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51. I want to go sightseeing efficiently because it is a short break! The most important driver selection is Sri Lanka Taxi Servie, which is definitely! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

Although it was a short itinerary of four days , thanks to Sri LankaTaxi Service , I was able to travel efficiently and it was a fulfilling trip . I’m really thankful to you!
The conscientious price, Yo-san’s courteous response, and everyone’s review were the decisive factor, so we decided to arrange a driver at this company .

Driver Sameera is 24 years old with a wonderful smile that occasionally shows . At first it’s shy and it’s shy? I was able to understand it over time and responded to our selfish hope without a disgusting face. His driving technique was remarkable and he was able to reach his destination earlier than expected. Mr. agency should be in charge of the driver of the last day in the Sameera was Tsu is, very demeanor is soft and gentle personality Haravinth’s. The last day is pretty stressful day to drive more Colombo of traffic in spite of was, smiling to respond to me forwarded to night hotel us Shitekuda had been. Haravinth has soft brakes and gentle driving, so he is a recommended driver for those with children .

The driver in this time Sameera’s and Haravinth’s that had you your charge, is to be a waste-free and safe journey without feeling the stress on the movement we have. I am full of gratitude ! I would like to ask again if I go to Sri Lanka next time.

-December 11, 2018 HI (Singapore)


50. The quality of a Sri Lanka trip depends on the quality of the driver! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

Sri Lanka trip was really the best .
Sigiriya Rock, Elephant Ride, candy tourism, Pinna Rawa Island, also had to go all visited wanted areas that are dotted with, dry bar thanks to Ms. Samira is.
Samira’s is seemingly felt cool and conservative, but an umbrella when it rains or me borrow from the shops, our to the time change and schedule changes , etc. or me also respond flexibly, kind really can trust It was a human driver.
For schedule that was originally thinking of us, the process specific to another day is better to, etc. advice accurately was. If you think about it now, I think you would be exhausted if you forcibly followed your schedule . He was accurate in time, no less than a minute late, and arrived at his destination on time .
Thanks to that, I had a fun 4 days!
I would like to introduce anyone who is traveling to Sri Lanka . Sri Lanka taxi charter I think that it is mandatory for mosquitoes trip. And we also also when visiting Sri Lanka would like to ask Mr. Samira I think you!
Thank you very much.

-November 18, 2018 F (Japan)

44. Exciting and wonderful overseas experience for children! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

This was the first time in Sri Lanka. Since English is not exactly the Japanese pair was asked to respond, but did it with the corresponding can driver is not but, your company has to ask because it was that of the corresponding confidently was. The driver is Haravinth. I was very lucky. Haravinth was good. It very much remains unexpected and plan to arrive in Sri Lanka to each other there is no land intuition , but I thought I wonder if so, here only want to go! And tell him all is me to arrange, such as the middle of the recommended spot, spoiled leave was. He taught me everything I didn’t know about the tip price, and he negotiated to reduce the tour price. Sri Lanka of traffic conditions had heard amazing the Most, but Japan’s taxi safe driving than over was. Also was with also two children, but would love Haravinth , very good experience, etc. As to the story, the future study of English sports was able it to the. Haravinth nomination is recommended . When I go to Sri Lanka , my whole family wants to ask Haravinth . Thank you very much.

-October 11, 2018 Family K (Japan)

43. Japan quality polite and Hosupitaritia of touch corresponding! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

5 days, even cars and numerous to personal travel Nante to charter a driver Gesakana, and first I thought, but was a good choice precisely because individual travelers . While moving across the area want to set an efficient itinerary for us pitch did Tari. Or there is that rough weather along the way, but trouble was also able to generate, hey reckless itinerary successfully fun after that as possible Tour of the World Heritage seven locations was able Rukoto is, what if there is a car and driver is. The price was also reasonable. If you arrange to move individually to a deep place such as a natural park , it seems that in the end it often costs around 20,000 yen a day. We received high quality service for 5 days at a price of 3 days in effect.
Also noteworthy is the sincerity of the staff . When something arrange overseas feel the stress on differences in national character there are many, but, Yo’s agent, both Samira’s driver polite and Hosupitaritia of Japan quality touch response was Mashi Kudasari to the. In particular trouble corresponding sticks immediately contact when that occurred late at night Shiteku the left it is very peace of mind was.
In addition to being able to see all the places you want at your own pace, you can also visit many places recommended by drivers, and it may have been the highest density trip in your own history . I became a good friend with Samila. Thank you very much Yo-san and Samila-san for your help.
-September 29, 2018 O (Japan)

42. Good driver! Good support! Good price! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

For the first time in Sri Lanka, we wanted to enjoy the World Heritage Site and the beach, so we decided to charter a car. There was also means that bus and train as a means of transportation in Sri Lanka to, hesitation is the beginning because cheap beyond comparison with to charter a car beneath is, will have a choice of and comfort to the itinerary smoothly Was. At first I got estimates on some sites, but this was the cheapest, so I decided to ask! The reply of e-mail is also a quick, was the really saved or can also contact us at the portion of the itinerary other than the charter was.
Driver Asa was natural and spoke openly so I was able to relax and spend time in the car. I chartered the car but didn’t have a specific schedule, so I always consulted Asa for lunch places and attractions. When traveling from Colombo to Sigiriya and suddenly wanting to see an elephant on a safari in Minneriya National Park, Asa arranged a Jeep driver . The driver of the Jeep was a very good man , and came and moved near the elephant really in a timely manner, so I was able to see the wild elephant quite close. It was quite surprising as our car moved and a flock of elephants followed . Not only this episode, but also really gave me the right advice on the spot and took me to the right place and it was very thankful . I would also like to use it if I have the opportunity to use it, and I would like to introduce any friends who go to Sri Lanka .

-September 28, 2018 Mr. Y (Japan)

39. Make the last important graduation trip the best memory! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

It was my first trip to Sri Lanka and it was an irreplaceable memory ! Before arriving in Sri Lanka , there was a problem that planes were delayed in Tranjet China, and the Wi-Fi at the Chinese airport was unstable and emails could not be sent , so I had to wait for 4 hours without contact, so the driver It is now to give up half if not help without waiting was. However, he seemed to have been waiting at the airport for a long time and welcomed us with a smile. I was really grateful.

Of drivers Haravinth is very bright, friendly, good at talking, we also can open up soon because me and talk a lot we have . He gave me a nickname while talking, and in a moving car, I was excited by various stories such as sports stories, family stories, love bananas, and I was not bored. With the age approaching, we soon came to terms and took part in our drinking party with a snack of snacks !

I did not know the travel time and the time taken at each sightseeing spot, so I decided only a schedule with a lot of time, but it wasted time suggesting a lot of sightseeing spots that can be reached in the spare time I was able to make a fulfilling trip without any problems. On indecisive, Toka do not want to spend a lot of money in student travel, and meals, such as the local people are eating rather than for tourists filament production, nasty face one to our selfish me try to answer with full force without was so, eaten things delicious, thanks, and go to the night market, was a big satisfaction. He stopped by a lot of photo spots on the way, so I was able to take lots of nice photos. At that time, Haravin th actively bought out the photographer and it was great that everyone could take a picture of the memories. In addition, I was not able to understand the chip at first, so I was able to discuss the timing and amount to give .

This time it was a trip with a large number of people and I stayed at a different hotel every day according to the place I wanted to go, so considering the number of people and luggage, I think it was really nice to ask for a taxi . If Haravinth was not a driver, our trip would not have been this great trip. I think they helped arrange guides, check out hotels, and even helped us where we didn’t notice . It has become the best fun graduation trip! The Haravinth I want to meet to go to Sri Lanka to!

-September 21, 2018 KK graduation trip party (Japan)

36. Used by kyoko of Instagrammer! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

Thanks to Sigiriya Rock, beautiful beaches, Nine Arch Bridge, Galle and everything you want to go. It was thanks to the driver’s experience and intuition that I was able to get on the Sri Lankan train, especially when I had no time to spare . I heard that trains in Sri Lanka can sometimes be delayed for hours, so I was prepared for the possibility that I could not get on, but I went to the station under the advice of the driver that I could get on the train at this timing The train was just coming and it was the perfect time to get in! They were very flexible, whether traveling long distances, getting off the car several times a day, or departing early in the morning. Also , during the exchange of plans, Yo’s response was quick and reassuring. Without a charter, this trip to Sri Lanka would not have happened. I’m really thankful to you!

-September 12, 2018 Kyoko Ueda (Instagrammer)


11. Leave a GW family trip! (Pickup customer’s voice !!)

Samila has been reliable since she met her at the airport . I took care of them for 5 days, but I was punctual, safe driving, polite, and the whole family was really relaxing and I loved Sri Lanka.

At first, I didn’t arrange a taxi in Sri Lanka, I was thinking about sightseeing with unrestricted transportation, but two weeks before my trip, I was completely down! This is a very correct answer if I decide to entrust a five-day trip saying that I have to arrange a taxi because my backache is severe. I didn’t stop by the souvenir shop, had all the requests answered, and arranged for a safari. On the last day, we had some time until departure and enjoyed dinner.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t move actively because of back pain. If you requested this and that, Samilla would have responded to everything , but this time, staying at the hotel and rest were priority and I could only ask Samila to move. Next time, I want you to be absolutely greedy (laughs).

After returning home, he told his family, “Sri Lanka was really good.” All thanks to Samila . I’m really thankful to you. Hopefully next time!

-May 2, 2018 TE Family (Japan)

23. Couple traveling alone (voice of pick-up customer !!)

I really took care of this trip to Sri Lanka.
Finished the trip, our travel if there is no follow-up of Mr. Sri Lanka Taxi Service is and did not go smoothly, full of renewed gratitude is.
Although it was an accident unique to overseas,
the guest house that should have been booked at Book King.COM could not be booked due to a mistake on the inn side .
However, thanks to Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s direct confirmation to the inn in advance, he was discovered beforehand and was able to change the inn immediately.
To go to Horton Plains of trekking also the hands of dedicated van island towards the Horton Plains without recognizing that the required distribution there were.
However, thanks to Sri Lanka Taxi Service’s arrangement of the van in advance ( and cheaper!), I was able to enjoy my travel smoothly as planned .
Thanks to the quick response in Japanese even if I had any trouble, and the continued support during the trip, I was able to enjoy my first trip to Sri Lanka without any anxiety . Was.
Only Sri Lanka Taxi Service can provide such supportSo I really want to recommend it to you. ( Recommended especially for those who are not confident in English!)

To Viraji’s
us, so can not speak English and very worried when Sri Lanka travel but was, Viraji’s in charge is very smart, a Sri Lanka travel thanks to a lot of support for Mr. Viraji was able to truly enjoy.

It was very hot in Anuradhapura and Dambulla, and we were very impressed with the kindness and support of Viraji , who guided us around the sights .
Viraji’s is very Shin came to pick up earlier than usual time Lai can driver was. He
seemed to have been waiting at our hotel for two hours on the first day and was impressed by his hard work . And greets us in the bright smile every day , Viraji Mr. Dora was able to enjoy the Sri Lanka trip thanks was Iba is.
Also you gun the driver to Mr. Viraji when you go to Sri Lanka want to stone you.
I love Sri Lanka thanks to Viraji.
I’m really thankful to you.

-August 3, 2018 Mr. and Mrs. A (Japan)

24. Traveling with friends (voice of pick-up customers !!)
I used it on the first three days of my trip to Sri Lanka for four nights and five days .
I wanted to go on my own, but since I was in Sri Lanka for the first time there were so many things I could not understand, so I asked a charter so that I could go only where I wanted to go . For an optional tour, I had to make a round trip to and from Colombo, and I had other taxi charters get quotes, but after finishing the trip, Sri Lanka Taxi Service was the cheapest.
The driver, Amal , responded with a smile, despite the extremely tough process . Even though we are getting busy every day (laughs), please treat yourself with “I’m ok” “Are you happy?”
Was. He suggested the places we wanted to go to were good places, trekked together, and suggested things to experience near the place .
Although we were dumb and didn’t care about contact with the hotel or negotiating activities, we were very careful not to wait and we were able to spend smoothly.
Or tell you what you see from the car window, or tell the Sinhala, notes and cheaper to use the airport taxi when spend the rest of two days or who have told how, counted that were asked to Tarakiri was enough not to kindly polite no was fired . I was very kind not only to us, but also to the people I came across, and I felt so warm to be a gentleman .
Kind, courteous, and humorous to us who have low English skills . I really appreciate it.

Until the last day, give me I should wish ….” also talk travel companions and many times. Thank you very much for taking care of me this time.
Next time I go to Sri Lanka, I want Amal to be a driver again!


-August 4, 2018 Yuki & Yoko (Japan)


Testimonials (newest post )

49. Safari tour is the best!

The long-awaited trip to Sri Lanka was a memorable trip.
The driver Samila listened to myself in various ways, and thanks to being able to take almost everything to where I wanted to go, I was very satisfied with 4 nights and 5 days!
He was a very gentle person who spoke moderately while driving, took a break when he wanted to take a rest, and frequently adjusted the temperature .
The most impressive part of the trip was the Safari Tour. I was relieved because Samila introduced me, and above all the wild statue could be seen up close and it was a masterpiece. The Sigiriya rock and the temples were all wonderful! It was impressive not only for sightseeing but also for everyone in Sri Lanka smiling and being kind.
This time I would like to spend more time going to the south.
I would like to ask Samilla for her next trip too! ! ! Thank you ^ _ ^


-November 15, 2018 Mr. and Mrs. K (Singapore)


48. Responsible technology and hospitality!

Sri Lanka travel Thanks to driver Malith, I enjoyed it very much .
With a rough plan, we didn’t know anything about where to eat, and at lunchtime we asked, “I’m hungry?” And took us to a delicious restaurant every time .
When I encountered a road that could not be reached due to the flooding of the river due to rain, or a traffic jam caused by a fallen tree, I immediately detoured to a different road and thought that it was truly amazing.
In addition, in the farewell at the third day candy, 4 day reportedly plans to move from the candy by train to Colombo and Ru, or me to examine the train of time, advice so as not to be pot money on tuk-tuk He / she was very kind and enjoyed the trip with peace of mind!
Thank you for your quick and courteous response to your request for a quote . The following also by all means to Malith’s if there is a chance to go to Sri Lanka I would like to wish. Thank you very much!

-November 13, 2018 M (Japan)

47. Please talk about anything uneasy! Support traveling alone in Japanese!

I planned a trip to Sri Lanka alone in a woman in her 60s for 14 days from October 27 to November 9.
It was my first time in Sri Lanka , but it wasn’t decided as a packed trip, but because I wanted to see what I wanted to see and do a journey to do what I wanted to do.
At that time, large because the cargo movement of have is a very, 6 days Sri Lanka tourist taxi from the mobile is difficult second day up to 7 days and asked the over.
The driver, Rajah, was experienced, courteous and reassured. He was good at driving too-he told me what he wanted to do and he made some suggestions that made me happy. I was particularly impressed when I was able to see the wild elephant herds up close in Kaudlla National Park . Thanks to that, I was able to make a slow and satisfying trip. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your kind and prompt response .
It was encouraging to communicate in Japanese.


-November 12, 2018 Fuki (Japan)

46. ​​A family trip with just the right dates for a compact and small child.

I went to Sri Lanka for the first time with my family (couple + 1 year old child) ! I visited only Safari, Sigiriya and Chianti on this trip, but I was really happy with this child-friendly and reasonable schedule! By the way, Samila is a seemingly quiet and unobtrusive young man, but she speaks and talks very carefully if she asks for it (← she is very fit for Japanese temperament), her education and financial situation. He taught me a lot! Along the way, Samila was very excited about her husband and car! Also, when she wants to go to the bathroom, Samila buys herself at the store, so if she wants to use the toilet at that store, she will drop by the store or her husband who wants to see the local car shop She was really kind and gave me an interpreter.

As an aside, Samilla is a very thin brother who eats very fast , and she likes carbonic acid.

Sri Lanka was an interesting country with a mix of natural and energetic aspects and chaotic aspects! The locals are very rough and the roads are crowded and chaotic for a few minutes, so if you are traveling to Sri Lanka for the first time, you must have a charter !
( Even my husband, who traveled all over Europe by car,
It is too chaotic and the charter is a great answer)

When I come to Sri Lanka again, I want to enjoy the elephant orphanage, tea and Ayurveda (^^)

And I would like to ask Samila for a driver again ☆
Without Samila (+ car charter), I could never enjoy Sri Lanka!
Thank you for a wonderful trip ☆


-November 5, 2018 S family (Japan)

* S-san wrote a travel blog with plenty of advice for those traveling to Sri Lanka. If you are traveling from now on, you must read it!

Click here for your travel blog ! Check required! !

45. A gentle driver who will grant any selfishness! A very satisfying girl trip!

I have been very helpful for 7 days. We change places every day, and despite all the difficulties, we are grateful for all of our requests. This time we were traveling around four cities in a short period of time, so we could only stay at the Ayurvedic facility for one day, but I thought we would like to stay at least three days next time. I’ll send you a photo with driver Tusara. It was a wonderful driver who gave our selfishness 100%.

I will use it the next time I go to Sri Lanka.

-October 17, 2018 RA (Japan)


41. Sri Lanka great enjoyment plan with 9 days long charter!

My first trip to Sri Lanka alone. After a little research, I decided to charter a car, as it would take a while to move due to the size of the country .
Initially, we planned only the first half of the itinerary, but the response from Yo at the counter was very smooth, so as recommended, we decided to ask almost 9 days , almost full itinerary.
I was a little worried about what would come over a long time, but I was a little worried. The driver, Kavindu (Kavi), was a clean and stylish nice guy who was very happy, comfortable and comfortable.
(I think my poor English has improved a little because of him.)
Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Ritigara, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Candy, Nuwara Eliya, Goal, etc., but the best places are Pidurangala Rock and Nuwara Eliya. The Sigiriya Rock (pictured) seen from Pidurangala is exceptional, so if you have enough physical strength, try climbing. In Nuwara Eliya, it was just raining and I could see the deep green landscape close to Japan so much that I forgot to be in Sri Lanka . The reason I chose Sri Lanka as my destination was an archeological site, but the nature was much richer than expected, so I think it would have been a good plan to enjoy nature. By the time of nine days, he seems to be quite tired, and I hope he can take a rest. Thank you for a wonderful trip, Kavi! How are you feeling? Thank you very much for Yongi. I want to come to Sri Lanka again.

-September 27, 2018 M (Japan)

40. Have a real local culture experience! I’m sorry that driving was rough, improve!

I enjoyed the first Sri Lanka very much. The driver, Saj, was always smiling and very friendly.
This time, I moved from Colombo → Tangalle → Goal → Tangalle → Colombo. I am satisfied that I can drive 2 to 4 hours every time. On the first day, she was taken to Sagi’s parents’ house for some reason, and was introduced to Saj’s mother and sister for a Sri Lankan lunch . Very valuable experience was the was to the Sri Lankan people and the depth of the friendship invited to the home it seems to be Mel habit.
The only thing I was worried about was that the driving was rough and I pulled out the previous car one after another , but I was about to hit a car in the opposite lane or to be thrown out many times by sudden braking .
Sri Lanka was really nice to ask for a car because the sightseeing spots are far enough to move without a car. I will ask you when you go again.


-September 23, 2018 Mr. K (Japan)

38. Japanese driver of Sri Lanka Taxi Service supports travel

It was a short four days, but I really took care of it. The driver, Saji, was a nice, friendly and smiling person . Even when visiting each place, it used to take me up to the ticket office, comfortable over-thanks with us to support or me to finely guidance I was able to Goss. Not only that, we were also familiar with local information and were able to flexibly respond to schedule arrangements. I was planning only to go to the town of Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sigiriya Rock, Kandy , but in addition to it, I suggested various things such as jeep safari and village safari , especially in Minneriya National Park Jeep Safari was impressive to see many elephants up close in the vast nature . I would not know without telling me. Also, she said she had studied in Japan before, and she was so excited about trying to speak in Japanese. He had many friends , introduced him as a friend in various places, and showed his personality. Thanks to his attendance, I remembered a very enjoyable trip to Sri Lanka.

In addition, I was able to ask for a very polite, quick and secure exchange with Yongi by email until the day . If you have the chance to go to Sri Lanka again, I would like to ask here again . I am looking forward to seeing you again someday!

-September 19, 2018 A-san (Japan)

37. Real cultural experience with local exchange that is absolutely impossible on a major sightseeing tour.

I really took care of it for 7 days. Although the schedule was a little tight, such as Sigiriya Rock, Minneriya, Nuwara Eliya, and Goal, it was a very memorable trip with the consultation on the plan before the trip. With a lot of help from the locals, including safari jeep charters and local recommended rice, the trip became more fulfilling.

There are lots of warm welcomes and good encounters with guests from various countries of the hotel, Samila and meals with everyone from Samila, and it is a really fun and good memory. I want to go to see you again.

-September 17, 2018 Mr. and Mrs. S (Japan)


35. Driver of Sri Lanka Taxi Service is Superman! !

In Sri Lanka, driving around a World Heritage Site is a must-have and taxi charter was really good. Because the hotel went around Sigiriya, Kandy, Colombo, three places, it was really convenient to be able to move the suitcase on the car and move on the way. Or it becomes very indebted to Haravinth’s driver was. Haravinth is a wonderful sportsman who did all the little work. Superman who solves everything. With a stable driving power, there was a sense of security and time was accurate. Not only answering the request, but also telling me the view spots , I got many good photos. Calls for Ayurveda time changes, breaks through crowded parking lots around parked cars, plays popular Sri Lankan songs, and plays the captain’s cricket team. They showed me photos and really took care of them. At Sigiriya Rock, where there are many tourists, we picked us up at the exit so we could find the car immediately. The shop in Ayurveda was at the end of a narrow alley, but I drove a very narrow wagon right in front of the shop and came in front of the shop.
All of the group photos Haravinth took were very nice because I was studying photography . Really Superman. This was my first time in Sri Lanka, but I love Sri Lanka. When I go to Sri Lanka again, I would like to ask Haravinth!
-September 9, 2018 YH (Japan)


34. Safe and secure support for women-only trips!

6 days, the two Gonbo → Anuradhapura → Shigiria → Dambulla → key this time in the journey of Yandi → Nuwaraeria → two Gonbo’ve had to use came. At first I was worried about traveling together and communicating for six days , but I was able to communicate smoothly in English and listened to sudden changes in schedule.

He seemed familiar with the road and was able to reach his destination faster than he had planned. Thanks to that, I had time to walk around the city ​​and feel local. He took me to many recommended places. There were many places for tourists, and there was a slight gap from our desire to feel local, but the food was clean and tasty that fit the Japanese taste, so I think it depends on personal preference.

It was a great memory to climb the opposite mountain together to see Sigiriya Rock from a distance . We had a good time taking various pictures on the mountaintop and taking pictures together. On site, it is written on the cheap net also a taxi service can ask directly below is, in advance with the bank’s staff who are accustomed to the corresponding Japanese out reservation from Japan that was very attractive come. I would like to ask you again next time.

-September 8, 2018 MI (Japan)


33. Charters are efficient and you can travel more than you think! !

With my first trip to Sri Lanka, there are many places I want to go to, so I used the Sri Lanka Taxi Service as a safe and efficient way to get around.
In Sri Lanka, the sights are scattered and some areas do not have highways, so travel time is
It takes longer than expected. A taxi charter, which allows you to travel anywhere you like, anytime, was the best way to travel in Sri Lanka.
The driver, Maliththa , gave me time and advice on sightseeing spots ,
Everything I wanted to go was fine and I couldn’t find it in the guidebook when I was free
He took me to a sightseeing spot.
The best part of my trip to Sri Lanka was the elephant ride in Sigiriya. Riding an elephant in untouched nature as far as the eye can see, you could feel the luxury of an ancient Maharaja. I also stayed at the Heritanskandalama Hotel, a representative hotel of Bawa architecture famous for inventing the infinity pool , but it was a truly wonderful hotel that I could relax from the bottom of my heart.
Yo who arranged the guide was polite and very easy to understand, without feeling uneasy
I was able to travel. Thank you very much.

-September 8, 2018 YK (Japan)

32. Unexpected encounters and discoveries are unique to taxi charters!

We used it on all of our 7-day trips from August 13th to 20th .
Rakumaru’s driver, a very safe driving, taught me a lot about Sri Lanka unique seen from the car window Ri, or me to the proposal of the tour, it was good in indecision also conversation of the car. On the jeep safari tour I wasn’t going to see, I could see about 200 elephants and there were many cute elephants and it was really fun. From the window, you can see a family of wild elephants, mongooses, trees with lots of bats, Islamic towns, traditional fishermen fishing on line, and elephants walking on foot for the Perapera Festival ( one of which is stunning) Raj of the main elephant fluent festival with Fang was turbocharger.) will show details such as, it was a lot of fun.
We are good to a carefree journey to borrow a car from the travel abroad I a can, but Sri Lanka and asked the taxi charter I think that it is impossible likely was, was correct. Traffic volume on top is often rough tuk-tuk of operation many, because the highway was also longer traveling time for not much, to move from beginning to end with confidence thanks to the left to the safe operation of the driver’s we were able.
It was a very memorable trip to Sigiriya Rock and Heritanskandalama, which I watched on TV and told me to go someday . Thank you very much.

-September 4, 2018 S family (Japan)

31. Leave it between tours!

In this trip to Sri Lanka, I participated in a tour of a travel agency and used the Sri Lanka sightseeing taxi service on the last day of the day .
Initially, trains and buses, by using three-Wheeler (tuk-tuk) self I want to various come around in (with the intention of little adventure) , to one used to find a variety of transportation means, look dangerous surface is also a lot to have E Give up. There is also anxiety for the first time in Sri Lanka, I was looking for a taxi, of Sri Lanka tourist taxi service and asked I found you.
Since I was making a reservation for Ayurveda in the morning, I asked for a transfer to the hotel and its facilities at first , but after getting advice from me, “This kind of usage is OK, but wasteful” and after getting a quote Mr. Yongi was kind enough to answer my question, which was full of questions I didn’t understand . It was just before departure that we confirmed the reservation, but we had a quick response.
After the driver’s is determined, to change the driver’s different in the immediately preceding It was a little anxiety now, LINE fixings, including Samira’s overall will make a loop, what there was of the corresponding and Japanese at the time There is a follow-up system, peace of mind you were.
Due to traffic congestion, picking up at your hotel may be delayedBut was, Maliththa’s driver chitin with photos so gave me a contact in the To LINE, we wait with confidence. Ayuruvu the time the Eda the end helped us come to pick the promised time.
When I asked him to take me to the shop listed in the guidebook to buy souvenirs , it was a bit expensive, so I told me that there was a little cheaper place and took me there crema was. When you can not find what you want is, who proposed the other shops Ri, brought also to the supermarket to buy a souvenir for the dole (candy) me went, also looking together in a wide-store Gave me
In people of the same tour, ride the Three Wheeler alone, nearest to the to the destination menu immediately after starting or takes a long time been a Rimichi, but it should have negotiated 10 times with a 0 to a price that is displayed on the Ta in ripped off is its There was trouble, such as or become you. To hear it, I scan the taxi that you can trust, such as Mr. Sri Lanka tourist taxi services have asked to arrange, I thought that was really good.

To Maliththa
I was very worried because I was really poor at English, but thanks to Mal iththa’s support I was able to enjoy my trip to Sri Lanka . Thank you very much. When I stopped the car halfway and Ma liththa suddenly opened the hood and water vapor (?) Came out, I was quite surprised, but I was able to finish the trip safely, so that is also a funny story (Laughs) If I could speak a little more, I would have been able to talk more. I do not know not to give up on me, I will talk about, thank throne there were.

-August 22, 2018 TK (Japan)


30. Do something just before! We respond to requests with all our might! Such drivers.

Since summer vacation was taken, I decided to go to Sri Lanka two days before my trip. Although the flight was arranged, even where the charter taxi company full car, …. The only one that could make a reservation was Sri Lanka Taxi Service. In consideration of long-distance traveling with children, we wanted a van type car, but Mr. Yongi arranged for the desired car with a quick response .

Upon arriving at the site, the driver was happy to respond to this destination request . In addition, hard ticket buy to understand the tourists alone, such as Shigiriyarokku and temples , including the entrance, safari jeep and Elephant Ride, and dance appreciation in the candy, the by us to help you interact with local people reservation, it was very reassuring. I also want to use it if I have the opportunity. Thank you very much.

-August 19, 2018 S family (Singapore)


29. Gentle support for your first Sri Lanka trip!

Six days out of eight days of Sri Lanka trip , I took care of the Sri Lanka taxi service.

Amal, the driver , picked me up at a hotel in Negombo immediately after the arrival at the airport , and I’ve been really taken care of for six days since then .

When it comes to taxi drivers who are traveling abroad, it is common to be taken to this and other undesired sightseeing spots, souvenir shops, etc., but Amal, a driver, does not have such a thing and always He took me to the place I wanted.

Until the last minute, I did not have a very detailed itinerary. I was kind to the couple who was sloppy and sometimes gave me advice on where to go.

From the candy to Ella section, we had decided to put our luggage in the car and take a train trip while watching the tea field, which is said to be a superb train, but we thought that if you purchase a ticket at the window on the day you can get on Was. For this reason, we have not made any arrangements, and there is no train on the day before with reserved seats! There was a situation that I knew. In that case, I ‘m really grateful to arrange for you to ride. ( They seem to have negotiated with the station staff! Actually, when you get on the train, the reserved seats are full, and there is no doubt that you could not get on without Amal.)

Negombo-Sigiriya-Candy-Ella-Colombo, it was a really long travel distance, but without a disgusting face, he sent me safely to the end.

After breaking up with Amal at the last hotel, it was really meager.

In addition, I was able to learn simple greetings and self-introductions in the Sinhala language course in the car, and it was a good memory to ask Sri Lanka later, “Where did you learn?”

The top to help the Sri Lanka trip was fun enough to really not be write -out, Thank you very much.

In Sri Lanka, traveling by private taxi or tuk-tuk is more popular than traveling by sightseeing bus . I took to several times tuk-tuk on the last day, but, or be taken to another place, it took so long to price negotiations Ri, or become likely to be taken to and then another tourist destination, really bone I’m here. I think it was really nice to arrange a trusted tour taxi like Sri Lanka Taxi Service in advance .

Sri Lanka is a truly wonderful country with rich nature and calm people. I would definitely like to visit again. At that time I would like to ask Amal for a driver again.

-August 18, 2018 N (Japan)


28. It’s a charter trip that gives you a deep experience not found in tourist books!
Our Sri Lanka 1 lap of the journey, Mr. Driver, and is or holds by eliminating the help of Yo, who gave us arrange did not.
On the first day, from Negombo to Anuradhapura and then to Dambulla,
On the second day, from Dambulla to Sigiriya and candy,
From candy to goal on the third day,
Day 4 to Colombo
It was a fast-paced trip, but I was able to spend it without any inconvenience.
The driver is really kind,
“Because this is my home town, in the Anuradhapura so much I’ll also introduce place where everyone is not looking!” Said, or asked to take me to the beautiful bathing park of the king, at the chance pass by the tree, “This Is a tree nut called Jumbu, it’s very sweet. ” Or take a lotus leaf and pour water on it by hand, and say, “ This leaf plays so much water ” He gave me lots of stories to touch the local life, so I was able to have a very enjoyable time.
For those unfamiliar with hard travel, the correct answer was that the often-moving Anuradhapura, Dambulla, and Sigiriya were brought first, followed by the cities Kandy, Galle, and Colombo.
I am sorry that I could not go to Polonnaruwa, Nuwara Eliya, Yala National Park etc. I would like to visit Sri Lanka again.
In that case, by all means, thank you!


-August 17, 2018 Mr. K (Japan)


27. Traveling alone is fun with the driver! !

This time, I used it for a full two days from August 13 to 14.
Morning, I asked to pick up in a nearby hotel, as it is tumble to Tsu La.
After sightseeing the Golden Temple, we moved to Sigiriya where we stayed for one night .
The driver was Maliththa, but there was no problem on the way , and I enjoyed traveling while looking at the window.
On the 13th, I climbed to Sigiriya Rock and spent the evening relaxing in the garden of the hotel (Iwamiso) while swinging on a hammock.
The wind was very comfortable and I wished I could stay in Sri Lanka more slowly .
By the way, Iwamiso is close to Sigiriya Rock and the staff are Japanese and safe. The room was also very clean and comfortable with a washlet.
The next morning, next to the near of Shigiriyarokku with Maliththa’s climbed to Ru Pidurangara mountain.
The Sigiriya Rock you can see from here is also wonderful and definitely a recommended spot.
After getting down, we had breakfast and moved to candy. 2 hours and tourist much, but we were going to explore the Colombo city, bitter because gone is the residence time, to change the destination to Negombo, where it took the dinner I had sent to the airport .
It was a fulfilling two days. I wanted to go more, but that’s for the next fun.
Thank you very much!
(Old man traveling alone-MK)

-August 14, 2018 Mr. K (Japan)

26. Leave a tour for one day only!

“Sigiriya Rock & Minnelia National Park”
Around 6 o’clock in the morning, I was picked up at a hotel in Negombo and headed to Sigiriya Rock.
On the way, he briefly explained the culture of Sri Lanka, so I could travel while enjoying the cityscape.
We arrived at Sigiriya Rock, guided us to the ticket counter , decided the meeting place and time, and parted.
Next, in Minnelia National Park , I met a safari tour guide on the way and switched to a jeep, so I was able to go to the safari very smoothly.
With a long travel distance and limited time , I was able to spend a very rich day! Thank you very much (^ ^) The
picture is hungry, so I ate corn at the shop where Sampath stopped by

-August 13, 2018 Mr. and Mrs. Y (Japan)

25. Summer vacation family trip!

I went to Sri Lanka & Maldives during summer vacation.
Since we stay in Sri Lanka for only 3 nights and 4 days and children of elementary school students are together, we will charter a taxi that can be turned efficiently.
We asked Srilanka Taxi Serivice, who was the cheapest, for some quotes.
Initially, packed schedule on the second day, third day, the last day to candy → How can was thinking about moving to the airport ” We advice that will die tired that it is the plan”, the first day of the airport pick – To have the total plan coordinated from Sigiriya to Candy to Colombo to airport transfer .
As a result, we covered all the things we wanted to see and the things we wanted to go, and we also included a tea factory and spice garden that told us that we should go, so we are very happy ♪
Samila, the driver , was very grateful for the appropriate advice, such as travel time in the city, while being discreet .
In addition, thanks to the plenty of sleep during travel time, I am grateful that I was able to go around various places well! !
Thanks to Yo-san and Samila-san, both parents and children loved Sri Lanka. I will go play again ! !

-August 10, 2018 M Family (Japan)



22. Couple Travel

Thank you very much for the delicious food, the friendly people and the fact that Manju taught me a lot. I am grateful for meeting you. How are you forever Manju’s wife and son are happy too! See you someday! Thank you! Istute!

Impressed by Sri Lanka’s wilderness and grandeur! Good to meet wild elephants who wanted to meet anyway! A large city with a refreshing breeze and sparkling light. The cityscape is beautiful and calm. A goal that felt the strength of the Indian Ocean. I hope the little turtles grew up in the open sea and return to Sri Lanka.

The trip to Sri Lanka was a great memory.

-July 30, 2018 Mr. and Mrs. M (Japan)


21. Spacious Family Trip in a Van

I used it for a family trip of 3 nights and 4 days.

Mr. Roshan, the driver, was kind to the children, not too talkative, not too quiet, and created a comfortable space. We arrived at the destination smoothly.

He was also very careful, telling us what foods and creatures we could see from the car, and asking us to stop if we had a camera .

The car had a lot of luggage with two children and I wanted to use a child seat, so I asked for a van. The car was spacious, comfortable to ride and comfortable for 5 to 6 hours with eight passengers .
He was also very impressed as he would like to ask the same person if he had the chance to go to Sri Lanka .

Finally , thank you very much for the quick response from contacting the quote, arranging and following the arrangement.
The price was cheaper than other companies, and it included driver’s accommodation and meals, so it was very helpful. (Some other companies had to make their own arrangements)

-July 29, 2018 (Japan)



20. 4 day trip

It was a very enjoyable stay. They took me to not only famous tourist spots but also places that only the locals knew, so I was able to get to know the wide range of attractions in Sri Lanka. Let’s travel together someday. -Kato

I was so impressed that I was able to go to Sri Lanka, where I had no time to travel and gave up on things that I had to give up, and I was so impressed that I would like to ask Amal when I come to Sri Lanka. -Nao

-July 29, 2018 (Japan) Kato and Nao



19. Bawa Architecture Tour

Your company has been very helpful. In addition, such a very indebted to Haravinth’s responsible driver was year. The seven-day trip around Bawa’s architecture was efficient and thorough. I was sending the schedule, but I was also able to see Bawa’s architecture. As a result, we could see all Bawa architecture.

This Haravinth’s told me keep in check the building to see in advance and, also in Negombo of his hometown he had to introduce two of the hotels in Bawa I was able to see Ki. I appreciate you sincerely. The tour of Bawa thinks he is qualified. When you come to Sri Lanka next time, of course, please ask your company. Thank you very much.

-July 12, 2018 (Japan)


18. My first trip to Sri Lanka

I went to Sri Lanka for the first time this time, so I considered several taxi companies to efficiently go around tourist spots, but this was the cheapest.

In addition, the itinerary or inquiry to exchange several times by e-mail, the response was very fast polite from Yo’s in charge of good feeling in the was able to have.
The local driver, Samila, was able to guide me smoothly to the sightseeing spots that I had told in advance, and it was a great memory to stop by to buy coconut on the way .
I was planning to go to candy during the itinerary, but it was very helpful to tell me that the candy and the road to it were congested on Poyaday, and that I could suggest another sightseeing spot.
Our English is not Samira’s as could not be so much talk is is regret, but big trouble now also a lot of fun without Sri Lanka travel.
Thank you Yongi and Samila.
-July 4, 2018 YM (Japan)


17. Elephant orphanage tour

Thank you for receiving it just before.
That was a really big help.
Kavindu’s is a very kind, in such orphanage of elephants not only take me to various places draft because I am also in quite smoothly, yet we look at the elephant at best!
Also return from Sigiriya, go look in the local shops When you say that you really want to eat curry was able to eat at cheap and tasty shops are.
I’d like to ask you next time you come to Sri Lanka!
Kavindu san,
Thank you for everything!
It was so much fan. You made our trip very  precious! We hope to see you again.
Drive safe!

-July 1, 2018 MM (Japan)


16. Sri Lanka Solo Travel

Thank you for arranging this time despite the last application .
I was convinced that I would not have been able to go around without a car.
Kavindu’s review is as follows: I am very satisfied overall. I would like to ask again if I have the opportunity to return.
・ We were able to spend a long way happily with bright and cheerful personality.
・ I was patient with my poor English.
I was able to learn not only the flora and fauna that came into my eyes from the car, but also the daily life of Sri Lanka, which is not related to travel .
also arrange a tour guide on the ruins gave me respond immediately .
・ In addition, lychee and coconut were generously treated.

-June 25, 2018 (Japan)




15. Short Trip Sri Lanka 

I could only stay in Sri Lanka for two days, but I was able to enjoy it as Amal made my full plan. I will return to Sri Lanka someday and ask Amal for a guide. Thank you very much.


It was a special day thanks to Amal. Next time I want to see the city of Colombo. Bohoma Stutiyi

-Dauki June 17, 2018 (Japan)



14. Sri Lanka to go out to play with from Indonesia

For four days in June, I was taken care of by Amal.
There are many archeological sites and sightseeing spots to visit
Traveled quite a distance in four days.
I think you were tired of driving long distances every day
He was very gentle and always smiled.
Lunch shops and recommended spots where you want to go
If you ask a question, it will tell me or investigate
The time was accurate and the meeting was smooth, so I was able to enjoy the trip without anxiety .
Sri Lanka has many attractions, rice is also gentle and nice also deliciously people since the country
I definitely want to visit again. In that case, I would like to ask again.
Thank you very much! !

-S Mr. June 14, 2018 (Indonesia)


13. Two women living in Sri Lanka
Despite the departure at 6:00 in the morning, he came ahead of time and was able to leave as scheduled.
We asked for a sightseeing taxi service for two women and three nights traveling. The driver was Mr. Cabindu. Course of Colombo → Pinnawara Elephant Orphanage → Kandy → Polonnaruwa → Sigiriya → Dambulla → Colombo.
We received advice on the schedule, and it was a fun trip with changes on the way.
I wanted to communicate more if I could, but I’m sorry for their lack of English.
 -May 29, 2018 MS (Sri Lanka & Japan)



12. GW men traveling alone

This was my first trip to Sri Lanka. The plane was a late-night flight, but I wanted to go to my destination, Batticaloa as soon as possible, so I asked for a late-night drive. As a result, I was able to travel according to schedule and enjoyed the trip.

Charters are definitely recommended, as traveling in Sri Lanka saves time, makes it easy to schedule.

However, we do not recommend late-night travel for those traveling in the future. The reason is that the darkness is anyway. The roads are not cleanly maintained in some places, and there are quite a few dangerous spots on night roads.

Jinoi, the driver, was a nice guy who was friendly and easy to talk to. It was a satisfying trip without any major troubles along the way. Also, I would like to ask if there is an opportunity. Thank you very much.

-May 5, 2018 DF (Japan)



10. Travel alone from Myanmar

I was taken care of by Samila.
I was a little worried about Sri Lanka for the first time traveling alone, but I am very happy to have you guide me perfectly. I was able to get advice from the scheduling stage and look around in various places efficiently.
It was a great experience to talk with Samilla a lot during the drive, lunch and tea, and to get to know Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan way of thinking .
There are so many places I want to see and go where I want to go, so I would like to visit again. And at that time, I would like to ask Samila.
-April 15, 2018 Saki (Myanmar)



9. 7-day trip to Sri Lanka from Japan

Although it was my first time in Sri Lanka, I was going around Sri Lanka in a week, so I was looking for a car charter and made a reservation from the site I found by chance. Although to some extent accustomed to traveling alone, there was anxiety in English not good, even while traveling using the LINE in Japanese was only kindly assist was able to finish the trip with confidence in.

The driver is Cabindu, 22 years old. When he arrived, he was holding a placard and smiling with a smile .

This time schedule is rough
Day 1 airport pick-up, Negombo fish market lunch. Move to Sigiriya and elephant ride. Overnight at Cassandra Culture Resort
Day 2 Visit Polonnaruwa. Overnight at Heritance Kandalama.
Day 3 Climb the Sigiriya Rock and travel from Dambulla to Kandy. Overnight at Ca fe Aroma Inn.
Day 4 Sightseeing near Kandy all day at Café Aroma Inn
Day 5 Travel to Nuwara area by train from Nuwara area to Ella. Join again at Ella to Tissama-Hara. Overnight at The Yala Adoventure hotel
Day 6 Enjoy early morning safari , head to Galle , and go to Hikkadua for a night at Hikka Trantz By Cinnamon
Day 7 Train journey on Kandy Colombo coastal route. Merge in Colombo, then oil massage in Negombo and then to the airport.
We finished the schedule without any major troubles while having Yo follow us during the trip . I couldn’t talk to Kabindu slowly because of my hard schedule (partly because of my poor English ability) , but I understood that he wanted him to work hard and like Sri Lanka . And his strong love of Negombo (laughs)
Sri Lanka takes longer than expected road conditions. Privately, so it was very comfortable train journey (especially coastal route) with the feeling charter is that it is recommended in advance firmly determined by a stroke be.
It became a fulfilling trip with a firm follow-up. Thanks Cabindu, Samila and Yongi.

-March 26, 2018 Mr. Nakanishi (Japan)

8.Sri Lanka trip for couples in their 30s from Japan

Cami-san took care of me.

It was the first thing I did not understand in Sri Lanka, but she always supported me gently, and when I heard it, she checked out various recommendations and so on, and thanks to Cami, I was able to make a fun trip. Both car and driving were comfortable.

There was a delay of about 5 minutes to meet, but I was not particularly worried considering the busy traffic situation.

Rather, it was more fun to have lunch together and listen to the story of Sri Lanka. You.

To Cami

I look forward to seeing you again. Please come and visit Japan!

-January 2, 2018 (Japan)


Customer feedback before WEB transition

1. Alec, a regular customer who makes a tour every year and guides Sri Lanka

Samila has been working for my driver for about three years. He is very professional and very professional. We are very polite and understand the needs of our customers. He always comes on time, always smiles, and always helps when in need.

Thank you Samila, always. You are the best driver in Sri Lanka. I would recommend him to anyone reading this.

I am very satisfied!

-Alec Fara, Lebanon




2.2 Keys and Monique who guided the long-term trip for one day

We had a very fun and lovely 3 weeks in this country. You are a perfect driver and a good guide. We are lucky to meet you. You are very gentle and always smiling. This has made our trip very fulfilling.

I wish you and your family happiness.

I will never forget you. I’m really thankful to you.

With love, from Keys and Monique. (October 20, 2017 / Netherlands)




3. Safe travel for women only! Samila is firmly supported!


Thanks for doing our best for our Sri Lanka trip! Thanks to you, I have made a trip that I will never forget. You are very professional, kind, know a lot of information, funny and clever! I wish you the best of happiness and health in the future. The time I spent with you was very fun. Laughing together, meeting your family, going to rafting, everything!

I will never forget your time here in Sri Lanka! If you ever come to the United States, please let us know and welcome you. Let’s keep in touch!

-Lindsey and Curry (November 26, 2017 / Washington, DC, USA)

4.Naria, a female customer living in Paris

Samila is a very efficient professional driver. He is always on time and willing to help. We recommend Samilla to anyone looking for a personal driver.

Thank you, Samila.

-Naria Road (January 20, 2018 / Paris)






5. A wonderful couple’s journey from Ireland

Samila is a really wonderful person. It is the best driver who is calm, interesting and has a lot of information. Even in Sri Lanka, where he is a driver, even in a busy and complicated traffic area.

Thank you for making our trip so impressive.

Thank you Samila for making our trip to Sri Lanka very good. I’m glad we traveled together. And I was impressed by your professionalism. You are a very capable driver. Hope you get Land Rover soon!

-(January 22, 2018 / Ireland)



6. An international couple of Canadian Fee and Chinese Shinyu who live in Japan

To Samila,

Thank you for taking care of Shinyu and me in Sri Lanka. Every day was fun and I liked all the food and places recommended for you.

You are a very hard worker, smart and kind person. We are proud to be friends with you.

Please do your best continuously. And live a good life with your family.

Please come and visit Japan!

I’m fine and take care!

-Fey and Shinyu (August 25, 2017)


7. Rajesh and Haysley from India

To Samila,

I enjoyed traveling in Sri Lanka very much. And you have never been indispensable as a guide for this trip.

You are a very kind driver and very grateful for your service. It was nice to be able to travel together. I loved your forgiving personality.

Good luck.

-Rajesh and Haysley (India)





* (Latest) 2020 customer feedback from here