[What if you meet with an accident? 】 About the handling of insurance in the event of a traffic accident in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, with the increase of tourists, it has been increased involvement but traffic accidents every year tourist car (taxi), 2019 the end of the year be at least 1, involving passengers on the highway by tourist car of India-based travel company The occurrence of fatal accidents has been confirmed.


Sri Lanka Taxi Service employs only professional drivers with advanced driving skills.
However, it is natural that the possibility of an accident cannot be ruled out . We have also provided a request for your own overseas travel insurance by contacting us by e-mail before using the Terms of Use , but once again you are aware of the current situation in Sri Lanka, and in the unlikely event of an accident We would like to be prepared, thank you again.

We appreciate your understanding in order to enjoy your Sri Lanka trip safely and safely.

The following contents are the same for all companies in Sri Lanka .


You must purchase overseas travel insurance

In Sri Lanka, insurance is required for all vehicles, but the amount of security is about 300,000 yen in Japanese yen even at the time of death, and there are high hurdles to applying for foreigners, so vehicle insurance in real Sri Lanka It is better to think that there is no equivalent .


Sri Lanka only offers a small amount of vehicle insurance

The insurance and security for traffic accidents are limited to the range covered by the domestic vehicle insurance mentioned above.

In other words, you need to provide insurance for accidents . These are the same for all sightseeing activities that take place locally.

“I’m not bad at all in the accident, why do I have to get my own insurance? ! ], But there are many countries like the United States. Overseas, it is fairly accepted by the standard that you protect yourself, so there is no other choice but to think of it as unavoidable.

Due to the above circumstances, Sri Lanka Taxi Service requires that you prepare your own overseas travel insurance (including credit card insurance). See the Sri Lanka Taxi Service Terms and Conditions for details.



[Must see] Overseas travel insurance is free (free)! !

If you have read this far and think that some extra costs will be incurred by insurance again, please be assured.


Best of all , overseas travel insurance is the best deal with automatic credit card insurance .

Because it is free (free) .


Automatic attachment refers to the property that insurance is effective just by holding the card.

In addition, just having multiple credit cards will add up the amount of insurance coverage, so you can add the amount of insurance coverage.

For more details, we will create a separate article titled “[Make it Free] for Credit Cards Overseas Travel Insurance”, but if you are in a hurry, consider insurance by referring to this article.



Estimated amount of insurance coverage is 1 to 2 million yen on the assumption of local treatment
7 to 15 million yen on the assumption of transport treatment to Japan


But how much insurance coverage is needed? I will answer the question.


[When treating locally in Sri Lanka]

Depending on the course, the degree of illness or injury from 10 to 300,000 yen in the hospital about a few days in Sri Lanka local (no surgery), because the surgery of about 50 to about ¥ 1.5 million in hospitalization of about one week with a, 200 It is a feeling that it is enough if there is a security amount of about 3 million yen .


[If you wish to receive treatment in Japan]

If you wish to have surgery or treatment after returning to Japan, you will need to pay ¥ 70 to ¥ 15,000,000 as a guarantee . The cost is much higher than the local medical expenses, but the transportation cost to Japan is the highest .

Especially when transporting patients who need surgical treatment, the airline will come up with severe transport conditions. For example, it is necessary to prepare doctors and nurses for transportation from Japan (4 to 5 million yen), or to prepare medical charter machines (10 million yen or more) in the first place, fortunately avoiding charter machines However , it is necessary to secure about 10 seats of the aircraft (about 1.5 million yen) and return to Japan with a stretcher, which requires a considerable amount of security compared to local treatment . (Mostly the cost of transport)

Amounts are variations in the degree of difficulty of the transfer to Japan but, since no such absurdly higher If you switch to the treatment of the worst local, view of the above, the lowest line of the required amount of compensation is 3 million yen went with kana By the way.

If you want to be assured , even if it costs a little, you can either purchase unlimited overseas travel insurance or use a credit card to secure a security amount of more than 15 million yen. I think it’s good.

By the way, I myself have a guarantee of about 20 million yen for the whole family including children, with 8 credit cards and a total annual fee of 20,000 yen. After all, I think that it is necessary to consider the United States, which has many overseas trips and high medical expenses, but it is rather cheap if the whole family can cover the annual membership fee of 20,000 yen.

This will be introduced on another occasion.



・ In Sri Lanka, all accidents and injuries are at your own risk.

-Be sure to subscribe to overseas travel insurance (even with credit card insurance).

・ If you want to save money on overseas travel insurance, automatic credit card insurance is best.

・ If you want to be safe and secure, the security amount is about 15 million yen.



Thank you for reading to the end.

We want to make sure you travel safely and with peace of mind.


Please contact Sri Lanka Taxi Service if you want to travel in Sri Lanka safely and with peace of mind .

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