. We wish Sri Lanka Taxi Service more and more success.

-2019/2/19 HM (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

86. I was able to enjoy my father and daughter traveling with my parents with peace of mind.

I was taken care of in Sri Lanka. Thanks to you, my daughter and I had a fun trip . In addition, the driver, Chami, not only drove, but also provided a tourist guide and a little trouble, which helped me a lot . The reason I used it was because I heard from an acquaintance who used it in the summer of 2018 that it was very helpful because Sri Lanka was not in good traffic conditions and it was difficult to move with a suitcase.

In eight days, I moved to Colombo, Sigiriya, Kandy and Mirissa, but I think that I could not go around without using a tourist car . The driver was Chami. She wasn’t a voluminous person, but she recommended a restaurant for tourists who didn’t like spicy food, or took her to a sea turtle conservation center (KOGGALA SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION PROJECT) near Mirissa. Gave me At the Conservation Center, we could touch the sea turtles and it was an impressive place during this trip. In addition, Mr. Chami says that his photography is a hobby, so he was very good at complimenting his compliments and hoped he could take more pictures . While I was in Sri Lanka, I was able to get in touch with Yo in Japan right away, so I was relieved in that respect .

-2019/2/19 SS (Japan)

85. A quick trip, a clean car, and a friendly driver make a good trip!

My second year working overseas in Hanoi, my wife and I decided to travel to Sri Lanka on a long vacation in Tet (Lunar New Year) .
Suddenly I contacted SRI LANKA TAXI SERVICE shortly before deciding on a schedule, but I was surprised to see that Mr. Yo responded quickly in polite Japanese in the inquiry email .
As we were able to tell about insurance contents at the same time as the estimate, there was a sense of security .
The car was a Prius in Japan, and the inside was clean .
Kanrika, a Sri Lankan driver, was a very kind young man who was very flexible in responding to this request, and also offered a suggestion for a nearby sightseeing spot and enjoyed traveling together .
I moved around Negombo, Sigiriya, Nuwara Eliya, Colombo and the city, and I was able to walk around World’s End, one of the destinations I definitely want to go to without problems .
Sri Lanka is rich in nature and vast.
It was a journey that I wanted to go again.
Thank you very much.


-2019/2/17 Y (Vietnam)

84. Friendly and knowledgeable drivers! The depth of traveling alone for women!

Dear Sri Lanka Taxi, thank you for this wonderful trip arrangement.

I even though that was your contact was just before the departure, Shinsha received a proposal tailored to the very rapid support us with various tastes My name Bring.

The driver, Pasan, was also very friendly and very good. He also taught me a lot about Sri Lanka’s culture and made the journey deeper .

There are some places I couldn’t see yet, so I would like to visit them again.


-2019/2/16 Y (Japan)

83. An encouraging driver who responds gently to troubles

On my first trip to Sri Lanka , I took care of driver Manju for four days. Originally I was drunk, but Manju’s driving was very gentle and I was always relieved . She always answered her requests with a smile and enjoyed tea factory, candy, Ayurveda, Dambulla, Jeep Safari, Sigiriya and Colombo. In particular, in the candy cancellation to the guest house, which has been reserved by themselves will be Lumpur, there was a happening that there would be no place to stay. Nevertheless, Manju smiled and said , “I’m OK, I know cheap hotels,” and traveled around the various hotels. I think you were already tired at night. I was really sorry and thankful. There were many things , such as bad weather and happenings, but thanks to Manju, it was a great trip .

I’m really thankful to you!


-2019/2/15 Y (Japan)

82. Choose the correct answer! Great trip!

This time, I have to take a long break from work, and travel to Sri Lanka for the first time in four years. I started arranging three weeks ago and rushed to arrange a hotel or airline ticket at a certain travel agency .
I traveled abroad a few times and almost couldn’t speak English, so when I asked a travel agency to arrange a charter, it took me several days for one reply .
That’s when I found the Sri Lanka Taxi Service site. The price was pretty conscientious and the amount of information was high , so when I contacted me, Yo’s response was very quick, the answers to the questions were quick, and I told them where I wanted to go and said, “I stay at this place You better, ” and the like, we had proposed. I felt that the service was cheap and reliable, so I decided here.
The result was a wonderful trip and the answer was correct !
If a day of telephone and chat in the community of drivers who are in charge of taking the Nikeshon, can be joined without any problems, we went to five cities in four days. In an area where up to go to the destination was worrisome from the car “like?” Me to hear that, we were able to see scenery that I did not know .
Especially in Sigiriya, when I went to the Bidungara Cave Temple, I didn’t know that I would climb a rocky mountain, but I took my driver manju to take it and climbed the rocky mountain. View from there is wonderful a place with a view of the Shigiriyarokku was a superb view rather. The view was increased because the time I climbed was also the time of sunset. There is a limit to the knowledge that can be examined by myself, so I told you where I wanted to go and felt that it was a service with + α that provided a wonderful place wherever I went. No matter where you go, you take a lot of photos and you have lots of memories on your phone! Thank you for spending 4 days of quality time . I would also like to ask again when going to Sri Lanka.


-2019/2/15 I (Japan)

81. Sri Lanka Taxi Service, which is all good for price, driver and support, is definitely!

We asked Sri LankaTaxi Service to move three days and four days. We quoted a few, but decided on the following:
・ Response from Yongi is quick
・ Price is more reasonable than other companies
Airport arrival of the first day in the evening night but would move received input to Sigiriya whether is possible
 #Some companies refused
Night move, including, of Senarath of drivers from the beginning to the end good at driving in we were able to safely reach their destination.
Also, the children were elementary school children and kindergarten children , so I was a little noisy in the back seat, but they responded gently. After all, unlike traveling by ourselves, we arrived at the destination even if we slept, so we really enjoyed it.
If you have two requests,
・ I wanted you to tell me the price of the activity in advance
 #For convenience such as currency exchange
・ Is cash available, can I use cards and foreign currency?
It would have been better if you could tell us in advance.
As advice to others, there were two things I was careless about this trip.
The first was not the rainy season, but it rained during Sigiriya Rock and Jeep Safari. It is better to bring a raincoat at any time.
Second, insect repellent is essential. Despite being repellent to the children, he was stabbed in large numbers on his face, arms and legs, and returned to Japan to see the hospital. Later research found that Sri Lankan mosquitoes are very powerful. Please be careful.
Finally, if you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, we recommend Sri LankaTaxi Service . Thank you for a fun trip.


-2019/2/14 S (Singapore)


80. A trip with plenty of local experiences that you can never taste on a tour!

It was my first trip to Sri Lanka , but it was good to use the Sri Lanka Taxi Service .
Airport pickup over Negombo (2 nights) over Sigiriya (1 night) Kya of Ndi (2 nights) over Colombo (1 night)
but was itinerary, because the movement is difficult in public transport and tuk-tuk , recommend taxi charter will.
Mr. Driver is also friendly with, Henatatu daughter wanted to experience the desire to the over, to say that “I can be at home”, to bother you at home, happened to be home of the driver who was daughter and beauty system of I was working and I was able to experience it.
Also, at home we have behaved the Sri Lankan curry, very delicious it was bought.
He arrived without delay even during the itinerary, so I was able to finish my trip as planned . Even for bits and pieces were questions prior to travel, Responsible from Yongi’s very early Nsu, we were able to proceed with the anxiety without itinerary . Thank you for taking care of everything!


-2019/2/13 T (Vietnam)


79.  [ Premium Driver ] A serious driver who can expect further growth in the future

A five-night, six-day trip with driver Suren was a valuable experience , especially for children aged 15 and 11 years . I was convinced that all of these drivers would be experienced, but I realized that by the second day of my journey, Suren was still young and had very little experience with a driver guide. Did. Nevertheless, all of our families loved Suren. That’s because Suren was always working hard . Our family smiled at Suren , who communicated and gathered information with other drivers he met everywhere he traveled , and sometimes contacted his family for advice . When I noticed, the whole family started supporting Suren. Suren was surprisingly good at driving, so he could sleep in a car that Suren drove with peace of mind . I thought I had grasped the sense of distance in Sri Lanka on Google Maps, but I did not understand the height difference and the narrowness of the road, so I let Suren drive harsh driving over long distances, rather I am sorry I don’t think On my next trip to Sri Lanka, I want to go to Ella Rock, where I had to cancel out of this hard itinerary. If Suren is still there then, of course, I would like to take care of it. My kids seem to have become big fans of Suren who are good, gentle, hard working and not too young . Thank you again


-2019/2/12 SA (Singapore)


78. It was a great trip to meet a great driver.

I was taken care of by the driver, Nalaka. His service is awesome . Each morning we arrived earlier than the appointment time and we were never late . And it was surely delivered to the destination at the scheduled time for four days . But that’s not all. He gave advice on where to buy tickets and what needs to be done , and also stopped at the photo spot on the way to show the beautiful scenery . He told me the history and culture of each area he visited . I’m really grateful to Nalaka and I was really lucky to have met such a great guide driver . Thank you Sri Lanka Taxi Service. (Translated by Sri Lanka Taxi Service)

(Original review)
Our whole trip was accompanied by Driver Mr.Nalaka, his service was excellent.Every morning he will arrive early at our hotel to wait for us and was never late at all.Throughout our 4 days itinerary, he would never fail to bring us to our destination on time.He even showed us where to buy tickets and reminded us things that we need to take note of.
During the journey, he will make a point to stop and let us take photos of the beautiful scenery without any complaint.Driver even went a step further to explain to us the cultures and history of the area we were visiting.We are really thankful and lucky to meet such a considerate and great guide for our trip.Thank you Sri Lanka Taxi Service!


-2019/2/9 S (US)


77. Nice smile! Become the # 1 driver in Sri Lanka!

5 days Sri Lanka trip was very fun. The reply was always quick and surprising, both when making inquiries and when transferring money . When I arrived at the airport on the first day, Lucky was waiting with a full smile . He / she bought SIM card together. I can’t speak Japanese, but I listened hard to my poor English.
We stayed for 4 nights and they were all different hotels, but they also remembered the name of the hotel.
Lucky always responds to requests with a smile. If you look at the guidebook and say you want to go here, they will call and make a reservation .
When they consulted, they never gave me any suggestions and only made suggestions .
When we had the supermarket drop in, they said, “There are cheaper supermarkets, so let’s say it’s expensive,” but it was nice because it was a beautiful supermarket.
Also, when I wanted to drink the coconut sold on the roadside, she stopped and asked, “Do you want to drink ?”
I am grateful for the valuable experience that can not be done on a tour .
However, there were many late arrivals in the morning. I was a little worried about going to the airport on the last day. If it disappears , I think it will be the best driver in Sri Lanka .
I love Sri Lanka.
> Reply from Sri Lanka Taxi Service
I’m sorry to be late in the morning, I’m sure the driver was instructed! Lucky will come again next time, so don’t be late! I have a message.

-2019/2/9 Y (Japan)

76. Active Family Travel!

My first family trip to Sri Lanka.
While planning my trip, I found that it was safer to ask for a charter taxi than to travel by public transport to get around Sri Lanka , and initially I was looking for it when I arrived at the airport. However, when I asked Tax i Service Srilanka found on the net for a quote, Yo received a polite reply immediately and the price was reasonable, so please refer to the reviews of other people and ask. I did it.
Introduction Negombo → Pin’nawara (elephant orphanage) → Sigiriya → had planned three days of Tissamahara, Tissama in the middle of the journey is also the goal from Hala now be asked in addition. Due to the tight process, the drive from Sigiriya to Tissamahara was a 12-hour drive, and the arrival of the hotel was past 22:00. Nalaka, who was in charge of the operation , was very helped by suggesting a way to take a break at a suitable timing, such as a Buddhist temple, a herb spice garden, a tea plant, and a toilet spot .
It was thanks to Taxi Service Srilanka that the first unfamiliar Sri Lanka was enjoyable . Thank you very much Yo and Nalaka.

-2019/1/29 U (Japan)


75.  [ Premium driver ] 4 nights and 6 days around Bawa architecture by taxi charter

Travel agencies have many tours, but it ‘s hard to find a tour with the right dates and prices to suit your pace and interests .
For we can not afford to schedule, taxi charter that can travel with peace of mind where you want to go only Pitta Ri did.
Yo, who was exchanged in advance rapid response in, the two of us schedule adjustment also stress without decided Rarema of reply waiting it was.
The purpose of this trip is to enjoy a hotel in Jeffrey Bawa .
I don’t know much about architecture, but I happened to know Bawa and got interested. Building was built by the course sensitivity of Bawa surrounding the nature, not nature itself a natural ,,, ,,, such as Bawa itself is not a man itself this is a man and such impression, it was done so already I traveled to Sri Lanka, a country that never shines .
Bawa hotels are popular and prices are high . We wanted to keep our budget down, so we decided to stay on the second and third days of the four nights at Kandalama, Lunanga and a different type of Bawa hotel, and then tour.
What impressed me was Lunuganga .
Immerse yourself in the world of Bawa, with light and shadow, water, wind, contrast of materials and forms, plant movements, birdsong and insect voices.
Guests should take part in the Lunuganga Garden Tour, as guests are free .
Morning strolls with guests from all over the world are fun.
Luckily, Haravin th, a driver specializing in Bawa architecture, was in charge and took me to several Bawa hotels in the surrounding area.
Haravinth is Hoterusu me through the story in front of the hotel welcome and able to take the regal photo while receiving a description of the staff to dance drinks and welcome!
It was thanks to the arrangement of Harav inth that we could see a lot of things without language skills . There are other taxis as a means of transportation alone , but I think it was really nice to ask our Sri Lanka Taxi Service, who did a poor job of studying and arranged our vague wishes exactly .
In addition, Bentota took me to No87 , which was not found in general guidebooks . Along with No.11 in Colombo, the scale and interior of a private house different from a hotel were very interesting and a really nice place.
In addition, another pleasure of girls’ travel (even if you are an aunt!) Is shopping as a matter of fact! ! On the first day, Haravinth’s father, Rajah, came in for me,
I’d like to go to the market that is crowded with people while driving! For us who suddenly said, and waited on the street.
Here I was able to buy cute patterned skirts and salons (good for summer loungewear) and incense! The tourist was not found and the price was specified and it was easy to buy.
The patchwork skirt was cheap at 150 rupees.
Finding bargains from miscellaneous things is the real pleasure of traveling on a girl! The tension goes up ♪
Haravinth also thought about packing souvenirs into suitcases and considered the shopping schedule. Favor externals last day is fun, such as lunch and tour of the No11 with a margin was able to Mukoto.
When you visit again, please.

-2019/1/28 A (Japan)


74. Travel to Sri Lanka with great satisfaction thanks to Samila!

During the three night stay in Sri Lanka, I used Sri Lanka Taxi Service.
It was my first visit and the schedule was tight
Having a taxi charter so that it is not taken the time wasted to move , but the correct answer to ask was.
The car was beautiful and comfortable, and it was easy to put unnecessary luggage in the car and move around easily when sightseeing along the way. In particular, I thought that traveling by three-wheeler or an unmaintained car was severe because it took about four hours to travel from the airport to Sigiriya.
The charge was Samila.
Lunch is also the fact that the middle of the move every time, but the shop did leave it’s to Samira, shop guided me where both satisfaction may be feeling of staff taste was . After climbing to the Sea Giria lock, Samira’s in our request that want to see wild elephants is going to arrange jeep safari was. The driver of this safari was also very good. They took pictures at scenic spots and often opened and closed the roof of the jeep depending on the weather conditions . I was able to see many wild elephants. As a point of caution about Safari,
・ Because it shakes considerably, you may get drunk right after eating
・ Splash of muddy water and rust of jeep railing are attached
With dirty clothes!
(Personal opinion)
I want you to experience Safari once.
The recommended place will change depending on the animal and time you want to see, so the driver should advise you on things you do not understand in the guidebook . Also, while traveling from Sigiriya to the airport, Samilla stopped by a cashew nuts shop to buy a souvenir for work, but it was very popular! I recommend it because it sells freshly made. I saw it at a supermarket, but it was more expensive. He also stopped by buffalo yogurt and card shops. I had a snack on the spot, but this was also exquisite. It’s probably a popular restaurant because locals visited one after another.
Being able to go to such a shop was also a wonderful experience for us who love eating.
I thank Yo for helping me before and during the trip.
It was really encouraging because I could talk in Japanese about my anxiety while traveling .
The next time you visit Sri Lanka, we will use it again.
Thank you very much!

-2019/1/27 N’s family (Japan)

73. Tourism in Sri Lanka depends on driver’s arm

This was my first trip to Sri Lanka. Some friends who have been to Sri Lanka have advised on the Internet and in guidebooks that “never charter a taxi”. In Sri Lanka, the sights are scattered here and there, and there are also areas where infrastructure such as buses, railroads, and airplanes are not in place, and taxis are mandatory.

I searched various websites, contacted each company, compared the estimates, and decided … but as a result, I was right !

First of all, the reply from the inquiry is very fast ! Despite the sloppy request to write the number of days and places to go in the order desired, we immediately replied about the recommended course . The price is reasonable compared to other companies .

Above all, driver Nera was wonderful. When traveling around several cities in Sri Lanka, travel time inevitably accounts for a significant portion. Many guidebooks and blogs said, “If you go to Sri Lanka, imagine sightseeing in Hokkaido.”

Nera has made various changes to make traveling a little more comfortable and enjoyable. First, 3 hours from near the airport to Sigiriya on the first day. After a break, I stopped by a beautiful lake in the middle of the route. The blue sky, wooden boats, flowers and the mountains in the background were so beautiful that I could relax. In addition, the green fields, palm trees and blue sky of the fields in Sri Lanka were so beautiful that if I took out a camera in the car and took pictures, I ran slowly. When the traffic was low, he stopped the car on the roadside, saying, “You should take a picture here.”

Also, it was a bit hot on that day, but thanks to the air conditioning inside the car and the shops I stopped on the way, I did not lose much of my physical strength. The shop is a small, small, privately owned drive-through that only the locals will know. Coconut juice (break very big fruit in two and drink with a straw! Genuine!), Roti (simple taste, moderate amount. Thanks not to be hungry or full, you can enjoy dinner ) And the Sri Lankan tea was very delicious. I could never go to such a local place alone.

When traveling from the goal to the capital, Colombo, I asked if I wanted to go on a highway or on a regular road. He told me in detail how long each took and what was the highlight on the way. As a result, I was able to return while watching the beautiful sea and town on a regular road. I should have been able to go on the expressway without saying anything to shorten the travel time … I was very glad and grateful for such detailed considerations.

I went to about three cities in four days. Every day, we had a lot of consultation about the meeting time, sightseeing spots and attractions, and it was a very fulfilling trip. The boring travel times were so enjoyable and comfortable that I was able to stretch my wings in each city. In addition to the tourist spots I wanted to check in advance, I was very happy to visit many beautiful places known only by locals. A reliable driver is essential to enjoy Sri Lanka. It was good to be able to introduce a good driver.

Sri Lanka has so many highlights, good food and friendly people. The four-day stay has passed in no time! It is no exaggeration to say that tourism in Sri Lanka depends on the driver’s arm. (Driving was rough, I couldn’t speak the language, I didn’t take me to the place I told you, etc. You can find out by searching the Internet, but not all companies and drivers are good.)

I recommend Sri Lanka Taxi Service, which has a great driver who is safe and secure! I’d like to ask Sri Lanka Taxi Service again when I go to Sri Lanka again. Thank you again for this time!


-2019/1/20 K (Japan)

72. We received some harsh opinions. Will improve! !
This trip was a three-day, four-day trip to Sri Lanka, then traveling to the Maldives. The main purpose in Sri Lanka was to stay at some World Heritage sites and to stay at a hotel with a Baa architecture, but I enjoyed eating very much because I was a glutton family. The driver is Senaras. We met at the airport smoothly and were good people who seemed calm and kind, but as a result this driver was disappointed.
First, I was not good at English.
While we can all English Having lived long in the United States, Senarasu’s is communicate such as the location of the name and what time the meeting questions but no problem, even heard of the story and the city of the terrain, the answer There are many things that I do not understand. ( Probably a problem in English)
Also, went Hoshi him to the shop of Sri Lankan cuisine that people of the second day the city locally use was the intention please, big soil of really of took me in for a major tour company Sanya Mr. It was an attached restaurant. Of course it could be clean and hygienic, but this was disappointing. It was a restaurant where not only Japanese but also foreigners only and no local people. On the third day, we climbed Sigiriya Rock. Great experience and great location. After that, I moved to Candy and there was no plan on the way, so I moved to Spice Garden because Senaras was recommended. Here also have been made firm for tourists, and to except us was the person of group tours of Europe and the United States, there were also several points Sri Lankan cuisine, There is also a rest, such as do not know exactly where they have come other cuisine run I was disappointed. Despite leaving the hotel at 8 in the morning, it was time for a series of tourist explanations of the Spice Garden and arrived at Kandy at 15:00. It was the visit scheduled for candy dance from 17 o’clock, because I want to buy souvenirs, etc. and ethnic pants so far, sails take me to a place that looks like a local market or City Center , but did you ask and arbitrary, bring in The place I went to was near a place with dance and one shop selling remote silk clothing. The city is crowded,Although it certainly did not have time to move much, where there is nothing to buy, and clothes say at least tea shops if unreasonable, also moved long, now is taken to a place such as truly Souvenir shop Was. I intended to explain where the locals would go, but they didn’t seem to understand it. Here it is really a disappointment, selling tea is almost expired, not only things such as wood carving and key chains, are in the hotel where they will be staying to see the dance of the hotel next to without doing anything purchase has been. Originally, I told Yo, but I took a walk around the city ​​and thought that dinner was in the city of Kandy, but this time only with restaurants that major tours use and I think that it is not likely to me to go, because it is determined that the better the better of the hotel you were. I don’t think I’m eating real Sri Lankan food outside the hotel after all . Overall, Senaras was very gentle and gentle, accurate in time and very very good. He was also good at driving and he knew the road well, so I think the drive was quite smooth. The World Heritage that I took me was also wonderful.
But, as described above, location and restaurants, such as Sri Lanka, people of breath is felt can not be seen at all, to only have put in question the content on Yo’s, to look forward and will us to introduce any place and the since the had was also disappointing.
Shops and Miscellaneous roadside fruit, such as it is written in the review of the web site or me Mise shops, such as currency to stop the car, or introduced me to the place most popular person of local, let alone your out I was disappointed with what I expected because I had lunch .

-2019/1/22 K (Japan)


71.  [ Premium Driver ] Reliable driver quality! Enjoy Sri Lanka with quick response!

The Sri Lankan curry I ate while traveling in Osaka was particularly delicious, so I wanted to visit it asexually and visited during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Wonder if I if healed in Ayurveda to eat delicious curry, but was determined by the temperature feel much, eight of the world heritage is a point in the sense of scale of about Hokkaido If you look emergency and Mashimashi, this is to some extent yell I want to put it around! I decided to use a car charter.
When I visited, Sri Lanka was a really nice country. In particular, in the cultural triangular area (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Kandy) , Osamu Tezuka , an ancient city in the jungle where flowers bloom, moss-grown, birds of primary colors fly, goats run, cows sing, monkeys play, and elephants walk around, It was a wonderful area full of romance and healing, while maintaining the image of the ideal world of Buddhism . In addition, the curry that I ate ahead was full of unexpected variations, from spicy to non-spicy ones .
This time, it was a bit of a busy schedule, so I think it was a correct answer for a car charter. The driver, Asa, was a professional (compared to the surrounding vehicles) gentle driving, and at the same time, quickly and efficiently guided me through important points, so I was able to enjoy it with plenty of time. The good thing was that I had more time , and I added a lot more to it, but I was serious, good, cool, and I realized 120% of what I wanted to do . It was very helpful. Nevertheless, I did not go to the goal this time , so I gave up on the process, so I would like to come back again when I have a break! I think. Thank you very much!

-2019/1/19 M (Japan)

70. This is a professional job! Delighting our customers is what makes Sri Lanka Taxi Service professional drivers so rewarding.

Thank you very much for Mr. Naraka, guidance for 7 days and 8 days of driving and sightseeing and support for various trips. I enjoyed 120% of Sigiriya Rock, Cave Temple in Tambulla, Buddha Tooth Temple in Kandy, Adams Peak, Houghton Place, Sinharaja Forest, and Sea of ​​Sri Lanka in Galle. Without Naraka, I could say I had never been satisfied with Sri Lanka. The driving situation in Sri Lanka was safe, driving skills were high, traffic was heavy and there were many bad roads, but I was not worried . The travel process involved many long-distance trips, and was often quick the next day, but we had to respond with a smile without any tired faces . The second half of the trip (the city of Horton Place-goal) is not particularly decided to schedule, but I was to ask Naraka’s in about two days before, willingly support from the plan despite the steep please contact hotel reservation and Thank you. I love Sri Lanka on this trip. When my trip was over, I wanted to come back to Sri Lanka. Also seemed so thanks to Mr. Naraka of you.


-2019/1/15 F’s group party (Japan)


69. Reliable driver quality! Enjoy Sri Lanka with quick response!

From December 29, 2018 to January 6, 2019, five families took care of each other.
The driver, Romesh, was a very calm person and was able to spend his time safely and comfortably , carefully teaching how to purchase tickets and sightseeing advice at the places he visited .
The day we were going to Sigiriya Rock was rainy from morning, so we decided to switch to the next day’s schedule in a hurry. Thanks to you, I was able to climb the desired Sigiriya Rock safely the next day .
Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Galle, Colombo, a lot of content,
It was a trip to the world heritage and to fully enjoy the nature of Sri Lanka.
Thank you very much.

-2019/1/14 S family (Japan)



68. Speedy and courteous response. Can be used with confidence even with small children!

I used Sri Lanka taxi service for 4 days.

‘S yo despite the inquiry of just before reply as early rapid journey was able to plan the line.
Sri Lanka trip at the 2-year-olds Families with were many things anxiety, such as travel time , but Samira’s is the distance and time me to adjust Well, I was able to turn very efficiently without unreasonable. And driving is really good.
Kudasari Samira’s also very cherish that of the daughter the way guided me with uncommon red bananas purchased in the fruit shop that sells at the end daughter delicious also was happy.
I received a sincere impression that I will keep my time well . I came here without much research on Sri Lanka, but thanks to Samila , I had a fun and fulfilling 4 days . Thank you very much.
(Photo is in the lobby of Heritanskandamara)

-2019/1/14 T’s family (Singapore)


67. We support girls’ travel safely and safely! Emergency response ◎

I traveled to Sri Lanka for the first time with a female friend during the New Year holidays and used a charter in two days and one night.
I have a very polite comeback from the reservation of the stage, here we request also Den neatly drivers to Asanka’s were I am painting.
On the first day, we mainly moved from Negombo to Sigiriya, but we were able to spend a lot of time on the long road , explaining the history and culture of Sri Lanka .
On the second day, but I was around the Sigiriya and Dambulla, in the Sigiriya of our physical condition due to heat from the support ticket purchase me to worry, I have you to fine description of the internal temple in Dambulla, depth of knowledge I was also surprised.
Excellent arrangements that will not interfere with your schedule, such as exquisite choices of meals on both days . In addition, I was suddenly hit by a whole body insect bite on the spot , but not only changed the schedule suddenly and took me to the hospital, but also attended a medical examination, Asanka Was really helped.
Although it was a short time, it was carved as a wonderful memory of Sri Lanka and I would like to use it again when returning.
I’m really thankful to you!

-2019/1/13 Y (USA)

66. The price, service and driver quality were outstanding! !

I took care of Sri Lanka for one week during the New Year’s holiday.

Goal → Yala National Park → Nuwara Eliya → Candy → Sigiriya Rock
Taxi charters were convenient because there were many places to go .
When comparing taxi companies on the net, SRI LANKA TAXI SERVICE was the cheapest and decided to use it.
In a preliminary meeting, Yo was supported by a polite response .
Each morning, Sameera arrived on time , greeted us on time and greeted us with a lovely smile. Car care the temperature of the air conditioning , you ask me the superb view point that was not known at guide book , enjoyable journey comfortable now.
In addition, I was taken to a delicious fruit shop on the roadside and a restaurant with a beautiful view, and I could remember a lot. Occasionally, they told me about the origin of the city and the fact that souvenirs are cheap here .
The last two days were Rajah, a surrogate driver. With a bright personality, careful driving and gentle braking, the interior of the car was a cozy space . Also, during the traffic jam, we spoke simple Japanese and healed us.
Thank you very much , Sameera, Rajah and Yo .
Also, I would like to take care when traveling in Sri Lanka .


-2019/1/11 G (Japan)



65. For a tourist car, choosing a company is very important! It was a wonderful trip

It was the couple’s first trip to Sri Lanka during the year-end and New Year holidays. As you research for the charter of the car, there is a miss hit of the driver, some, can not be taken communicate in English, asked by be taken, such as the souvenir shop does not, rip-off, the fact that such cases also, I wanted to ask a company that could be relieved.
After several quotes, Yo’s response from SRI LANKA TAXI SERVICE was very quick and reliable , so I decided to ask. We had you answer question carefully and had you check in hotel beforehand in substitution and were very kind and coped and thought that you were good to ask here before we went to Sri Lanka .
I was cared for by driver Thushara for 5 days . Quiet and mild He is always polite in 5 minutes before the action, smooth operation while also passing without difficulty the way of one side of a two-lane Shiteku was. I visited Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Habarana, Matale, Kandy, Bentota, Wadduwa, Colombo, but also suggested activities that I did not plan on my own and took me to the places I was interested in It was a fulfilling trip .
Particularly impressive were the Heritans Scandalama in Dambulla and the Jeep Safari and Village Safari in Habarana . Traveling from Colombo airport was more than 5 hours by car, but you can see the vast jungle, the animals that live there, and the old-fashioned and relaxed life of the residents, all of which are unique to Sri Lanka’s scenery and experience So it is recommended.
By doing so, it both much the behavior Vehicle long time in an unfamiliar destination , is important in that it is the driver that can be peace of mind also I think that it is. Thanks to you can enjoy the itinerary without undue worry , I’m glad you ask this time SRI LANKA TAXI SERVICE. Please give my best regards to Thushara. Thank you very much!


-2019/1/10 H couple (Japan)


64. Leave your support! Driving will be improved to ensure safe driving!

“It did not get to communicate in English because here is, here unintended loss several times has occurred. Destination of the order is different with interest. For the only goal of long-distance movement in a short period of time here. Thank you for responding with a little dangerous driving technique and achieving 90% of the goal .
Thank you for adjusting the time and schedule until the last minute . For the first time to return home after an inquiry by e-mail, e-mail correspondence in Yo’s Japanese service personnel is always expedite speed accurately was. As a family waiting in Japan, I was very encouraging to talk to the person in charge if anything happened in an unfamiliar land .
Thank you very much for Yo ! !
Please give my regards to the driver.


-2019/1/10 M (Japan)


63. Recommendation is Pidun Rangala Rock! It was a safe and secure trip!

Thank you very much for this time.
It was a really fun trip. Touching the depths of Sri Lanka’s history, the magnificence of nature, and the kindness of people, I was able to recharge!
The driver was driving safely and was sure to go to his destination. When I try to find the driver’s coming back from tourism, so you induced to always immediately find and car location, residence without the anxiety standing was.
I was invited to lunch at home and had a very valuable experience. The place that impressed me the most was Pidurangala Rock. It was a bit hard to climb because I could see the whole picture of Sigiriya Rock, but I think it is a place worth trying! !
I want to go to Sri Lanka someday again.
I’m really thankful to you.
The photo is at the top of Pidurangala Rock with the guide


-2019/1/9 K (Singapore)


62. Get advice on things you don’t understand!

This time, I was searching for various tours in order to go around all the places I want to go during the 6 day break, but here Sri Lanka Taxi Service where I did not find a good tour I found
I didn’t have any intuition about the land, but when I emailed the place I wanted to go, I was able to give advice , and I was able to safely go sightseeing with Sigiriya Rock, Kandy, Galle, Mirissa and Colombo.
The response was in English only, but the driver Anjana was very polite and was able to wait properly before the appointment time and felt that he was accustomed to interacting with Japanese people .
Sometimes my child got sick and stained the car, but at that time I was very careful and helped.
He told me where to buy tickets and sightseeing spots along the way .
At that time, for better or worse, Sri Lanka had a moment when they felt “work enthusiast”, but I think each was a good experience.
I was able to spend six days with peace of mind .
Thank you for helping in various ways!

-2019/1/8 I (Japan)


61. It was a safe trip to Sri Lanka!

My wife and Sri Lanka trip, because it was the first time, a trip of this care to became SRI LANKA TAXI get in touch to know SERVICE 2 nights and three days to examine a variety net really kindly support I received. Lucky, the driver, was also very kind and did not wait for the meeting time at all . I was able to come on time and enjoy the three-day trip with confidence .
The main purpose of this time was Sigiriya Rock. In the afternoon of the first day, I traveled about 4 hours in Colombo, but I did not get tired at all and went to Sigiriya Rock the next day early in the morning. From the place where I bought the admission ticket, I was really saved because I had you support me finely .
I really thank my driver, Lucky.
On that day, after Sigiriya Rock, I moved to Colombo by car, but on the way, I also booked Ayurveda massage in advance
You can experience it without waiting, and after that, make a reservation at Sri Lanka Food Restaurant,
I really enjoyed it . That day, I stayed in Colombo and came home the next afternoon.
Thank you for picking up the last day on time .
It was a really fun trip.
Also, when I go to Sri Lanka to play, I would like to use it by all means.

-2019/1/8 H (Japan)


60. [ Premium Driver ] Quick response to sudden requests!

Thank you for responding to this sudden request.
Thanks to you, it was a very fun trip.
It is difficult to comment on long sentences,
Asa of the driver has a very good sense of distance, not tired,
I am very grateful for taking me gently to the destination I say every time .
I forget to take a friendly Asa and photos with professional together in a handsome only thing was is regret.
I also think that it was thanks to Asa that I wanted to go to Sri Lanka .

-2019/1/8 O (Japan)

59. [ Premium Driver ] Become a friend because you are a wonderful driver! A valuable local cultural experience that can never be made by just traveling!

It was my first trip to Sri Lanka, taking advantage of the New Year holidays. Because I was with children, I chartered for 5 days.

At first, driver Nola thought she was a dandy-looking silence , but she answered me very carefully when she asked a question, and she told me a lot about Sri Lanka. I am also good at Japanese and I was glad to see my Japanese lovers.

Despite arriving at night on the first day, they had to travel to Pinnawala in two and a half hours, and then traveled a long distance every day to Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy, Nuwara area and Colombo. We had almost no plans other than the hotel , but each time we had a proposal, we were able to have a valuable experience such as seeing wild elephants on a jeep safari .

On the last day, I asked for a six-hour drive to Colombo, where heavy traffic is expected despite the New Year’s Day. However, thanks to that, I was able to go to the shop I wanted to go and ended up traveling with great satisfaction.

And a surprise! I visited Nola’s house near the airport and had a coffee. A gentle mother and a brother fluent in Japanese, a cute dog. I was impressed by the kindness of the Sri Lankans . I would like to ask Nola again when I return. Thank you very much.

-2019/1/7 O (Japan)


59. Drivers who are close to you!

Of all six nights, we asked for three nights and four days of driving. Negombo → Anuradhapura → Sigiriya → Polonnaruwa → Shigiri ya → Dambulla → candy → Pin’narawa → Despite the movement distance of the many dates of Colombo, was able to tourism with a margin of, the driving skills of Mr. Kavindu of the driver and a resourceful days thanks to the adjustment about.
On some days he drove from 8:00 in the morning to sunset , and he did his best to adjust his selfishness to stop by the town . La Lynch to us to choose a sanitary shop to go tourists, other than accommodation is the day of the undecided, gave me suggest some plan. Of course, there is no pressing, while listening to this intention. After arriving at the hotel , I was nervous that if I had something, I was able to go sightseeing with confidence . In our clumsy English, child rude wording and meaning unknown reply I think that there were many with but, patiently explained, gently follow-up was please. Of course, I was studying Japanese very much, and showed me some fun words! Lol
Thanks to Kavindu, I loved the country because of the culture and the wonderful people of Sri Lanka . When to revisit is also now talking to you would like to ask the driver to him be.
I’m really thankful to you!

-2019/1/7 M (Japan)

58. Quick response, cleanliness and kindness

Two women visited Sri Lanka at the beginning of the year. I came across the site of Sri Lanka Taxi Service while studying many places I want to go to such as Kandy, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Colombo and Goal. Yong ‘s quick response to inquiries and its delicateness are safe . I thought it was impossible, but I talked with the driver and I was able to check with the driver quickly and go around all the places I wanted to go ! The driver is Senarath who likes beautifully. You must arrive 5 minutes before the meeting . The inside of the car is comfortable as it is cleaned every day . On the way from Polonnaruwa to Anuradhapura, Senarath took me to a curry buffet.Every curry is delicious, and the dessert card is very delicious. I wanted to go to a spa where I could go, a shop where I could take a shower after the spa, I asked if I wanted to see the sunset or a selfish, but stopped by the sea or called several houses and searched for a shop He was very kind . I enjoyed Sri Lanka with peace of mind . Thank you very much! !

-2019/1/7 U (Japan)



57. I enjoyed the trip with peace of mind. Sri Lank Taxi Service is recommended for sightseeing in Sri Lanka.

While traveling to Sri Lanka, I learned about Sri Lanka Taxi Service while studying local transportation. At first, I was thinking about using a train or bus, but this time I wanted to relax, so I decided to use a taxi charter.

When using a taxi abroad, if you can not communicate with the driver easily or if you have an old vehicle, you may be nervous by yourself, but driver Nilanga’s driving is too fast or too slow that without a polite, also in such as air conditioning will be doing care, you can move very relaxing and . It was a fun and good memory to talk about Sri Lanka and my family while I was on the move . Kinguko me to recommend in a fruit shop along the closer the road at break addicted to Konattsu, I have to ask and then I want you to stop by several times fruit shop . Also, it was good that the vehicle was very beautiful and the inside was spacious and spacious.

I had decided only to climb Sigiriya Rock on this trip, but when I consulted about what I could do in my spare time, she offered various proposals such as safari, Ayurvedic massage, extending my legs to candy ( too much I hadn’t decided anything, so I was sorry.) In such a situation, when you request a safari, they will arrange a jeep immediately, start smoothly without waiting time , at first you could see only birds , but elephants, elephants, elephants, close up everywhere from the middle I was able to see the elephant and I was really glad I went. Not to mention Nilanga that the elephant was seen as soon as he got on his return car .
When I headed for a hotel in Negombo from Sigiriya , even though it was a long distance, I was willing to accept the request to go to Colombo and also introduced a cafe where you can drink delicious tea Was .
Thanks to Sri Lanka Taxi Service and Nilanga, Sri Lanka has become the country I want to visit again.
Next I want to go to Nilanga’s recommended candy .
Thank you for 4 days.
-2019/1/6 K (India)


56. From a driver to a travel companion! The price was also overwhelmingly advantageous

Sri Lanka that has been a concern for a long time. I looked for a five-day holiday, but the only bottleneck was the means of transportation during the trip.
Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Sleeperda, Goal … There are many places you want to go, but it’s scattered so it’s only public transportation … but just a charter for the whole day is a budget … I accidentally discovered Sri Lanka Taxi Service.
Quickly your times from quote of was the ask the person in charge of Yo’s immediately received the answer, other Japanese and because it was pretty deals suggestions be compared also with foreign taxi company of prompt decision was .
Subsequent schedule adjustments and exchanges of driver contact information were also made smoothly, and although it was the first time in Sri Lanka , I was able to work with confidence .
Marissa’s driver is what reticent person, such kana … the beginning I thought that although day, such as me speak to friendly as the passes were year. When worship the first sunrise in the Sleeper da summit 31 days nightclothes, the same late-night 2:00 climbing start, despite the hard-line schedule of the next day morning departure, such as us going out to the climbing together, a good travel companion rather than a mere driver turned He gave me
Along the way of the journey, despite the troubles and happenings, such as some of late and car failure, the last good I think of the journey in that Could be delivered to the destination in the Somehow you been able to look back and unloading.
It was 5 days in a flash, but I could visit everything I wanted to go and I was very satisfied! Thank you very much Yo, Marissa!

-2019/1/5 A (Thailand)

55. Travel smoothly thanks to experienced drivers! Very human nature! !
I was taken care of for four days. Thank you for bringing us safely and speedily. Sri Lanka has a distance between sightseeing spots and requires a car charter .
Moving from Kandy to Colombo took longer than imagined, and we had to enter the hotel at 9:30 in the evening, but we responded without one unpleasant face .
On January 1st, I would have wanted to spend time with my family, but I was sorry . There was only a veteran driver, and driving was quite good . Others would have taken longer .
It is a good memory to be able to guide the point where wild statues appear and to be fortunate to see the statues coming out on the road. I got really good photos.
It was very impressive that many people spoke in Japanese during my stay . I felt the country was safe and there were many friendly and friendly people.
I went to Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Kandy and Colombo, but Sigiriya Rock still impressed me most. It was the best spot for taking pictures, the view from the rock was good, and I felt like leaving the place. You may want to take more time.
If the expressway develops further, it will be easier to move and there will be many attractions, so I think it will develop further as a tourist destination . Colombo also has high-rise buildings, and I feel that it will develop into a larger city. Sri Lanka is a place where nature is rich and green is really beautiful. It was a better country than I imagined, and I want to go back someday.

-2019/1/3 K (Japan)

54. Both the driver and the secretariat can respond with peace of mind!

Going to travel to Sri Lanka on a year-end vacation. Since there are only 5 days, at first I thought about sightseeing only after Sigiriya Rock and spending time slowly at Ayurveda facilities .
But, but! When I was investigating various things, the places I wanted to go to increased, so I wanted to stay at a hotel designed by Jeffrey Bawa .
Eventually, it was quite a distance from Colombo Sigiriya Dambulla Galle, and I found Taxi Service Srilanka’s site where various information such as taxi, tuk-tuk, bus, Uber was gathered and contacted. It was or try to contact us in English of the site, etc., but the person in charge of Yo’s reply fast and support is nice , children are to be taken care of was in and. We quickly reply to confirm or question dates, a few days before the contact of the driver’s also you will tell me, out without worry was able to emit . Driver Sanjay is very fashionable! I wore cute clothes every day ! The most important driving, both the accelerator and the brakes, was kind and I was very careful, so I was able to travel without any problem even if I was usually sick ! It was wonderful to come a little earlier than the meeting time and get out of the car to see the situation , help with restaurant reservations, and help purchase Sigiriya Rock tickets .
On the highway other than the road is pretty chaotic state, the bus will come fueled the pounding in the horn and passing from behind , but it was the situation, “the No. 1 interesting in Sri Lanka it might be this bus,” or saying or the like and the joke It was moved while. Immediately after climbing the Sigiriya Rock, I went to the Golden Temple, but my feet became cramped on the stairs more than I expected. Lol

Sigiriya rock, Ayurveda, Sri Lanka curry, Bawa architecture, etc. Sri Lanka trip with plenty of charm was very fun! If only traffic gets better … I want to go again! !
And we will take care of Taxi Service Srilanka again!
I’m really thankful to you!

-2019/1/3 S (Singapore)

* S recommended Ayurveda & restaurant information. See this article .


53. Sri Lanka full of wildlife!

I took care of you for four days. I was able to go around various places and I think taxi was good.

Of Marissa of the driver to the driver was delicious , elephants and deer and peacock wild in the operation told me to discover immediately. I was almost satisfied with the place I wanted to go . I would definitely like to visit Sri Lanka again. The picture is of an iguana kid that I could see in Sigiriya.
-2019/1/3 Y (Japan)

52. Attention to professional skills that can be considered even for small children

Thank you for arranging a 4-day charter taxi this time. I returned home safely.
During the trip, she was very helpful. Sharada had perfect time management . They arrived 5 to 10 minutes before the appointment time every day, and they did a very reliable job . Arranging jeep safaris and elephant rides, and arranging for Sigiriya Rock climbing during the hot weather were also really appreciated by children .
Even when I wanted to get to my destination on time, I was able to arrive with plenty of time to make sure I was well coordinated and participate in the planned activities. On the way, I was able to respond calmly to requests that I could not read such as wanting to stop at a supermarket, and my trip with my 6 year old son was very comfortable. Thanks to that, I have traveled to about 20 countries, but this trip to Sri Lanka has become the most enjoyable place . With Sharada who was a gentleman for 4 days
Attach the photo taken on the last day.
I hope that many travelers will enjoy a comfortable trip with Sharada’s charter taxi . Please tell Sharada too.
Thank you very much this time.
-2019/1/2 N Family (Japan)



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